The art of creating different energies and auras in challenging spaces is an ability that all interior designers aim to create. To make someone feel like they’ve traveled back in time by just turning their head and looking at a designed space takes some credit. A Victorian tea party, A wild west cowboy barn, or even a disco with shimmering lights are some of the vintage vibes that some would want to recreate, just by sitting in their homes. Well, here are a few vintage inspired ideas and Do It Yourself ideas that could make you go black and white through the camera.

1. Book page table runner | Vintage inspired

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Collage of book pages_httpslovegrowswild.com201302ideas-for-decorating-with-book-pages

If your bookshelf is filled with too many books, including the ones you’re never going to read again or copies of the same book, why not do something creative with its pages. Make sure that the books you select are ones you might be able to find again. The book pages can be collaged and used as table runners or even as backdrops. 

If spilling something on it or leaving marks on the paper is what you’re worried about, you can always squeeze it in between a glass table. This is one thing that you can create easily at home, that can add a bit of charm and character to the interior design of your place.

For a closer look at the process and other iterations, visit this website.

2. Distress furniture

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Distressed furniture_httpswww.architecturaldigest.comstoryhow-to-distress-furniture-in-6-easy-steps

Sometimes, some pieces of furniture can speak how old they are or what they’ve been through. From worn-out paint to etched marks on tabletops, these bring in a sense of life and emotion to its owners. There are a variety of ways these could be recreated, and all you need is some paint, sandpaper, brushes, and a few other stuff that you could find at home. 

You might want to try it out on a piece of furniture that you could easily buy from a yard sale or a flea market, and then try it on the furniture that’s already home.

For more details on the process and materials required, check this out.

3. Vintage dyed jars | Vintage inspired

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Stained glass jars_httpweb.archive.orgweb20161011155937httpfancythatdesignhouse.com80colored-tinted-glass-jars

Remember the tinted jars that would seem depressed even if kept in the sunlight? The ones that remind yourself of the nostalgic times from the past. Mason jars are best suitable for this, but pickle jars can be used too. 

With a bit of rustic tint and a bunch of flowers or pebbles to fill it up with, It’s all set to give a vintage vibe to your room. This can be done by yourself and takes very little time to curate the interior design that your space requires.

For more details on the process and materials required, check this out.

4. Old travel suitcases

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Suitcase wall mounted storage shelves_httpswww.lushome.comhow-reuse-recycle-old-suitcases-creating-modern-home-decorations-vintage-style158714

Old travel suitcases are a great way to accentuate the interior design of a space and bring into use one of the fondest memories of travel during times before. The suitcases that could range from a variety of sizes and colors, come with different styles and materials. 

They could be used as tabletops, cupboards, bookshelves, storage spaces as well as other wall-mounted utilities in the form of home décor. All It takes is the idea of how to make use of this component the most, depending on what is necessary at your homes.

Take a look at some of the ideas on this website.

5. Printed ceramic plates | Vintage inspired

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Vintage ceramic plates_httpsfindinghomefarms.comdecorating-ideas-vintage-door-plate-wall

Most of the time, the best DIY ideas for interior design are using the objects that are already available for use. The old printed ceramic plates that have probably accumulated dust from not using, in the crockery shelf could be arranged and composed to create a beautiful vintage feel to space. 

The plates could be fixed on an unused and repainted wooden door that could act as a backdrop and could also go with another ceramic crockery like saucers, teapots, and cups.

For more details.

6. Vintage lace balls

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Lace balls_httpswww.instructables.comLace-balloon-papier-mache

Those intricate designs laced onto garments with geometric and even organic patterns could be made into cute little balls that could light up the interior design of your space. Inflate a balloon and make sure you’ve tied its open end. Now glue the laces to the balloon and let it dry. 

Take a pin and burst the balloon and what you’re left with is a cute little ball covered in lace. Make sure that you only burst the balloon once the adhesive has worked its magic.

For more details.

7. Vinyl Clocks

Vintage Vinyl clocks_httpsin.pinterest.compin498984833710432148

Don’t know what to do with the Vinyl record labels? The ones that are stuck on the cupboards, waiting to be played once? Guess what, you can make amazing clocks out of them and add some jazz to the interior design. What you’ll need is the clock mechanism, that one can acquire from behind a clock or could even be bought separately. 

Just fix it, along with the needles, and you’ve made yourself a clock that tells you and also takes you back in time!

For more details.

8. Rolling wooden crates | Vintage inspired

Movable Wooden Crates_httpswonderfuldiy.comvintage-bedroom-decor

The crates made up of wooden planks, nailed on the sides, used to carry fruits, vegetables and a lot of other stuff can be remodeled by yourself into a kind of rolling storage. Not only is this DIY storage efficient, but it also brings the country feel back inside the house through interior design. 

First, clean up the crates and make sure there are no poking stumps of wood or splinters. Then either paint it or go ahead and attack those wheels on them!

For more details.

9. Vintage sign boards

Wooden sign boards_Maria-gulyaeva-2562560

Decorate any corner through interior design and add a vintage feel to it just by placing a few signboards. These could be worn out wooden ones to others done in steel, either way, making it look as old as possible is the aim. 

Distressing wooden signs can be easy by just using sandpaper once it has been repainted if deemed necessary. The paint on the signboards should look like they’ve gone through a few decades since they were originally made.

10. Vintage frames | Vintage inspired

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Vintage Frame_Sara-garnica-2011173

Frames without anything inside must seem pointless, but rather it looks to give a space some retro dimension to it if done the right way. For this, you can use frames that have been used before to hang pictures or even mirrors. 

How old the frame looks right now should not matter too much because making it feel old is quite an easy task and could be done by yourself at home. The interior design would target a vintage feel, and this idea would work wonders.

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Darsan Babu, an architect, dreamer and a storyteller who loves to take on challenges and reform perspectives on some days, but sit by the mountain and quote words of Howard Roark on others. Would love to explore all things architecture, educate and shape the Urbanscape soon enough.