As 2022 comes to a close, we look back at how this year brought about fresh adaptations to how we live, work, and interact with our built environment, especially after emerging from years of unprecedented change. The absence of identity could be used to describe this year’s aesthetic. Travelling abroad, engaging in immersive virtual worlds, experiencing a sense of oneness with the earth and the peace that comes with it, participating in activities that support individualism and expressionism, and being a part of a generation that sets trends are all sources of inspiration for those going through this transitional period.
Biophilic elements, curved and free-flowing forms, and subdued colours were among the interior design trends 2022 that persisted from the years 2020 and 2021. Our habits dictated how we wanted the spaces around us to look, being functional, appealing, calm, and playful with a connection to the outdoors, as we all spent the last couple of years indoors.

We observed various interior design trends this year, some of which were brand-new, and others were rehashed from earlier movements. Numerous furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, and partitions featured organic and sculptural shapes influenced by natural silhouettes. The story behind brands can be told in various ways in retail and hospitality design, turning them into visual and tangible narratives.

Bold Patterns & Colors | Interior Design Trends 2022

In your home, 2022 is the year to let colour and pattern stand out. The best part is that you can choose how much or how little of each you use. If this is your first foray into the world of vibrant hues, start by introducing fun accents like throw pillows, wall art, or a rug against a plain background.

If you’re all in, on the other hand, get creative and pit different colours and patterns against one another. This trend will also accommodate printed and textured wallpapers. Give your space a fun vintage vibe by combining this style with the earlier mentioned 70s retro trend.

Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Sheet1
Resa San Mamés student accommodation, Spain_©Masquespacio

Earth Tones & Browns

A wide range of options for your home is available when using browns and earth tones. You always have a forgiving canvas if you stick to natural colours. Pick paint hues that give your raw materials a sense of comfort. Consider shades of warm chocolate, tipped black, and stone grey. Consider using terracotta, rust, sage, or navy if you’d like a little more colour. If you need help deciding, look at a picture of your favourite landscape for inspiration. Nature always has creative ideas.

Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Sheet2
earthy tones and browns_©HOMMÉS STUDIO

Timeless Style | Interior Design Trends 2022

Others pass the test of time, while some trends are just fads. And in 2022, those who plan to stick around for a while are given priority. Here, the trend of sustainability that was previously mentioned is relevant. Choosing furniture and décor that won’t be traded in or upgraded yearly will grow in popularity as consumers become more conscientious.

Additionally, it will be essential to choose items that are built to last over time. Spend money on high-quality furniture like accent chairs, sofas, and credenzas. Since small decor is more likely to go out of style, you can pick more reasonably priced items and replace them as needed.

Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Sheet3
timeless interior styles_©morettiinteriordesign

Rounded Edges

The 2022 trend for curved furniture design has survived the pandemic and thrived. Softer edges make furniture and decor more feminine and forgiving. The first can enhance angled furniture and give a room a romantic feel.

Another modern heirloom that is making a comeback is furniture with rounded edges. But this time, the curve goes beyond opulent C-shaped sofas to include everything from soft-edge tables to newly designed modern chairs. Lightness and romance are added to interiors by these softened forms.

Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Sheet4
Rounded edges converge in the reception area_©Iván Casal Nieto

Multifunctional Spaces | Interior Design Trends 2022

Single-purpose areas appear to be extinct. 2022’s interior design trends will highlight clever concepts for multifunctional rooms in light of recent advancements in architecture and design. Utilise all available space by using tidy and creative room-dividing techniques.

Within any given room, there are a plethora of opportunities. The vertical space your room offers is something that many people frequently overlook. Various doors can be opened by using shelves, ladders, and platforms; some can even be used as room dividers.

Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Sheet5
multifunctional spaces_©HOMMÉS STUDIO

Landscape Palettes

Although consumers continue to be drawn to calming greens, greys, and earth tones, this is only sometimes a matter of personal taste. Smart designers are embracing the call to create spaces that feel connected to the outdoors in the colour of walls, furniture, and accessories. Neuroaesthetics, a cutting-edge field of scientific study, has discovered a proven correlation between mental health and beauty in nature and designed spaces.

According to Michelle Lamb, editorial director at The Trend Curve, “Research shows that natural colour palettes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier.”. “Perhaps because the healing powers of nature are needed now more than ever, there is a quest to go even further with this approach.

Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Sheet6
landscape pallete of Casa Feliz ADND Living Room_ ©Photographix

Comfort Above All 

Many of us still need to be ready for sharp interior edges, whether because we’re all feeling a little frail or because we haven’t immensely grown past the work-from-home, everyday athleisure experience. Furniture pieces and accessories that are plush, tufted, and luxuriously upholstered are in style and show that you can be fashionable and comfortable at home.

Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Sheet7
Luxurious Mumbai Home Fusion Studio 5_©Fusionstudio

Warm Neutrals | Interior Design Trends 2022

The clean, contemporary look of crisp whites, steely greys, and other cool neutrals has long been a favourite, but tastes are beginning to move in a warmer direction. To create a friendly, inviting atmosphere, expect to see these soothing neutrals applied to walls, upholstery, and other furniture, along with more affluent, earthier shades like taupe, camel, and rust. These more traditional shades are just some of the ones available. To warm up a space and create a joyful atmosphere, she advises incorporating variations of tan or taupe with soft pink undertones.

neutral tones_©Little Greene
neutral tones_©Little Greene

Smart Homes

Even though technology has advanced to new levels, private homes only recently began to use it. Making homes smarter has become more prevalent in recent years, but it has almost become a must-have trend this year. All your electronic devices, including televisions, music players, lighting fixtures, blinds, and other items, will be able to operate as part of a smart home. A click on your smartphone will do. This is very popular in 2022 because the world is moving increasingly toward smart living, and technological helpers like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are making life even more straightforward. Previously, you would have to use your phone to open your curtains or turn on the lights.

living room design by U and I Designs_©GoodHomes
living room design by U and I Designs_©GoodHomes

Upraised Outdoor Furniture

The newest indoor and outdoor interior design trends are both present in 2022. Porches, balconies, verandas, patios, and other outdoor areas are becoming more and more popular as people seek refuge from the confines of enclosed spaces and in an open setting. They are experiencing a significant improvement in their interiors. In 2022, outdoor décor will reach a new level with a dizzying array of furniture, outdoor tiles, external paint textures, and much more.

balcony furniture_©Burgeon Designs
balcony furniture_©Burgeon Designs

3D Art | Interior Design Trends 2022

In contrast to the past, people today want to add mystery and whimsy to their plain walls, which is why 3D art has become very popular. Because it protrudes from surfaces and gives flat spaces a three-dimensional twist, this kind of art is very intriguing. This kind of artwork will be in extremely high demand as well as widespread use in the upcoming year, replacing flat paintings and frames. One of the most bizarre trends in interior design for 2022 is 3D art, which can be interpreted from all sides and angles and added as a distinctive element to homes.

3D wall art at the entrance of a salon_©Karan Desai


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