A house every child dreams of living in, kind of like the Barbie Malibu house, is what the Los Angeles retreat of Cara and Poppy Delevingne reminds one of. The Delevingnes, both models and actors, bought the home from Jared Leto, who costarred in Suicide Squad with Cara, in 2017 for just over $2 million. The sisters then enlisted Nicolo Bini from Line Architecture based in LA, to help them remodel their house according to their tastes. 

The interiors seem to follow one theme, the theme of a jungle – green walls, wallpapers with leaves, pineapple door knockers, monkey chandelier, bamboo framed doors and furniture and a lot of plants in the interiors as well as the outdoors. 

Emerald-lacquered dining room, the pink and green velvet upholstery in the living room;  banana-leaf and palm-frond fabrics and wallcoverings; striped outdoor umbrellas with a Slim Aarons flavour; and a Morrocan bathroom give the house its theme. Even the bar consists of palm wallpapers and furniture with the print of leaves on it. White, blue, pink and wood seems to be the colour palette throughout most of the house. 

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The dining room _© www.architecturaldigest.com 
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The bar © www.architecturaldigest.com 

While the rest of the house keeps up with this theme, Cara Delevingne’s bedroom seems to try not so hard to limit itself to the theme. On entering the room, one might suddenly be reminded of a proper gentleman’s club with a slight sex appeal to it. 

The rooms of Cara and Poppy show the contrasts in their tastes. While Poppy’s room is more bright and airy and keeping up with the theme of the house with its de Gournay wallpaper and colour schemes,  Cara’s room is darker and her wallpapers and furniture are all bright red, a colour not used much in the rest of the house. Cara’s bedroom is situated on the lower level of the two-storey house and it consists of an 11 ft wide bed with a mirrored platform. The room has a touch of Art deco style. 

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Cara’s bedroom © www.architecturaldigest.com 

Straight off Cara’s bedroom is the soundproof party bunker with all facilities to watch movies with a group of people. The room creates a look of a men’s club complete with details such as mirrored ceiling, carpeted walls, velvet-covered sofa and a collection of nude paintings. A pole runs right through the centre of the room. In both Cara’s room as well as the movie room, a hint of gold is used to accentuate the dark Interiors. Noughties rapper Nelly, and his jam ‘Hot In Herre’ was used as inspiration for this room by Cara.

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The movie room © www.architecturaldigest.com 

As mentioned earlier, very contrary to Cara’s room, Poppy sees her room as space she can meditate in. The de Gournay wallpaper with monkeys and toucans climbing vines and trees against a background of Tiffany Blue is the centrepiece of her room. The room is filled with ample natural light and uses shades of pale pinks and blues. From her room, one can directly see the poolside area filled with palm and leaves all around. 

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the de Gournay wallpaper in Poppy’s room © www.architecturaldigest.com 

The Moroccan-style sink and toilet in the lower level of the house against the background of a wallpaper covered with leaves create a very colourful, poppy feeling. Cara’s private bathroom also follows a Moroccan theme but much subtler. 

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Morrocan themed bathroom © www.architecturaldigest.com 

They like to invite and have a lot of guests over at their place for which they have provided a separate guest room. The bunker bed in the room was a metal-framed structure clad in bamboo, holding two queen-size mattresses and was massive. The bed was Cara Delevingne’s idea. 

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The guest room © www.architecturaldigest.com 

With the help of Nicolo, the sisters managed to source a variety of interior wallpapers, furniture and tiles. Some of these are:

  • The living room armchairs by Bakarian studio and sofa
  • Palm wallpaper in the bar by Donghia
  • Vintage pace collection chairs in the dining room
  • Monkey Chandelier by Mario Lopez Torres
  • Tonet series ‘s’ hand-painted tiles in Cara’s Morrocan bathroom
  • Elka rug in the dining room
  • Fiorentina grasscloth wallpaper by David Hicks  in Cara’s bedroom
  • Benjamin Moore’s green paints in the dining room as well as Cara’s bathroom

The deck is another social hangout space in the house. The deck showcases various types of chairs made with bamboo and also a swing with bedding. A pinball machine is also situated in the bar. The poolside exterior of the house consists of many parasols and gives the house the look of a bachelor pad. They even have a tent set out amidst trees to rest and chill during the summer. 

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The deck © www.architecturaldigest.com 

The whole house gives off a playful vibe as well as a 70s look to it. The house was a testament to the sister bond of the two sisters who kept visiting LA for various reasons and decided to stay with family then. The pair have now listed the home for $3.75 million.



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