The art and science of enhancing the interiors to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment is highlighted as a connotation to design. Interior design has increasingly become a subject of interest among architects and designers with design decisions and solutions generating styles and trends. Hence, shines to find a few that could be useful in making some inspirations on how interiors will be developed in the next decade. And even for those who live and breathe interior design, some referral and guidance moulds a vision. Here is a list of 10 beginner level courses in interior design to enhance the styling techniques.

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NestSpace Design ©Hey Cheese

1. How to Work with Interior Design Styles like a Pro – Udemy | Beginner level courses

The Udemy course focuses on Interior Design Styles that are quite famous and in trend now. No prior knowledge or skills in interior designing are needed for this course. The course has laid down 18 different styles in interior designing with great details to understand with easy steps. 

Supported with two case studies and quizzes, the course skills to understand vivid style tastes better to mix and match in design. 

Key USPs

  1. Detailed insights into 18 different trends in interior designing styles.
  2. A brief to the materials with color combination and patterns.
  3. An understanding of the artwork and lighting that blend with respective designs.
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Working with Interiors ©SketchUp Hub

2. Design is in the Details – Udemy

The course inculcates several classes to introduce interior design without confusing through lots of jargon. This highlights the use of accessories and artwork. With plenty of practical exercises, the beginners are taken through a virtual tour to select and embibe the right types of accessories, to ensure that it serves the purpose of being functional apart from boosting the beauty in the ambience. 

Key USPs

  1. Ideas and accessories to turn ordinary into something that looks from the catalog.
  2. Materials techniques to mix with color and space.
  3. Blend in the additional furniture and artwork to create a consistent look.
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Design in Details ©archdaily

3. Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design – Masterclass | Beginner level courses

All about aesthetics and grandeur with experience and contemporary tastes reflected in modern-day interior designs. With interactive video tutorials, one learns techniques and tricks for choosing the right tones, colors, backgrounds, and textures to enhance the spaces around. 

The course boosts the process of design thinking and interiors to create spaces that inspire.

Key USPs

  1. Develops creative skills about different types of spaces to give it the best look and feel.
  2. Understandings about the design elements that influence a space.
  3. To select art pieces and objects to decorate the subject field.
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Interior Styles ©canvas

4. How to Use Minimalist Interior Design – Udemy

The Udemy course is the next step towards going minimal. The tutorials guide the way minimalism in interior design impacts the mind, and the way its principles and techniques transform space into interiors.  

Key USPs –

  1. Fundamental principles of minimalism and its impact on design.
  2. Insights to deal with items that have emotional value.
  3. Knowledge of the right set of colors and patterns to ensure the effects of minimalism.
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Minimalism ©Jose Helvia

5. Principles of Design – MIT OpenCourseWare | Beginner level courses

Principles of Design is a great starting point to brush up on the basic design concepts. Aspiring interior designers can develop from a solid foundation with advanced design theories and textual analysis. 

Key USPs –

  1. Technical skills in rendering and presentation, historical research, and analysis. 
  2. Interaction with faculty directors and staff designers to enrich a fresh vision.
  3. Lights to attract focus on the things and learning to hide things to conceal.
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Principles of Design ©Graphic Design

6. Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space – Skillshare

A fun and simple approach to interior design that guides the easy steps that can be to transform interior design, no matter the style or trend. With interior designers Lauren Cox and Havenly, beginners discover the four principles used by interior designers to mould beautiful spaces.

Key USPs –

  1. Identify an own personal design style.
  2. Curate a color palette unique to preferences.
  3. Create a sense of rhythm and balance
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Havenly Partners and Interior Design ©business of home

7. How to Use Lighting Design to Transform your Home – Udemy

Lights eventually play a crucial role in how you feel inside a space. The course gives a beginning knowledge of the lightings and aesthetics to try to give it a dramatic appeal. Through three light tricks demonstrated, you will be able to make the best combination of natural and artificial lights in interiors.

Key USPs –

  1. The significance of lighting and how it can layer in a space.
  2. Control the intensities of colors in design through light fixtures.
  3. Create spaces that appear bigger or smaller through interior light settings.
Lights and Interiors ©Interior Design
Lights and Interiors ©Interior Design

8. Interior Design Basics – Howcast | Beginner level courses

Howcast offers the course in a series of video tutorials taught by professional interior designer Blanche Garcia. The platform is more of a curated collection of engaging lessons on interior design and trends that gets creative juices flowing.

Key USPs –

  1. Green and sustainable interiors
  2. Feng Shui decorating principles and vintage decor
  3. The Best Interior Paint Color Combinations
Interior Design Basics  ©canvas
Interior Design Basics  ©canvas

9. Interior Design Course Online

The interior designing course, an insight for the ones budding to create interior design moods, guides gain practical knowledge on creativity  and management of one’s own design palettes right through to later running an own interior design business.

  1. Analytics of trends and communication through sketching.
  2. Briefs of core interior design principles and design skills with theory.
  3. Understanding interior design as an approach.
Palettes ©Bayut
Palettes ©Bayut

10. Design Your Living Space – Inchbald | Beginner level courses

Inchbald provides an online flexible course in interior design to train in skills from ergonomics and proportions to creative use of colour and texture, lighting, materials, and fabric choices. This a practical course that helps to begin developing the skills and understandings required to design a space effectively. 

Key USPs –

  1. Apt actionable tips, printable reference guides, and endless inspirations.
  2. Tools to develop a personal style and unleash your creativity.
  3. An insight into the vivid materials according to space dynamics.
Design Space ©switch on your creativity
Design Space ©switch on your creativity

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