Vibrant yet soothing space has been created for dental clinic, located in one of the urban commercial area of Jodhpur. The project was taken upon with wider role than just straight forward interior design. From the old plan, partition walls and finished surfaces were demolished and existing space was stripped down to basic structure. This structure was transformed into an inclusive dental hospital through comprehensive spatial remodelling.

Project Name: Dr. Bothra’s Smile Design Centre (SDC) at Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Status: Built
Project Size: Total floor area of 900 square feet
Interior Design: Prarthit Shah Architects
Photographs: ABCsteps Technologies

Smile Design Centre by Prarthit Shah Architects - sheet1
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The clinic is for a dentist Couple, Dr. Kavita Bothra is a paediatric dental surgeon and Dr. Jitendra Bothra is an Orthodontist. Clients’ requirement was of a separate paediatric chair operatory and main operatory with 2 dental chairs. A sterilisation room that can be accessed by both the operatories. General requirement was of 6-7 persons waiting area with reception, consulting area, pantry and a consultation room for paediatric physician.


Space of this clinic – a small apartment before, was done complete re-modeling to make a kid-friendly dental clinic. In first set of alterations, all internal walls were demolished to create a better flow of spaces. The balcony was converted into dental sterilization room as it provided adequate ventilation. All possible windows were made larger to bring in more natural light, as it helps in creating a pleasant work environment for doctors and relaxed treatment environment for patients. Waiting room window grill has been designed with provision for natural plants, so as to dilute view of shabby apartment duct it was facing. Existing washrooms were resized and converted into powder room and pantry. Whole flooring was redone with under the floor plumbing and networking throughout the clinic.

Services are deliberately planned in a way that all pipes and wires are concealed to create a hassle-free working area around the dental chair.

Smile Design Centre by Prarthit Shah Architects - sheet3
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Key Ideas

Clinic layout is planned in a way that, from the waiting area there is direct entry to both the operatories, consulting, paediatrician’s consulting and powder room. Pedodontics and main operatory has internal connection with the consulting room. Partition behind the reception desk is articulated in a way that it creates a circular glass frame. Clinic logo placed on this glass becomes integral part of clinic identity.

Smile Design Centre by Prarthit Shah Architects - sheet4
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As this clinic is specialized in kids treatment, a small play zone has been created within very limited space in waiting. The paediatric dental chair has been customised in car shape so that kids can acclimatize easily while getting treatment. Paediatric operatory has marvel characters attached to one wall but rest of the décor is consciously restricted from overdoing. The whole interior is done with simplicity of white and light tone wood, turquoise and peach colour patches add playfulness to the interior. The idea was to have interiors with the right balance of soothingness and playfulness at the same time.


As consultation room is small in size, sides are kept of glass and white partition. To enhance the importance of consulting, the ceiling is designed with veneer and MDF pattern. The primary objective of design was to create a technical yet aesthetical dental clinic that increases dentist’s productivity and reduce patient’s treatment anxiety.

Smile Design Centre by Prarthit Shah Architects - sheet7
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The challenge was to accommodate multiple chambers in a relatively small space without making interiors look boxy or spaces claustrophobic. This was dealt by using maximum glass partitions, clean white walls with minimal décor and consistent material pallet throughout all the chambers. Vibrant colours – peach and turquoise are deliberately used in small elements so that they don’t overpower soothingness of spaces. The idea was to create a therapeutic atmosphere for kids and adults for dental treatments by the virtue of spaces that are inviting and lively.


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