Sophisticated elements and a masculine theme are the highlights of this apartment interior, created with an exclusive touch for a bachelor. The owner wanted to keep to a clean and contemporary style; he didn’t want anything too complicated, yet he requested that the space should be stylish at the same time. To do so, deep wood tones and shades of grey takes on the starring role as the key palette. However, to ensure that the overall effect isn’t too sombre, a gradient approach using different shades of dark tones along with polished surfaces in light grey and white are infused strategically throughout the interior. Daylight is also crucial to balance out the light and dark contrasts.

Project Name: Light in Darkness
Studio Name: PINS Studio Architecture & Interiors
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photography: Pixelaw Photography

©Pixelaw Photography

In the living area, the full-height TV panel constructed from rough stone finishing keys in a strong focal point that brings the different surrounding features together. With its matte dark colour and rugged appearance, it infuses a sense of masculinity to the room. Complementing the wall is a dark grey sofa set and a lush carpet. The living room’s windows are dressed in blinds instead of heavy drapes to maintain the edgier theme and also to ensure natural light effortlessly permeates the space.

Echoing the TV panel’s effect is the opposite wall with dark wood finishing which serves as the backdrop for the cosy study area behind the sofa. The study area is kept simple with just a metal frame table and a swivel chair. Behind the wall is the master bedroom, accessible via a concealed sliding door within the wood-clad wall.

©Pixelaw Photography

A few steps away, the open kitchen is defined using a kitchen counter that doubles up as the dining area. The grey-veined white marble countertop offers a refreshing break from the darker tones that dominate the living space. This time, black accents in the form of the bar stools, and built-in kitchen cabinets set off the monochromatic mood. Sleek appliances – the microwave and refrigerator are tucked into the cabinets so that the clean and clutter-free appearance is preserved. Next to the kitchen counter at the entrance hall, a small shoe cabinet neatly occupies the adjacent niche.

The key details are engaged again in the master bedroom, but the dark palette is toned down. The headboard leans against a grey wall with a textural finish while dark wood panels wrap around the wall, contrasted by white marble finishing at the bottom half. Functioning as a partition, the wall panels reveals a sliding door that leads into the walk-in wardrobe. Once stepping inside, the atmosphere brightens immediately, thanks to the light wood shelving all around.

©Pixelaw Photography

The sheer difference between tonal values in these different spaces is intentional. The designers wanted to create a gradient effect where the darker side of the colour spectrum gradually transitions into a brighter outcome when the spaces flow from the living hall towards the bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. The upshot for this approach, whilst not immediately apparent, is a pleasantly tangible experience. Each space offers a subtle variance of look and feel, a testament that this bachelor’s pad is more than meets the eye.


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