Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture was started in the year 1955 as an initiative to impact professional training to aspirant students in Architecture. Since 1999 it has been affiliated with the University of Mumbai and offers a five-year degree course of Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch.). It is one of the top-ranked colleges in the country with a batch intake of 100 students: 60 in government-aided section A and 40 in non-aided section B. 

Let’s take a look at the Campus life of this college.

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The core subjects are Allied Design, Architectural Design, Architectural Building Construction, and Material, Architectural Representation, Building Services, Environmental Studies, Documentation, Humanities, Architectural Theory, and design of structures. In addition to these, there are college projects and choice-based elective subjects. The course follows a semester and choice-based credit system. All the semester examinations except the 6th and 10th semesters are conducted by the college on behalf of the university. As a part of the course, students have to undergo mandatory professional training in the 8th semester of the B.Arch degree program.

The Academy ensures to keep the students well aware of the professional world, its challenges, and opportunities and hence has a strong core of visiting and guest faculty.

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The college consists of most activities under a single roof in a building. As you walk through the college building one comes across various wall paintings and illustrations created by students to make these spaces livelier. You would also witness the student’s work displayed through the corridor portrayed as a source of reference and inspiration for other students.

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Student Life

Hands-on workshops, studio discussions, debate, illustrating, sketching, and painting are some activities that keep students engrossed in the academy. The students are often seen involved in panel discussions and panel jury’s in the classrooms and use terraces and workshop areas for breaks and recreational activities.

The student life in Rachana Sansad academy of architecture is made sure to be accommodated by constant activities and regular submissions. Also, Efforts from the faculty are consistent to make sure that students enjoy their journey of architecture by getting students involved in interesting site visits and market surveys whenever required and also by promoting students to be involved in the local art festivals.

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The Faculties are extremely experienced not just in the professional setting of architecture but also with the architectural education system. The academy also has guest and visiting faculties with many having established architectural firms with successful practices. Most of the faculties are associated with various architects and invite them to guide students with extra reviews, critiques, and external reviews.

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The Library of Rachana Sansad academy of architecture has a large collection of architectural books relevant to architecture and fields related to architecture. It also has the best thesis of alumni stored in the library for student’s reference.

Work Culture

Students at the academy of architecture love and completely support the studio culture and are seen mostly experimenting in the studios on their projects. Students stay back to complete their projects and are seen getting involved in group discussions. They are also seen organizing interesting forums and workshops to enhance their knowledge in the professional setting of architecture. They are also seen attending various guest lectures and panel discussions with a major focus on architectural design.

The students in the academy also have an annual festival named “Confluence” which offers them an overview of the academic and extracurricular work produced during the year. It is seen as an event to help bring the students of the academy together and portray their work together at the exhibition at the annual week. Even during this pandemic, the academy continues to keep its promise of providing students with exposure by taking the exhibition to a virtual platform.

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The Students of the academy have – Design Architecture and Niche Committee. The Design Architecture committee was an initiative by the students to provide support to those who have a flair to participate in various competitions, projects, workshops and explore the field of architecture.

The Niche is the editorial and reporting committee that works with the vision to bring the entire college together on a single platform to help students actively participate in college events. It also does ground ideas and works on representation techniques for report writing on the ongoings inside the college.

Apart from this the students also participate in events hosted by the National Association of students of Architecture and various talk series.

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Courses Offered

Rachana Sansad Academy of architecture Mumbai offers the degree Bachelors in architecture in 5 years and also offers Masters in Environmental Architecture, Construction Management, and Urban and Regional Planning for 2 years each with an intake of 60 students.


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Disha is an architecture graduate from Nagpur University, 2021. Being an avid traveler, she has always tried to connect the city’s art & culture with architecture. She is a keen learner & an extremely creative individual who always seeks opportunities to enhance knowledge & experience in the field of architecture.

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