Be it simple and sophisticated, or vibrant and energetic, a nursery is a baby’s first home. Nursery design involves creating a safe, loving, and gorgeous environment for the toddler, but choosing themes, colors, and furniture can be quite a task. Here are thirty elegant nursery design ideas to transform the space into an abode of function, comfort, and style.

1. Gender Neutral Palette | Nursery designs ideas

Forget a dedicated pink for girls or blue for boys, gender-neutral tones are the new trend. A soft, modern grey or the classic white and black, offers a soft and welcoming look to the nursery. 

A gender-neutral palette is a timeless choice that works well with any accent color and creates a peaceful and relaxing aura in the nursery while leaving it sophisticated and classy.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet1
A gender-neutral palette offers a warm and cozy appeal. ©Nick Glimenakis.

2. Vibrant Minimalism

Another popular nursery design theme is that of vibrant minimalism. It often features an all-white or pastel-colored room, with one painted piece of furniture, usually the crib. The result is a bold statement with an energetic infusion of color. 

To enhance the vibrant glow the pops of color can be echoed in the artwork or the tapestry. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet2
A crib painted pink with a complementing accent rug and painting. ©

3. Splashes of Bold Color | Nursery designs ideas

Instead of a minimal or muted theme, you can also choose a lively, flamboyant one with vibrant, unexpected colors. The theme feels youthful due to whimsical patterns and energetic due to the bold choice of colors. 

A visual pop can make the nursery feel bright and cheery for years to come. Another way of implementing this theme is to add fun, colorful accessories such as rugs. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet3
The whimsical green wallpaper adds a fun twist to the nursery. ©Steven Sclaroff.
30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet4
A cheerful, yellow-painted wall, with pops of color offered by the pillows. ©Nicety.

4. Nature-inspired Theme

A nature-inspired nursery design radiates a calm and soothing aura. Lush trees as the wallpaper design look ethereal when light falls on them. When paired with subtle pops of pink, the green stands out and the nursery looks warm and inviting. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet5
A nature-themed, minimalistic nursery. Pops of pastel pink add elegance. ©Tessa Neustadt.
30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet6
A nature-inspired nursery with a rustic theme. ©Instagram. 

5. Pastels | Nursery designs ideas

You can choose a pastel theme that gives the nursery a warm flow and doesn’t overwhelm or dominate the room. The rest of the decor can be kept simple and muted, to give the feeling of a relaxing retreat, that will lighten the mood. 

To jazz it up a bit, nature-inspired accents or traditional staples can be added, add some finesse for a rounded-outlook. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet7
A cozy nursery design, with pastel pink accents and floral wallpapers. ©Tessa Neustadt.

6. Brick Beauty

Beautiful, exposed brick walls can add an old-world charm to the nursery. Peach accents can be used along with exposed brick as they pull similar tones to the brickwork. The overall result will be a softer, more feminine nursery design. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet8
An exposed brick wall adds fineness to this elegant nursery. ©Goumi

7. Ageless Furniture

Stylish, multipurpose furniture is a great investment when it comes to nursery design. From cribs that can be converted into a kid’s bed to a changing table that can be repurposed as a dresser, the nursery can later be a trundle for sleepovers and allow for an easy transition into the formative years.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet9
The crib space can be converted into a cozy reading nook. ©

8. ‘Dress Up’ The Changing Table | Nursery designs ideas

Transform a simple dressing table into a happy and practical changing station, with a detachable top. Opting for a table with drawers is a better choice as compared to open shelves so that essentials can be tucked away. 

The space can be anchored with a cheery statement wall and some framed pictures or animal mounts can be added for a joyful vibe.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet10
A dresser that functions as a changing station. ©Mathew Williams.

9. Statement Cribs

A crib doesn’t have to be plain white or just wood. It can be a mixture of contrasting colors that work together in harmony and make the crib the focal point in the room. Throw in different layers of rugs, fun patterns, and linen curtains and the result is a softened, elegant nursery design. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet11
A white crib with a modern black border is the focal point in the room. ©Tessa Neustadt.

10. Glider Duo | Nursery designs ideas

Instead of just one glider or rocking chair, a pair can increase the bonding time with the child. In this way, Storytime can be a family affair and is especially handy when it comes to twins. A stool can also be added to keep books or other playthings within hands’ reach. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet12
Gliders in the nursery suite enable family bonding time. © Nathan Schroder.
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