What is more exciting than travelling to the places we love and checking off the bucket list. A place has its own way of telling stories through its buildings. Nothing can define a place quite as distinctly as its architecture. Architecture and Travel go together like salt and pepper. Travelling is not just entertainment; it is an educational experience and a more fun event. For an architect travelling is much more than just an experience, it is more like understanding the transition of spaces that cannot be explored through photographs and videos.

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Below is a list of places architects must explore to witness the aspiring architecture around the world once in their lifetime.

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1. Dubai

Burj Khalifa is just one reason why Dubai is a popular place to visit. This city is also a dream for every traveller to explore the world’s first underwater hotel, the world’s tallest building, the highest hotel, and those unique skyscrapers. The place has astounding city planning and design. Dubai’s architecture has transformed rapidly as the city has been expanded at a high speed.

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Burj Khalifa _©burj khalifa — Art and architecture — Rebuild the Middle-East (rebuildthemiddleeast.com)

2. Chicago

Home to some of the most unique high-rise buildings in the world. The Cloud Gate and Willis Tower are always populated with tourists. Chicago is also the home to the famous architect FL Wright where you can go and explore his home and Studio and see the amazing ideas that he generated and the numerous design concepts. The buildings influence to push architecture to new heights here.

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Aqua Tower _©Wave Effect | The New Yorker

3. Berlin

Best place to take a bicycle and explore the architectural gems. Everywhere you go, you will find something creative around the corner, from contemporary art installations to cool architectural structures. The place has very well-connected road network. Berlin is the home to the German parliament, Reichstag which is a Neo-renaissance building. 

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Reichstag _©The Reichstag in Berlin | The German Way & More (german-way.com)

4. Barcelona

The place where you will find an interesting mix of gothic, roman, baroque, art nouveau, and many other design styles blended seamlessly together. Explore the famous architect Antoni Gaudi’s work which is simply unique and magical. Barcelona has a lot of beautiful public places that include plazas, parks and promenades. Along with old structures, the place also has remarkable contemporary structures. Also, it is known for its low carbon emission solutions.

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Casa Mila _©Casa Mila, a total work of art | Gaudi Barcelona (lapedrera.com)

5. New York

One of the most iconic cities in the world. It is filled with some of the largest and the most varied collections of skyscrapers. The Freedom Tower, Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park, Chrysler Building, the list of such remarkable architectural structures goes on and on.

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Times Square _©Times Square | Location, Description, History, & Facts | Britannica

6. Paris

When you think of some beautiful cities in the world Paris comes to mind. It is a museum city, a museum that is full of life. Every great period of architecture can be found in this city. The city is filled with interesting architecture, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Pyramid, La Grande Arche de la Défense, Centre Georges Pompidou, the Arc de Triomphe and the Sacre Coeur Basilica.

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Eiffel Tower _©Visiting the Eiffel Tower: Highlights, Tips & Tours | PlanetWare

7. Istanbul

The Most beautiful Mosques and Columns in the world are found in Istanbul. It is a colourful city full of history and intrigue. A country with a fantastic climate and amazing city planning. It is worth visiting the place and learn about the architecture there. Some amazing sites to visit in Istanbul are The Hagia Sophia mosque, the Column of Constantine, the byzantine Dome, and many more.

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Blue Mosque _©Amazing Facts About The Blue Mosque In Turkey | CityBook.Pk

8. Rome

When in Italy, Exploring Rome is a must for anyone who loves and wants to learn about the Architecture. Romans adopted aspects of Greek Architecture with a twist of their own. The city has amazing architecture, you get to explore the ancient Roman architecture that includes the Colosseum, the pantheon, temple of vesta, and many more.

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Colosseum _©Everything You Need to Know Before Going To The Colosseum (fodors.com)

9. Shanghai

It is a destination in China for modern architecture. One of China’s most attractive cities, a global financial hub with an ever-expanding build of skyscrapers. Also, the Urban settlements have been growing rapidly in Shanghai. Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, and many more attractions are there to explore Shanghai and its architecture. 

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Shanghai World Financial Center _©Shanghai World Financial Center – Shanghai Attraction (chinaodysseytours.com)

10. Miami, Florida

The Best place to learn about Art Deco style is Miami. Place where some of the Pritzker prize winners have left a lasting impression on Miami through their amazing works. One thousand museum residences, park grove, Palazzo Del sol, 1111 Lincoln Road are some places to visit in Miami.   

Park Grove _©Park Grove Apartments – Miami, FL | Apartments.com

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