The kitchen is considered the heart of the homeit is where all the family members bond, fight, argue, and laugh. The kitchen is a producer of emotions along with food, so why not have gadgets that elevate the process of cooking or kitchen-related activities. Kitchen smart gadgets also provide means to smart kitchen design, which changes the way we cook, store and consume food. 

Not only do these gadgets make work in the kitchen easier, but they also make you more connected, of course without all the scary glitches and malfunctions. Smart kitchen gadgets can include anything from grocery ordering devices, monitors and alarms, utensils and cooking devices, voice or touch-activated digital assistants, faucets, and plumbing equipment, food analysis devices, etc.

Here are 15 such smart gadgets for your kitchen.

Monitors and Alarms: 

1. Birdi Smoke Detector | Gadgets for Kitchen

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Birdi is a smoke detector that also measures the air quality in the kitchen, along with the amount of carbon monoxide, pollen, particulates, temperature, and humidity level. Birdi operates when any of these parameters exceeds normal, with a text message or automated call to the phone number installed with the device. Multiple Birdi devices can also be connected, notifying neighbors in case of the owner not being at home.

Birdi is also highly aesthetic, it looks like a light fixture on the ceiling/wall, unlike the regular smoke detectors which compromise the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. They can also be installed outside the kitchen. 

2. Kepler

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Kepler is another type of smoke detector that doubles as a handy kitchen timer. A timer can easily be set by twisting the dial. Silencing alarms is easierjust wave your hand!

Utensils and Cooking Devices:

3. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

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The Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer is best suited for cooking dishes that require constant stirring. This smart gadget keeps the arms from getting tired and lets the cook step away from the stove for some time. 

4. Scale-Measuring Spoon

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Cleaner the kitchen design, more cluttered it looks when you have a lot of small items lying around, especially measuring cups and spoons. This smart kitchen gadget comes in use to prevent clutter while measuring required quantities. It gives a volume reading as well as a weight reading, along with keeping a track of recurring spoonfuls.

5. Smart WiFi Instant pot | Gadgets for Kitchen

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When the standard instant pot was launched, it quickly became everyone’s favorite. It was very versatile and could be used as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a yogurt maker as well as to sauté. 

The instant pot has now been upgraded to a WiFi-enabled version that also connects to an app and can be used along with Alexa.

6. June Oven

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June Oven_©

Just like the WiFi-enabled instant pot, the June Oven is a multi-functional cooking device that can be used as a regular convection oven, an air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, and warming drawer. It can also be controlled using a smartphone.

7 Cob Corn Stripper

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Cutting the kernels off a cob of corn is a tedious task, not only do the kernels roll off the cutting board running all over the counter, but there is the possibility of cutting our fingers due to the knife sliding off the cob. No one likes to find a piece of corn behind the mixer or under the stove after a few days. 

This is where the cob corn stripper steps in. It quickly and easily separates the corn kernels from the cob keeping our hands safe as well as the counter and kitchen clean.

8. Frywall Splatter Guard

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Wall Guard_©

Another cooking device to keep the kitchen free from mess, splatters in this case, is the frywall splatter guard. It surrounds the pan or utensil in the shape of a cone and prevents the cooking content from splattering out. It helps maintain the kitchen design mess-free.

Digital Assistants:

9. Eggminder

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Eggminder is a smart egg tray that keeps track of the number of eggs in the tray, each egg’s shelf-life based on when it was placed in the tray, and indicates the freshness of the eggs using LED lights. 

This smart gadget is particularly helpful while you are out at the grocery store, or to simply know how fresh the eggs you are going to consume are! 

10. Smart Thermometer | Gadgets for Kitchen

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Smart Thermometer_©

The smart thermometer is an excellent addition to kitchen gadgets. It can track two temperatures at the same time on your smartphone using an app, making it easier to cook multiple dishes at the same time. 

11. GeniCan Scanner | Gadgets for Kitchen

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GeniCan Scanner_©

GeniCan Scanner is a digital assistant that attaches to your trash can, scans the items being thrown, and adds them to a shopping list. This makes it convenient to pick up the right groceries without forgetting anything. It also has a voice control feature

Faucets and Plumbing Related:

12. Ecomo Fount

Ecomo Fount_©

Ecomo Fount is a high-efficiency composite filter that checks water quality which is highly important in kitchen design. it can be attached to a regular kitchen faucet, where it filters out heavy metals, bacteria, and harmful chemicals. 

It makes use of a color-coded LED ring which indicates the quality of water in real-time. Few models have a photovoltaic exterior, which provides small quantities of solar power.

13. Touchless Soap Dispenser 

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Soap Dispenser_©

There are numerous touchless soap dispensers available in the market. These are very useful in keeping our hands clean along with our kitchen. They can also be cleverly concealed in the kitchen design. 

The gadget dispenses soap when you place your hand below the sensor, keeping the soap dispenser and the kitchen free from bacteria.

Food Analysis Devices:

14. TellSpec


TellSpec has two components- a handheld Bluetooth device and a smartphone app. The device can identify the ingredients of the food item based on the spectrum of light the food reflects, along with counting calories and warning about allergens. 

TellSpec uses infrared technology to perform these functions.

15. Smart Refrigerator | Gadgets for Kitchen

Smart Refrigerator_©

Smart refrigerators are connected to voice assistants and have a tablet screen built into the fridge door that can be accessed from your phone. This screen also acts as a memo board. 

The fridge also has a built-in camera, enabling the user to peek into the fridge through their phone to check on groceries or vegetables or to check on who is sneaking all the icecream from the fridge!



Meghna Patnaik is a third year B.Arch student who has begun to explore her writing potential in architectural journalism. She looks forward to writing, not only to enhance her understanding of architecture, but also because she is passionate about it. She is also an ardent baker.