What is the first thought that enters your mind when you think of Dubai, Agra, or Paris? It’s the Burj Khalifa, Taj Mahal, and Eiffel Tower, three magnificent architectural marvels around the globe. From visiting such public places and monuments, admiring skyscrapers with family and friends, capturing moments and cherishing the breathtaking views to an actual grasp of the creative process of that particular space and form, architecture insights plays a significant role in defining an individual’s perception while observing one’s surroundings.

On a fundamental level, architecture aims not only to build a link between the physical environment and the individuals residing in it but also to play a significant part in strengthening our culture. It stands for our worldview and self-perception.

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Image 1_ Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal- The architectural marvels _ ©https://newsrnd.com/news/2022-05-24-what-are-the-most-viewed-monuments-in-the-world-on-google-street-view-.BJlg7Oqwq.html

An individual’s initial shift in viewpoint occurs throughout one’s academic years. Learning about a wide range of topics, including design principles and components, construction technologies, history, and environmental studies, as well as building economics, sociology, psychology, and many other subjects, become a highlight of an architecture student’s journey. Architecture also teaches reading and writing proficiency. Architects get trained to think visually and to envision. Reading boosts an architect’s creativity, allowing one to think outside the box.

Stories are the heart of concepts and designs. These are tales of people and how they react to scenarios and places. The magic happens when you apprehend the language of spaces!

Whether in a humble, quiet room or a bustling public plaza, everything appears to be a frame of creativity. It is like attentively listening to the murmurs of our environment, telling us to cherish the link we’ve formed with that given space.

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Image 2_ Isometric living room _ ©https://dribbble.com/shots/13905264-Isometric-Living-Roo
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Image 3_ A crowd of people walk on a busy day in Monastir Aki Square in Athens, Greece _ ©https://www.istockphoto.com/vector/monastirakibusy-drawing-gm1130945415-299286463?phrase=busy%20city%20square

Architecture insights focuses on providing a good quality environment, whether a house, a business, or a large infrastructure project. The space in which you reside greatly influences your quality of life.

Colours may be employed as an aesthetic element in architecture to enhance our impression of a form and environment. The psychological ambience that supports the operation of a building area is greatly dependent on the perception of a hue and the narrative it conveys. Thus, knowing the psychology associated with it will assist in determining which colours work best for a building’s architecture.

One of the most significant aspects discussed in the course is the necessity to ask the right questions for breakthrough discoveries, queries that fit actual circumstances and enable a generation’s growth and understanding.

These deepen our knowledge of any topic, enhance our learning process, and help us identify better solutions, which frequently exist well within the questions themselves. More remarkably, they help us become better individuals and hence better professionals. By posing a series of questions, renowned architect Yatin Pandya comments on the method of practising holistic architecture, “Design is not about finding one answer to one question, but instead, about asking many questions, finding many answers to each one of those questions, and then picking one answer that answers most questions.”

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Image 4_ Confused woman looking for answers and creating solutions _ ©https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/woman-confused-looking-answers-creating-solution-2230239347

Great architects have always asked the right questions to create a better environment that examines deeply held views. Bold questions are essential to discover novel thoughts.

We are open to new ways of thinking by asking valid, insightful questions where incredible responses arise and forthcoming new angles lead to innovative solutions. As individuals, we must be accountable for the things we do and the questions we pose. The ability to seek the truth, described by Aristotle in ancient times, encapsulates the importance of a good question.

The skills gained throughout undergraduate studies prepare students for the profession’s “unknowable” future.

This hands-on experience in the real world helps one grasp design and technology, and because architects transform spaces, this widens one’s perspective. An architect aspires to provide each built form with a distinctive personality that blends well with its surroundings and that people can connect to and independently evaluate.

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Image 5_ Frank Lloyd Wright with apprentices at Taliesin West _ ©https://www.arizonafoothillsmagazine.com/features/features/4515-taliesin-west-wright-apprentices-celebrate-75-years.html

Before commencing any drawings, the design process requires substantial time learning about the clients- their likes and dislikes, the neighbourhood, and the surroundings the project will inhabit.

A successful project recognises that the locations and structures we appreciate most evoke emotions in us that are challenging to define and formed by the process of collecting and applying all of this information and study.

Technology also influences architecture insights and architectural practice and its social outcomes. Our distinctive ability to access worldwide information and research findings, and the flexibility to connect instantly with anyone, anywhere in the globe, have transformed the profession. The development in technology has also modified the process of designing, generating new shapes and forms that convey information in extraordinary ways and serve as a link between the client’s wants and what is feasible.

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Image 6_ Architecture office illustration _ ©https://toffu.co/products/flat-vector-work-zone-2

There are various ways in which architects advance their profession and adapt to the shifting demands of contemporary society. Thus they contribute to designing spaces for individuals who perceive them. The architect’s sincere grasp of the entire globe, its history, and numerous topics serves as inspiration which is evident in his designs’ indulgence.

For an architect, it is crucial to have a unique point of view, explore the elements of creation, and then channel that insight via their planning and design skills.

Architecture insights leads us, captivates us, and teaches us the importance of paying close attention to our surroundings. Architecture, like an emotion, can evoke memories from the distant past or inspire creative visions for a better tomorrow.


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Manisha Puri is an architectural designer by qualification with a creative personality. She enjoys painting and understanding art history and mythology. She has a keen sense of beauty in nature, people, and art. She wants to inspire others as well as be inspired by others.