HKS’s Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre was completed in 2019 in the Fujian province of China. Operated and managed by Pico, the Jinjiang International Conventional and Exhibition Centre is a highly large-scaled, modern multi-purpose complex which caters to full-fledged exhibit and event facilities in Quanzhou City. The structure, which encompasses a total site area of 12000 sqm, is currently the largest of a kind in Quanzhou, providing the organizers and exhibitors with 40,000 sqm of exhibition space spanning four exhibition halls.

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The exhibition and convention centre consists of four indoor halls, one outdoor exhibition hall, and a second-floor conference centre; a north-south landing hall and parking lot; and a central ecological corridor.

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The Challenge | Jinjiang International

The brief was to design an elegant, large-scale exhibition facility within the context of a new master plan that provided the city with a platform to celebrate activities on a larger scale.

The Design Solution

The site was efficiently organized to manage a very large number of vehicles and people, leading to the exhibition halls being staked in two-level configurations, which created room for the lush green landscaped park with numerous water bodies around the structure and plaza areas along street frontages.

The structure is designed such that its visible minimum from two sides, allowing it to appear inviting and approachable while remaining sleek and creating interesting patterns on the facade. The vertical transparent curtain walls also provide the structure with efficient lighting during the day.

The structure is made to look extremely dramatic, with its natural curves descending from the parabolic surface and merging with the floor, creating an effect that looks similar to that of a waterfall. The parabolic surfaces also act like curtain walls and allow interesting patterns to run through the exterior of the buildings. However, the space is also provided with see-through pockets on multiple floors to allow horizontal levels to connect and allow one to feel the fear of missing out on an interesting corner, spaces in the structure are also designed with multiple floor entries from the road to manage traffic flow along the streets. In the overall structures, a hierarchy was aimed and achieved with the use of multiple heights to break the monotony of the vertical levels.

On the interior of the structure, one could witness the use of multiple textures that have been created not only for aesthesis but also to break through the monotonous surface and create a play of light and shadow in the interiors of the halls. Multicolour tones of whites and red have been used on the interior to create a spectrum of colours along the structure.

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The lower exhibition halls have been provided with direct access to truck loading areas, whereas the upper loading halls have service elevator access. All the semi-truck and back-of-house loading operations are entirely concealed within the building premises for efficient working of the structure and the city.

A five-star hotel tower with a dedicated arrival area keeps the north site extremely energetic and provides vertical elements to the project. It also provides the crowd with top-notch luxury amenities to keep them entertained and provides accommodation in the case of bigger events. The southern entry is prominent, and the exhibition plaza provides a dramatic destination upon arrival for vehicles, or if approached by foot, it forms the train station through the boulevard parkway.

The entire exhibition and convention centre is made extremely approachable for the public to enjoy and is also designed in an open format on the floor level to provide breathing spaces during the events for the crowd for easy mobility and recreational activities.

The surface of the structures is chosen to be reflective of the complex to blend in with the cityscapes and surroundings.

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The project features

The project features 61,500 square meters of exhibition facilities. There are 27,750 square meters of hotel space, 15000 square meters of exterior exhibition space, and 1800 car parking spaces below grade.

The Design Impact | Jinjiang International

The Jinjiang Exhibition Center is perceived as the highly efficient yet dramatic and beautiful centrepiece of the new Jinjing Town district. The exhibition and convention centre has successfully, in a short span, become a place that caters to some extremely big events around the city and its province. It also adds an attractive sight to the city and has become one of the attractive aspects, adding more value to the city. The Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center by HKS has helped the city by adding a valuable structure that not only looks attractive and is inviting but also holds an extremely valuable asset to the city that provides another reason to travel to the city. This beautiful structure by HKS is a masterpiece that brings so much more value to the architecture of the space.

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