11. Little Library | Nursery designs ideas

A floating shelf library for some favorite bedtime books, will not only take story time up a notch and create an innovative storage space but will also animate the wall. A petit library with a great collection of books can double up as decor.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet13
A little library that serves as decor and storage. ©Tessa Neustadt.

12. Cute Storage Pieces

When it comes to an effective and elegant nursery design, towels and blankets should be easy to access, but shouldn’t be thrown across randomly. Instead, baskets, etageres, a towel warmer, or a storage ladder can add a classic touch while giving fluffy, pretty blankets a nook to shine. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet14
A wood towel rack adds a vintage touch while providing easy accessibility. ©Cameron Rupert.

13. Gallery Wall | Nursery designs ideas

A great way to spruce up nursery design is to perk up blank walls near the crib by adding a fun gallery wall. Picture frames can feature anythinganimated characters that infuse pleasant dreams or family photos to add a sentimental value. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet15
A gallery wall above the crib features pictures of cute sheep. ©Studio DB.

14. Hanging Shelves

Another great nursery design idea for those short on space is a hanging shelf. It can be used to store books, toys, towels, and other essentials. Hanging shelves can instantly enhance a simple wall and are particularly mobile; they can be used anywhere required. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet16
Hanging shelves suspended with ropes from the ceiling in a small nursery. ©Mike Schwartz.

15. Out-of-the-box Mobile | Nursery designs ideas

A uniquely tailored mobile dangling above the crib adds character and playfulness without any hassle or fuss. It can feature fun elements such as adorable animals or the galaxy and can even be personalized with pictures of the family. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet17
A mobile made of tiny wooden sailboats adds a unique personality to the nursery. ©Ryan Liebe.

16. Accent Rug

An accent rug makes for a simple and chic nursery design. It can be brightly colored, have a fun pattern, or have a muted tone with a soft texture. This simple addition adds a burst of color, pattern, and texture.

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet18
A striped, grey, and white rug adds a pop of pattern to the nursery. ©sissyandmarley.com

17. Fun Yet Durable Upholstery

Upholster the furniture chosen for your nursery with spill-proof material such as outdoor fabrics, to keep it fresh and new for a long time. Ensure that it can easily be washed and maintained so that your nursery design always looks refreshing. 

A great plus point is that the daybed can serve as a bed for overnight guests or a place to sit while the kids play. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet19
A nursery upholstered in baby pink and white fabric. ©Nathan Schroder.

18. Modest Comforts | Nursery designs ideas

For a crawling toddler, furniture is optional. When restrained to a minimal space, include some cozy floor cushions, and a soft, fluffy rug instead of traditional furniture in the nursery design. 

By using modest comforts, a cozy space is created to cuddle and place, without hampering floor space. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet20
Cushions and a rug create a great space to play. ©hopeandjade.com

19. Play With Textures

Varied and bold textures can be the star in a sophisticated, all-white nursery design. Beautiful tapestries, organic wool, and natural fibers can add a gorgeous contract to bare surroundings to create a visually stimulating space. The power of textures is understated but is brilliant. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet21
Textures play a highlighting role in this nursery. ©rayinteriordesign.com

20. Think from A Baby’s Perspective | Nursery designs ideas

Choosing neat and functional accessories for the nursery design goes a long way. Easily accessible furniture makes the toddlers comfortable in their own space. Low shelves not only keep toys at arm’s length but can also make great play surfaces. 

A simple addition such as a teepee or a house-frame with a floor bed makes the nursery a fun space that stimulates imaginative play. 

30 Elegant Nursery designs ideas - Sheet22
A makeshift teepee with cushions is a great touch for imaginative play. ©Bethany Campbell.
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