Interior Design is the art of creating comfortable spaces for the users, taking into consideration their many needs and the standards of design. There are several interior design courses available offline as well as online for those who seek to learn more in-depth. 

You don’t need to be from a design field to pursue interior design as long as you are a design enthusiast. There are various short courses or diploma courses available for you to choose from to build a strong foundation. It can be for a hobby or a professional need or a career change.

There are many courses around the world available online. Here are 10 Interior Design courses available online:

1. National Design Academy | Interior Design Courses

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The National Design Academy offers diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and even master’s degrees. They offer a student helpline, very flexible dates and you can learn at whatever pace you want. They also provide a personal tutor that you can reach at any time, various video tutorials to study, and many references of samples of previous students.


2. Inchbald School of Design

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Inchbald School of Design offers a flexible course for students to enhance their skills in design. This is a 12-week online course that helps you develop your skills and gives an insight into the work of an interior designer. The course has flexible timings and the student to mentor ratio is 8:1.


3. The Interior Design Academy | Interior Design Courses

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The Interior Design Academy_©

The course provided is about practical work along with theoretical knowledge. It has been curated keeping in mind students with other commitments. The course can be completed over 12 to 24 weeks.


4. New York Institute of Art and Design

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New York Institute of Art & Design_©

This course is a certificate course and it teaches you to study in-depth about everything needed for an interior designer. This course is approved by the Designer Society of America (DSA). It takes about 16 to 18 months to complete the course and study material provided by them.


5. British College of Interior Design  | Interior Design Courses

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The course has been designed while keeping the students in mind. There are no due dates for the assignments which makes it easier to take it up as a part time course. A large number of resources are provided for the students to refer to making it helpful to learn more. The course can be completed in 12 to 24 weeks and 12 in-depth tutorials are provided to the student.

This course will help the student learn more about the practical approach along with the theory of interior design.


6. Interior Design Institute

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Interior Design Institute_©Fresh Start Styling & Designs

This course is a diploma course. You can start your course anytime as there are no fixed start dates. They provide a personal tutor and have a team consisting of leading interior designers to teach. The course work takes up to 24 weeks to complete but can be completed in around a year by taking more time. 

You can get more details on the link attached below.


7. Think Interior Design Academy

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Think Interior Design Academy_©Think Interior Design Academy

This course provides you with high-quality knowledge of interiors. It helps you grow as a professional to help you achieve success. The course length is 270 hours and comprises 12 units. A personal guide is assigned to you to assess your work. 

The course is flexible as you can take it as and when you have time. However, it requires you to complete the course in a year. 


8. New York School of Interior Design | Interior Design Courses

New York School of Interior Design_©

The Basic Interior Design (BID) certificate program is a non-degree and it provides an introduction to interior design while emphasizing the fundamental skills and knowledge in interiors and visual arts

On completion, students can apply to a degree program or pursue jobs in fields related to interior design. It is a 24 credit programme and can be taken as a full time or part-time program.


9. Interior Design Online 

Interior Design Online_©

Interior Design Online offers high-quality courses with great knowledge of designing to the students. There are a lot of accredited and non-accredited courses available for the students to choose from. Self-paced classes are available as well. 

The duration of these courses is around 12 weeks while there are some courses for around 6 months as well. IDO is an online partner of Sydney Design School.


10. Udemy


You can find a lot of short courses on Udemy that can suit your requirements. There are various aspects of interior design that you can learn here from different professionals such as importance of lighting, use of colours in the right way, importance of detailing as well as various softwares that will help in your practice. 



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