Interior design, as the name offers, is the art and science of composing interior spaces. With an intention to enhance the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the volume. The goal is to achieve a healthier and more pleasing environment.

An interior designer plans and manages these enhancement projects. The designer targets to create a living space that is supportive of the activity/activities intended to be performed there; that is, the function of the zone and which is comfortable for the users at the same time is visually appealing. 

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Why is Interior Design Important?

The goal of interior design is to enhance the experience of a space for the user. The design and planning of the zone allow one to explore efficient solutions for fitter use of the space in question. It beautifies, as well as adds to the functionality of the area, which is one of the key aspects of design and makes the overall experience better for the users of the space.

The designer evaluates a space and listens to the needs and requirements of their clients. Based on their wants for each zone, the designer reflects on the options available.
The decision-making process involves essential inputs and feedback from the client. Hence, a good interior design supports the lifestyle of the users and complements their daily needs.

Interior Design and User Experience

User experience depends on the interaction of the users with the products, be it physical or virtual. Thus proper design and planning of these products are crucial for a pleasant experience. The same principles translate to the world of interior design. The planning and design of the space can alter the experience for the user to a large extent.

Good Design Facilitates Ample Spaces

A good interior design can enhance the experience for the user in many ways. By proper planning and management, a good composition will facilitate abundant space. A well-designed space calls for better space optimization and additionally provides some amount of open space in the environment. It eliminates unnecessary congestion, which is common in spaces that are poorly designed.

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Fits the User’s Needs

Not only does a good design make a space more appealing and inviting, but it also suits the need and the lifestyle of the user and is optimized per their needs. 

The requirements for space are carefully considered before and while designing. The division of spaces is usually accomplished by walls in architecture. While in interior designing, the basic layout is manipulated and zones are created using the furniture and objects. The planning is such that it takes into account the activities taking place in the said space.

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Spaces DIvided Using Pieces of Furniture in an Office_©Takion

Good Design Makes the Space More Accessible

While designing, the accessibility of the space is also taken into consideration. The fire escape routes, minimum corridor width, and minimum room dimensions are all given a thought. The aim is to make the spaces and the movement through, as comfortable as possible.

Though, in present times the rules of minimum standards are being broken. Many micro-apartments are planned such that all the facilities are provided in a very small space. Each space is uniquely designed to fulfill its intended purpose and appropriate layouts are proposed for each different scenario.

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Affects the Mood | Interior Design

The lighting, texture, and materials of space play a very important role in setting a ‘mood’ for space. A closely packed space may be a good idea for a residence since it is an intimate and comfortable setting. On the other hand, privacy and separation of individual spaces are important for an office.

The designers can transform spaces that are aesthetically very beautiful and welcoming. The schemes, design, texture, colour, and material palette, are carefully chosen to provide a stunning experience.

The designer plays with different elements of space to create a unique experience. For example, the Holocaust Museum of the USA has dark interiors that are lowly lit and confined. This is done in an attempt to capture the feeling of confinement in the space itself.

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Dark and Congested Interiors of Holocaust Museum_©Dwellus

Another example of good interior design for a better user experience is the International Wine and Spirits Museum by Shanghai Godolphin. The furniture is kept to a minimum, and the white walls add to the simplicity of the space. Every piece of furniture and object is wooden, and the old chandelier and raw finish of the walls are chosen to give the space an aged and mature appearance. Going in hand with the theme of the museum.

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International WIne and Spirits Museum Interioirs_©Pinterest

A good interior design creates a visually beautiful interior. But that is not the extent of it. The spaces which are designed by the interior designer are much more than just aesthetics. These spaces create a wholesome experience for the user. They transform the users’ lives by improving the quality of experience through these spaces, their design, and decoration. Step into the styling realm and start by working your best to get an interior design diploma.


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