Understand why hiring an architect can make the work more economical

Having a beautiful, comfortable and functional home, designed by a qualified professional, is not, and should not be, a privilege of class A. Supervision of an architect helps a lot in designing the new living space (for example) and can guarantee the smooth running of any work. In a newly acquired property or in the process of being renovated, it even saves money, contrary to what many people think. Find out why!

“The architect has a global vision, which allows him to develop a project in which all stages of construction will be planned, avoiding wasted time and material,” explains architect José Borelli Neto, director of the Regional Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy of the State of São Paulo (Crea-SP).

With the follow-up of a professional, and through the project, it is possible to budget and thus manage the budget through the substitution of materials and solutions in order for the project to arrive as close as possible to the client’s estimate of expenses. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the client must make it clear how much he or she expects to spend before starting work.

The architect can make complete projects of residential / commercial / institutional real estate or carry out internal, general or just a few rooms. Some of them can still take care of all the details of the ambiance of the space, such as harmonizing the fabrics of sofas, curtains, wall textures, wallpapers, etc. Some professionals carry out all the stages of the process, others end up specializing in a particular niche market.

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