What comes to your mind when you think of decorating your house? What products seem to occupy the space and bring out the essence of the space?

The aesthetic value of the space entirely depends on the decorum, the choice of color combination, texture, elegance, and softness of the furniture. 

Soft furnishings are elements made of textiles or fabric used for interior designing such as curtains, cushions, bean bags, coverings, etc. It enhances the eccentric features of a structural form as well. These items are an eye-catcher and can change the entire interior of the space.

Here are 10 soft furnishing products you must have:

10 must have soft furnishing products
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1. Curtains

Curtains are the essence of the space as they control the amount of light entering a room along with the décor and style of the interior. Curtains not only provide privacy but also elegance. The fabric for curtains that is most widely used is cotton. Depending on the color combination of the furniture and space, the thickness of the fabric and color is chosen. 

Floor-length curtains generally give a breezy and light feel by the sheer look of the curtains. Roman blinds give more of an intransigent look to the feature of the interior. Nowadays, blinds are coming in style and are most preferred in small rooms. Blinds are a perfect fit for the size of the window and are generally foldable. Linen cotton drapes, on the other hand, offer a harmonious blend of the two worlds, combining the airy elegance of floor-length curtains with the structured appeal of Roman blinds, making them an excellent choice for creating a versatile and stylish ambiance in your living space.

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Curtains - Sheet2
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2. Scatter Cushions

The furniture seems a lot more comfortable by scattering some cushions around that also add a splash of colors to the room. It transforms the room into a more homely space and turns into a bundle of joy. The fabric of the cushion covers and the texture is an easy way to liven up the mood. 

There are numerous styles, textures, patterns, and colors to choose from. Cushions can de-clutter a space by being kept in a certain way and adding a few extra cushions can be a relief for your back as well. Mixing up the shape and size of the cushions gives a more aesthetic feature.

Scatter Cushions
Scatter cushions ©simplycushions.com.au

3. Bean cubes

Bean cubes are considered one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture. It can distinctly improve the look of the room more effortlessly. Considering the planning of the new décor, the collection of bean cubes is more apt for the living room. Bean cubes are made from a variety of materials such as leather, faux, and also faux suede. 

To improve the features of the room, bean cubes give out a more comfortable feel to sit. Nowadays, bean cubes and bean bags are coming up in different shapes and materials such as denim and cotton. A variety of bean cubes are available such as ottomans to decorate the bedrooms.

Bean cubes
Bean cubes and ottomans ©Pinterest

4. Rugs and Carpets

Whether it is a living room, a bedroom, or a study, carpets act as a unique feature in the decorum of the interior. Throwing a rug onto the cold ceramic or marble floor of your house can give you a sense of warmth and comfort especially in cooler climates. Although, carpets and rugs take up a lot of the space, choosing the appropriate size and material will spice up the element of surprise to the furniture. 

The widely used fabric for rugs and carpets is wool. It holds the warmth, has a soft feel, and is also a good noise insulator. Knowing beforehand the size and texture of the rug will result in an efficient feature for the home.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs accentuate the decorum of the floor ©Pinterest

5. Coverings

Furniture coverings such as a sofa or chair coverings or throws influence the style of the furniture. The covering adds volume to the furniture and gives it a luxurious look. 

These coverings can be paired with furniture that is upholstered or of leather. The colors can contrast the furniture and make it more appealing.

Drapes for the furniture ©Pinterest

6. Table Linens

Adding a boost of color to the table enhances the texture of the table whether it may be made of wood or glass. It is an essential item for improving the decor of the room. The right fabric and the style of linen create an elegant combination with the surface of the furniture. 

Table Linens contrast the wooden texture ©Pinterest

7. Pouffes

Pouffes are the modern version of footstools. They are just like the traditional footstools but with a twist of fabric, style, design, and colors. While footstools offer comfort, they are generally a bit hard and this is where pouffes have the advantage of being the right blend of softness and sturdiness at the same time for optimum comfort.

Modern Pouffes ©Pinterest

8. Sofa Upholstery

Furniture is like a piece of art sculpture that needs to be beautified. Sofa upholstery is the comfortable padding over any type of furniture used for seating. Upholstery fabric enhances the purpose of furniture by adding a feature of elegance and texture. 

The biggest element of the sofa upholstery is the type of fabric, the texture, and the style. 

Sofa upholstery fabric and design ©Pinterest

9. Comforters

Comforters add cozy and comfortable to the bedroom. The soft material of the fabric and the color compliments the decorum of the room. These are especially used in colder regions and provide warmth. 

Neither too heavy nor too light, the comforters provide a complete look of the interior.

Comforter accentuate the interior © nymag.com

10. Bedspreads

Bedspreads work wonders to add color and style to the bedroom. They are often light and the choice of the fabric, style, and pattern gives a formal look to the décor. 

As there are a lot of options for the fabric used for bedspreads, the color, and the pattern enhances the interior of the bedroom.

Bedspreads ©rollingstone.com

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