21. Incorporate Personal Touches

Nursery design can instantly be made unique by adding a sprinkle of personal touch. This can be a simple stool that makes lounging comfier for the parent, with the child’s name on it for a personal touch. 

A sofa or a daybed with pictures of the family framed and hung on the adjacent walls, not only makes feeding easier for the parent but also personalizes the nursery design. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet23
A stool with the child’s name embedded adds a personal touch. ©Emery Davis.

22. Fun Patterns Can Be the Key

Regardless of the color chosen for the nursery design, it is crucial to incorporate bold patterns into the room. Studies show that while pastels are pretty, they may not be very engaging for the toddler. 

Bold patterns with geometric patterns such as black and white stripes encourage visual development. Patterns can be inserted into the design through upholstery, walls or ceilings.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet24
A patterned wall adds an elegant touch to a minimal nursery. ©homedit.com

23. Graphic Decals

Instead of opting for a whole patterned wall, graphic decals can retain the minimal touch, while adding a fun twist. From triangles and fruits to animals, the choice for decals is vast, and hence the perfectly complementing wallpaper can be easily found to match the nursery design theme.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet25
Watermelon graphic decals complement the pink-themed nursery. ©Chango & CO. 

24. Murals

Murals add a playful and whimsical touch to a nursery while keeping it elegant. Colorful details and layers of shapes can create amazing murals. Storytime will definitely be more fun, with these murals encouraging imagination. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet26
A dinosaur-themed wall mural. ©mywonderfulwalls.com

25. DIY Walls

A great way to add a personal touch to the nursery is by painting the wall yourself. This adds a unique touch and can easily be done through stencils. DIY walls are an out-of-the-box nursery design idea that ties the space into one. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet27
A DIY-animal-themed wallpaper that’s not chaotic. ©David Tsay.

26. Painted Ceiling

Painting the ceiling in a soft, neutral tone or a fun vibrant one can add a fun twist to the nursery. It draws one’s eye up to the ceiling, and also makes the view from the baby’s perspective much more interesting.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet28
An orange and white striped ceiling injects personality into this nursery. ©Julie Mikos.

27. Chandelier

Nothing represents classic elegance more than a chandelier. It draws attention to the ceiling in a bold manner and ties up space nicely. In a neutral-themed nursery, a chandelier adds a sophisticated flair.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet29
A floral-inspired nursery takes center stage in this nursery. ©Mekenzie Loli.

28. Scones 

Installing scones as an alternative to table lamps frees up tabletops and surfaces, and makes the room look less cluttered. Choosing a fun color can brighten up the wall and make for a brilliant addition. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet30
A yellow scone contrasts the wall. ©Chango & CO.

29. Fun Light

Give the nursery a refined edge that ages well, with a customized light. A whimsical pendant light makes the nursery design interesting, and a beautiful play of light and shadow can be seen, when it is turned on. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet31
A pendant light with birds.©Tasmin Johnson.

30. Dimmer Lights

A nursery often calls for several different moods. To create a space that’s light and bright in the evening, yet soft and dusky when rocking the baby to sleep, dimmer lights are the perfect option. It helps create a soothing atmosphere for bedtime, and an energetic one for playtime. 

An added benefit is it is easy to soothe the baby back to sleep in the middle of the night, instead of startling the baby with bright lights.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet32
A nursery with dimmer lights. ©mmonroedesign.com
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