“Sede CAF Región Sur” is the result of a national architecture competition promoted by the Development Bank of Latin-American and sponsored by the local government of Montevideo in 2012.

Project full name: Sede CAF Región Sur – Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina
Arq. Carlos Luis Labat Nadal, Arq. Ricardo Pierino Porta Turban, Arq. Nicolás Scioscia Salvatore + Arq. Luis Fernando Romero Fregenal
Project location: Ciudadela 1229, Montevideo, Uruguay
Project category: National Architecture Contest. First prize. 2012
Project phases: Competition’s verdict: 25-05-2012. Construction details: 06-10-2014. Contract award: 30-01-2015.
Construction schedule: Start of work: 26-01-2016 Completion of work: 4-12-2018
Consultants: Structural Engineering: Magnone Pollio Ingenieros Civiles Hydraulic Engineering: Estudio Pittamiglio
HVAC: Ing. Luis Lagomarsino & Asociados Electrical and Artificial Lighting: Estudio Hofstadter Acoustic Engineering: Ing. Mario Faucher/Arq. Carolina Manisse Fire Protection: Ing. Luis Lagomarsino & Asociados Landscape: Ing. Agr. Pablo Ross/Arq. Irene Ross
Architectural program: CAF Headquarters; Cinema complex; FunFun bar;
Public parking; Nearby urban environment conditioning.
Project Area: Building area: 15.500 m² Outdoor spaces area: 8.050 m²
Contractor: STILER S.A.
Photographs: Javier Agustín Rojas
Arq. Carlos Labat – Arq. Pierino Porta – Arq. Nicolás Scioscia
. España 2249/302|[+598] 24099798 |[email protected] | |@laps_arqs

CAF Headquarters By LAPS Arquitectos - Sheet2By terms and conditions of the contest, a mix-used program building was required, in the historic city center of Montevideo – the “Old City”- a sector full of history and strong urban symbols, next to the limit with the “New Expanded City”.

The Bank headquarters, a cinema complex for “Cinemateca Uruguaya”, the relocation of the historic “FunFun” bar, 150 public parking lots and public changing rooms, are the main project areas. The conditioning and recovery of the immediate urban environment are key requirements of the entire proposal. The biggest challenge then was to achieve coexistence within a single building and urban space, such diverse functional requirements.

CAF Headquarters By LAPS Arquitectos - Sheet4In the location behind the Solís Theater, there was an existing building, the Former Central Market, which was almost abandoned and deteriorated, as well as its nearby public spaces.

The conceptual basis on which the project was generated is based on 6 key points.

CAF Headquarters By LAPS Arquitectos - Sheet5Preserve the existing building: Understanding the renovation of “what is built” as a sustainable strategy, the structure of the existing building was preserved, synthesizing in an architectural proposal the relationship between permanence and transformation.

Physically separate the different architectural programs: Recognizing the different spatial and functional requirements, the building is conceived in two separated areas. CAF offices are located in the existing structure, while the cinema complex and the “FunFun” Bar are located in a new built volume next to Reconquista Street. Both buildings form an internal public “Urban Courtyard”.

Incorporate public space inside the built volume: The void is conceived as an articulation between the existing and the new. A public space configuration that feeds on the surrounding activities, proposing continuity in the ground floor level. At the same time, and considering this is an area exposed to strong winds, it allows a protected entrance to the building.

CAF Headquarters By LAPS Arquitectos - Sheet7To  extend  the  built  footprint:  The  adopted  strategy  instead  of  concentrating  the  different architectural programs in one compact, dense building. Thus, a 96-meter building façade is achieved on Ciudadela Street.

Unify the previously separated architectural programs: Using a single architectural device, as a “veiled skin” that surrounds the built volumes, a unitary image is gained, while granting sun protection and a singular image. This idea is materialized with a stainless steel mesh that wraps the building, nuancing the relationship with its surroundings.

CAF Headquarters By LAPS Arquitectos - Sheet8

Continuous platform of public and semi-public spaces: At sidewalks and roads level a public platform  activities is set up containing the Cinema Complex, the Fun Fun Bar and CAF`s public activities, incorporating in its extension the “Teatro Solís” and the “Barrio de las Artes”.

LAPS Architects

LAPS Architects is an architecture practice office based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Founded in 2010, its Directors, Carlos Labat, Pierino Porta and Nicolás Scioscia, in 2012, at the age of 32, won the first prize in the national architecture competition, ”Sede CAF Región Sur” Bank of Latin American New Headquarters. ”Sede CAF Región Sur” is the studio´s featured project, which has been published in several local and international architecture magazines and blogs.

LAPSis a studio where enthusiasm, rigorous thinking and detailed analysis are always on the working desk in each project in which it is involved. The Office works on projects and construction of diverse architectural programs, scales and complexities. Its past experience with other architecture offices of outstanding trajectory and its present let the studio believe that is possible, through architecture, to create a better living environment and urban life where continuous exploration and constant practice are the main tools.


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