A two-storied apartment nestled in the heart of Lower Parel with a twist to the conventional home design.  Our brief for this space was the most ideal, it was to be a home which exuberated their love for art and colours.

Category:  Interior Design
Subcategory: Residential Interior
Project Name: Colour Infused Abode
Firm Name: The Orange Lane
Location: Indiabulls Sky, Mumbai
Month and Year of Completion:  October 2018
Area:  3800sq.ft
Status: Built

Colour Infused Abode by The Orange Lane - sheet1

Upon entry the long passage is conceived as the clients very own art gallery with the walls being rendered in soft pastel shades.

Colour Infused Abode by The Orange Lane - sheet2

The clients being art enthusiasts had the opportunity to be able to display and get creative with the art and decorate this space with wall hung paintings from renowned artists that are accentuated due to the monotone mood of the passage.

Colour Infused Abode by The Orange Lane - sheet4

The punches of varied bold colours are spread throughout the house in different phases of the space, in textures or upholstery while the rest being muted. This house a colour haven with just the right dosage needed to truly enjoy the space.

Shabnam Gupta

From being inspired by the varied possibilities of design to creating design that inspires. In over 15 years of her career, Shabnam Gupta has been the force behind some of the most fascinating spaces and structures throughout the nation. She has established an interior design career with her work pool including celebrity clients like Rani Mukherjee, Parineeti Chopra, Irrfan Khan, Kangana ranaut etc.

She has been a pioneer in revolutionising hospitality interiors with brands like Social and TBSE.

The moving force behind The Orange Lane, a firm, set up in 2003, which executes interior and architectural design projects, Shabnam Gupta uses spaces to tell stories. All spaces – large and small – are grist to her mill; in her signature style, she infuses them with a wonderful, endearing, idiosyncratic quality. With her practical approach to space management, Shabnam has successfully created iconic projects across categories and cultures. From urban residential to weekend countryside homes, and from lifestyle stores and corporate offices to hospitality projects, her canvas of work encompasses a wide spectrum and has won her wide recognition and multiple awards. Having also earned nation and international awards for her unique style of work.

The extension into retail in 2010 in the form of ‘Peacock Life,’ a lifestyle home store, was a natural progression for her.


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