“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt
Architecture is the art of telling stories through structures. We have the privilege of shaping communities and the way people experience their immediate surroundings. With changing times, Architecture isn’t only limited to conceptualization, drawings, and renders. The industry now also requires various allied professions who specialize in very niche elements of design like acoustics, experiential setup, visual merchandising, etc. To stay relevant in this competitive and ever-evolving market, one must work on constantly updating themselves on such tiny but important nuances in the field. The real challenge today is to find creative ways to showcase one’s work to the masses to attract potential clients and get noticed in the industry. Importance of Content Marketing has been the most efficient way to bring out the culture, values, and beliefs of a business and it helps to significantly bridge the communication gap between the client and the firm.

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Due to the sudden boom in the industry, various new practices that range from conservation, urban design to landscaping and interiors are in more demand than ever. Our generation is truly blessed with social media and the internet as a quick and highly effective tool to expand one’s reach and horizons. It has managed to bring various firms much closer, not only pan India but also globally. There is a sea of fresh graduates every year with their creative inputs to better the field. These young minds have started to set up their practices, some of them find their base and clientele online. It is a very monetarily wise move for young architects who are just starting in the industry. Such new-age ways of buildings one’s practice and identity help to get a very fresh take on marketing and the way think the industry works Content Marketing in Architecture refers to the task of carefully curating projects done by the firm, documenting them graphically, and putting them out via various available platforms to attract more clients.

Listed below are a few efficient ways to market your firm and projects:

1. Focus On Lead Generation Strategies | Importance of Content Marketing

Lead generation is the process of collecting a person’s data via options like surveys, application and inquiry forms, etc. that appear via quick google searches as a part of the online sector or calling up potential clients, people from the industry to keep them updated about your work as a part of the offline sector. From a digital perspective, it is of key importance to ensure an optimized webpage, constantly updated search engine depending on keywords and searches to make sure your firms’ data pops up instantly and easily. One must make sure that the landing page of the firm has quick questionnaires, user review forms, and instant automated messaging options to create a buyer persona that can be referred to later as a major lead and increase the overall traffic on your portal.

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2. Be Proactive On Social Media 

Regularly uploading your work, be it conceptualized or before afters can help the firm to create a strong presence on social media. It can also be done in form of work progress videos, talks with the employees of the firm, etc. Blogs are also an ideal way to showcase your work and they attract audiences regularly. Updating your website and sharing even the tiniest accomplishments and developments in the firm can help to create a strong sense of dialogue between the potential clients and the practice.

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3. Building Offline Relations

On the contrary, due to this sudden media marketing influence, a sense of personal touch has been lost. Keeping a tab on the buyer persona by contacting a select few, and engaging in-person connection by sending over monthly printed work brochures can also help to attract potential clients. Public speaking events and Monthly organized open houses are a great way to create a sense of teamwork within the workspace and bring in people interested in the firms’ work into the actual space. These initiatives encourage a conversation and exchange of productive crits between the firm and the users.

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4. Create Your Niche | Importance of Content Marketing 

In this super-competitive market, one cannot sustain if the work they do is like any other person in the field. To stand apart from the masses, it is very important to create a niche or specialization that only your firm can be especially associated with. The firm’s values, design ideologies, and beliefs should reflect the same and this would then eventually act as the USP of the firm. These added details only help to market the firm better on online and offline portals.


Tanvi Gavaskar is an Architecture student from Mumbai. Having interned at notable Heritage Conservation firms in Mumbai and New York, she understands the value of diversity in architecture and the hence, documents every minute interesting detail she comes across. She is passionate about penning down her thoughts and ideas.