With the advent of technology, social media has emerged as a powerful tool; a medium to propagate the value that any business or brand has to offer. For architects, it is a marketing tool that positively impacts many areas of the architecture firm, including but not limited to landing new projects, creating brand awareness, raising important issues that impact society, and increased website traffic. 

How has social media become a powerful tool for architects? - Sheet1
Social Media as A Powerful Tool For Architects. ©dole777/Unsplash

When social media efforts are consistent and follow the latest trends, the benefits to be reaped are multifold. It can not only be an inexpensive method to get the word out to potential new clients but also retain existing ones while keeping them informed of the latest projects and endeavors. For architecture students, social media is a means to garner information, do research, and keep up with the latest trends; stimulating them to explore and step out of their boundaries. Here are a few ways in which social media has become a powerful tool for architects.

Getting New Leads and Promoting Work

Social Media is one of the most cost-effective, yet powerful tools of scoping for new clients. Not only can one interact directly with clients, and promote innovative and unique ideas, but it can also promote traffic to an architecture firm’s website or blog. For architects, social media is a significant piece of the branding or marketing puzzle that directly affects sales and leads. 

By creating a portfolio of work on social media, potential clients can quickly get a gauge of whether their requirements match the firm’s capabilities and vision. Social media also helps a firm stand out from the others, and portray its unique or signature styles, concepts, and ideologies. 

Reaching Ideal Clients in a Shorter Time Frame

For any successful business, time is money. Social media platforms have a reach that extends far and wide, with almost 2.5 billion individuals around the world using at least one social networking platform. With a reach so diverse and expansive, architects and firms can connect with more people in a shorter time frame with lesser efforts as compared to traditional networking. 

How has social media become a powerful tool for architects? - Sheet2
Social Media as A Powerful Tool For Architects. ©Matthew Reyes/Unsplash

Through social media, clients can approach the architects, instead of the other way round, and hence, architects get more time to focus on their projects. If networking is done right, a simple message shared on these networks can be liked and shared by thousands of followers. In a matter of a few hours, followers across the world can see the post, and help promote an architect or firm. Social media doesn’t sleep, so a single post can go viral and be shared for weeks and months to come, with minimal effort and financing from the architect. 

The Perfect Method To Promote Dialogue.

Social media presents an opportunity to connect creative professionals across the globe and gives architects insight into worldwide trends, new developments across various architectural fields, and the opportunity to gather valuable research. It provides a platform to collaborate and get together with other architects, to better society or fight for a common cause. 

Not only can architects connect with their peers, but they can share their thought processes, and engage in healthy interdisciplinary discussions. For students, social media can be a forum for academic debate among individuals who have a passion for the built environment. Leveraging the power of social media early on inculcates it as an intrinsic part of the design process and studio activities. Platforms such as LinkedIn can help job-seekers land their ideal job, or a firm to recruit its ideal candidate. 

Finding The Right Vendors

Social media is a powerful tool, not just for architects, but also for other professionals. Architects can stay informed about the latest building materials through social media networking and advertisements. Not only will the building materials brand organically elevate its reach and social graph, but the firm will benefit by getting the full range of brands available at their disposal, all in one place. 

Opens the Door To New Possibilities

By promoting dialogue amongst peers, social media creates an entire network of interactions globally. This very dialogue can be transferred into physical reality, as is seen in an application called ‘Invisible Cities’, developed by the firm Schema Design. The application aims to visualize the surrounding context as an informational landscape, through geo-mapping of tweets, online activities, and point-by-point 3D representation. It opens up new possibilities for architectural collaborations and ideas for virtual architecture. 

How has social media become a powerful tool for architects? - Sheet3
Social Media Stimulates Global Connectivity and New Possibilities. ©Unsplash

Architects can interpret social media tools, and leverage them to create future cities that complement the emerging trend of virtual reality. For a successful business venture, it is crucial to consider how people interact with their surroundings, not only offline but online as well. Social media can change a space instantly; a cafe can turn into a coworking space, simply by adding a WiFi connection, a few tables with charging points, and some lounge chairs. 

As with all other technological aspects, caution must be exerted while using social media. Firms may not be represented well, the reality of images can be altered, and public mistakes can cause reputational damage to established architects. The key lies in finding the perfect balance between the amount of time spent on social media gimmicks, and other aspects of the architect’s work.


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