The construction of the designed retirement home with an active ground floor is a four-story wooden building mounted on a monolithic reinforced concrete basement structure. The facade of the house is mostly wooden.

Project: An architectural competition for a design of Retirement home in Prague, Czech Republic
Competition result: 2nd place
Authors: Pavel Hnilička, Petr Bočan, Sandra Gulázsiová
Client: City Hall of Prague 3
Year: 2022

Home Iin Prague by Pavel Hnilička Architects+Planners - Sheet3
©Pavel Hnilička Architects+Planners

The whole mass of the house seems to “disappear” towards the sky, which gives the structure a lightening appeal. The house is then finished with a “crown” shaped by a slight opening of the facade of the top floor. The green roof is designed to hold rainwater.

Each typical floor contains seven double and three single rooms. In total, the facility offers 21 double and 9 single rooms for the total of 51 clients.

Home Iin Prague by Pavel Hnilička Architects+Planners - Sheet4
©Pavel Hnilička Architects+Planners

The lower floors include technical facilities. The ground floor level is characterized by a ballroom with a café, a day hospital, a shop, a doctor’s office and a chapel. Around the house, in addition to the “small excursion circuit” in the residential garden, there is also a “large” circuit, which leads like a ribbon with small bends and serpentines so as to encourage clients to move but without any need to get them exhausted.

Home Iin Prague by Pavel Hnilička Architects+Planners - Sheet6
©Pavel Hnilička Architects+Planners

The design took second place in the architectural competition announced by the Prague 3 district, the results of which were published in January 2022.


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