As the world progresses, the demand for architects grows, and people all over the world gain a greater appreciation for the field of architecture as a whole. Nowadays, the youth have begun to show a strong interest in and inclination toward the paradigm of architecture, and they have big aspirations to change and design the world. For the same reason, many people seek admission to this vast ocean of universities.

The ‘Rizvi College Of Architecture‘ is one of the most prestigious architecture colleges in this “City of Dreams”: Mumbai. This private college is affiliated with the University of Mumbai and is accredited by the Council of Architecture. The college is also approved by the University Grants Commission (U.G.C).

The college aspires to educate sincere professionals with high moral and ethical standards, intellectual honesty, clarity of mind, and an entrepreneurial spirit. It is located in the New Rizvi Educational Complex, Shirley Rajan Road, at the bustling centre of Mumbai—Bandra west. For the students, the institution facilitates millions of activities, relationships, and memories.

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The Rizvi Education Society, which is a “Public Charitable Trust,” created the institution in 1998. The college has won numerous MASA (Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture) awards in a variety of categories. MASA is a common platform for Maharashtra’s architecture colleges where students and faculty can showcase their work, participate in exhibitions, and engage in dialogue and interaction.

Rizvi College of Architecture aspires to build a world-class educational facility and environment, bringing global level professional education to the doorsteps of students in the region, and serving the nation by developing highly competent and service-minded professionals.

About the courses – Rizvi College Of Architecture

Rizvi College of Architecture offers three kinds of courses, namely:

  1. B.Arch
  2. M.Arch ( Urban Design)
  3. Interior Design 

The B.Arch program is organized into ten semesters over the course of five years. The first year focuses on foundation courses that expose students from various backgrounds to the realm of design. Students learn design thinking as well as graphical abilities, which are the foundation of the design language. Sketching, freehand drawing, model making, and drafting are among the skills that are honed. Students also learn to document some rural habitats and vernacular traditions that are still practiced in our country today.

Arch is a two-year postgraduate study in urban design offered to students having a bachelor’s degree in architecture. This course is meant to improve the abilities of young aspiring architects so that they may participate in the active planning and design of India’s rapidly changing urban settlements. This course will equip students to operate within the planning framework in our context with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other private entities.

Students at the Rizvi Institute of Interior Design learn from discovering inspiration in a project to find the final touches. The pandemic’s impact now focuses on how this industry develops and nurtures future designers. The four-semester program aims to develop a student’s creative skills and comprehend the importance of observation and aesthetic senses.

The college also offers short certification courses and weekend workshops in photography, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality (VR, AR, MR Studio). The following is the relevant information:

  • 1 month (4 weeks) Introduction to Digital photography
  • Immersive 3-month (12-week) training in digital photography / VR, AR, and MR studio
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Facilities at Rizvi College Of Architecture

There is a highly intricate and extensive library in Rizvi College of Architecture with multiple libraries on different architecture, design and construction, arts, and peripheral themes. The library enhances knowledge and teaching experiences. A variety of publications and magazines are subscribed to the library

Professionals and faculties from the library teamed up to build a vision for the library, increase its collection and maximize the utilization of library resources. The digital age is now. Keeping this in mind, the library established an institutional repository (e-library). Aside from that, the library has begun to acquire e-journals, e-books, and various databases.

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There are millions of architectural marvels in and around Mumbai that demonstrate the field’s complicated and educational relevance. As a result, the college organizes numerous outings and site visits known as the “Walking Lab”. Students learn how to analyze settlements, spaces, sites, and construction in real life, as well as other essential aspects of architecture. This is a pleasant and educational component of the curriculum that is required for a thorough comprehension of the subject.

“Walking Lab is a R.C.A. initiative with the modest goal of educating Architecture and Urban Design outside of the classroom, the enclosing of the institutions by walls and an examination of the city’s numerous nooks and crannies.”

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Culture and Co-curricular Events at Rizvi College of Architecture

Rizvi College of Architecture’s annual fest, called “Archfest,” is a yearly phenomenon that features a series of workshops, lectures, documentaries, and numerous interactive events with notable guest speakers and industry experts. Along with instructional events, Archfest is also a cultural extravaganza that captures the students’ enthusiasm and excitement through a combination of dance, music, fashion, and theatrical acts.

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This festival brings together all of the many batches and departments in a collaborative event that everyone has anticipated for the past 30 years.

Because of its location and the fact that Rizvi College of Architecture is adjacent to Rizvi Law, Management, and Art Sciences colleges, it fosters a wide range of interactions between students from other professions, resulting in a more comprehensive university experience. Every student has something unique to offer, a unique perspective and understanding direction. For the striving students, this produces a highly healthy and constructive environment.

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For the past two decades, the RCA campus has hosted international conferences in partnership with the International Association of Humane Habitat since its foundation in 1992. (I.A.H.H). The RCA campus has hosted prominent persons from all around the world for lectures and talks.

Rizvi College of Architecture has international relationships with Central European colleges where the students can participate in an exchange program. In the summer of 2019, one such program was launched with the goal of better understanding and reflecting the urban, spatial, and social topographies of several Danube towns. They interacted with students and professors at Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Linz, and Krems universities.

To sum it up, the college hosts various events for the students like:

  • International Conference
  • NASA
  • Annual Fest – Arch fest
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Architectural Walks
  • Cultural Day
  • Exhibitions
  • Study Tours National/ International. 
  • Personality Development and Time Management Program
  • Exchange Program


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