This house takes its inspiration from Ibizan and Mexican houses, which have in common their powerful materiality, rooted in natural materials such as adobe, ceramics and lime. Imperfect sculptures, proud to show the imprint of the hand that sculpted them.

Project name: LIME HOUSE
Studio Name: UNO100 Arquitectura
Area: 205m2
Year: 2022
Location: Murcia, Spain

Lime House by UNO100 Arquitectura - Sheet3
©UNO100 Arquitectura

As in Ibizan houses, the rooms are juxtaposed one against the other as independent modules, keeping proportions, organised around a central courtyard with an olive tree. However, the roof is kept at the same height to make the project cheaper and, for the same reason, we used a standard construction system.

Lime House by UNO100 Arquitectura - Sheet4
©UNO100 Arquitectura

However, its surfaces are covered with lime, hand-crafted in the same way as in Ibizan houses. The corners are rounded, the chimney and furniture are moulded, the niches are dug out as if they were thick adobe walls. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles and the ceilings with exposed wooden beams, in the style of the sabina beams of Ibizan houses.

Lime House by UNO100 Arquitectura - Sheet6
©UNO100 Arquitectura

The terraces extend under the same solid roof, forming part of the volume of the house, but one of the modules of the house is separated to form a separate cellar space. Both constructions, like Ibizan houses, are surrounded by gravel, orchards and fruit trees.

Abstract (studio):

UNO100 is an architecture studio in Murcia (Spain), convinced of the importance of committing to quality and efficiency in the way of working and building.

They combine the 3D BIM work and design methodology with visualization through photorealistic infographics and energy efficiency in the building, tailored to each client, which has its maximum expression in the Passivhaus standard. With this, they achieve good planning and understanding by the client of our projects and great comfort, health, savings, sustainability and design quality in them.
They are BIM Managers, experts in working, designing and training in BIM, and Passivhaus Designer and Tradeperson, designers and directors of efficient architecture works according to the Passivhaus energy efficiency standard.


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