The term ‘marketing’ has gained a large amount of traction over the decade. These days, every product or service to be delivered relies on ‘marketing strategies for their success. Architecture and its related fields too have been affected by the rise in prominence of marketing platforms. The field of architecture has covertly explored the principle of marketing by various means. The very sole idea of creating a design for the world to see and experience is one of the best ways in which an architect tries to propel his vision and name forward. Moving along that line of thought, architecture has always exhibited ‘self-marketing’ subtly and artistically. So, combining architecture and marketing as a career option can be seen as a promising career.

Combining architecture and marketing as a career option
Architecture and marketing ©Autodesk’s Redshift

Exploring the blurred line

Over the last decade, the popularity of architecture as a profession has increased manifold. There are a large number of architecture colleges springing up all over the world by the minute!. This growing number of colleges and the number of architects who graduate from colleges are often not in proportion to the opportunities available in the market. This has paved for the neck-to-neck business competition between architecture firms.

One of the struggles of being an architect is the lack of steady paychecks. Fluctuations in the economy, the ever-increasing number of architecture firms, project delays caused by various internal and external factors are some of the many problems that architects endure. Owing to all of these problems and many more, making sure to snatch every bite of the cake has become ever so necessary!. Hence many architects and architecture firms have steadily been working towards penning their strategies for the successful run of their respective offices and careers. Hence, the need of marketing the brand and one’s name has become an essential part of the sustenance of every architect and architecture firm of today.

Career scope

Architecture has a lot of disciplines within itself. In recent years, many architects have ventured into aspects of architecture other than building designing like architecture journalism, architectural photography, graphic designing, product designing, etc. This has allowed for more diverse job roles that architects can partake. 

To be a successful architect, there is a definite requirement for being able to make interesting, economic, and profitable choices and decisions. These traits are often the jest of being a good marketing professional. Hence, an architect has the potential in pondering over career options that can successfully combine the passion for architecture and the mindset of an efficient marketing strategist.

Career options

Below mentioned are some of the job roles that architects with a flair for marketing can pursue,

PR and Communications specialists

Many architecture projects of national and regional importance, often require the engagement and active participation of various segments of the community. Architects with commendable communication and persuasive skills and architectural knowledge can be integral in delivering the projects to the intended groups.

Marketing strategists and business developers

As many architecture firms are realizing the need to be actively involved in marketing their projects and services to stay in the race, business development has become a necessity. Architects who have good interpersonal skills and knowledge of the market and the industry are often given priority for the roles of business development and developing marketing strategies. It is also a lucrative job profile with the prospects of earning more based on the developmental targets achieved.

Social media marketing and content development

Social media platforms have become one of the most sought tools for the promotion of projects, prospective client management, and brand engagement for various architecture and interior design firms and other architecture-related companies. Being tech-savvy, knowing the current trends of architecture, and having the right content and tools for marketing can help architects become the right fit for such jobs.


Though the arena is fairly new for architects to venture into, many architects turned realtors have found great success as a full-time and part-time career option. With the knowledge of architecture, the ability to make networks, and the right attitude, architects can certainly venture into real estate to increase their career and economic prospects.

Media and advertisement

Developers, architecture firms, architectural colleges, architecture-related businesses, etc often require customized, creative video and audio marketing content to advertise and promote their projects and services. A passion for video content creation and a good sense of architecture and marketing can be of great help in venturing into the much less explored territory of video content creation for architecture-related fields.

Ever-evolving architecture

A field as dynamic as architecture is sure to find meaning in unconventional paths. The ability of an architect to evolve and adapt to surroundings will always lead to new pathways being created. Hence, the converging of architecture and marketing in the aspects of a viable career option is a very relevant question to ponder over and will surely be answered in considerable ways in the coming years.



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