WADe ASIA’s Excellence Awards have been an initiative to celebrate and promote the Women in Art, Design, and Architecture. Started in 2016, WADE has been since then, a pioneer in recognizing the progress of women in the field, by organizing annual conferences, discussions, and awarding Women Architects, Interior Designers, Artists, and Engineers for their projects in Sustainability, Innovation, and sensibility towards traditional and modern techniques. The fourth year of the Awards was organized on 11th and 12th October 2019 at NSIC Grounds, New Delhi, focusing on the theme- ‘Women-Water-Workmanship’.

Distinctive winners of the WADE Asia 2019 Awards- WADe ASIA
WAe Asia Conference, 2019 ©www.facebook.com

1. Amla Ruia

The Highest WADe Award- Blue WADe was presented to Ms. Amla Ruia for her Lifetime Achievement and Special Contribution towards Water Harvesting. Rightly called ‘Water Mother of India’, Ms. Ruia has worked towards generating sustainable solutions for India’s drought-prone villages of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, etc. Her ‘Aakar Charitable Trust (ACT)’ is responsible for constructing check dams, harvesting stints, and roof harvesting systems for water conservation.

Amla Ruia - Sheet1
Amla Ruia ©www.aakarcharitabletrust.org
Amla Ruia - Sheet2
Amla Ruia works ©The Logical Indian

2. Sheila Sri Prakash

WADe Sustainability Champion, Ar. Sheila Sri Prakash is an architect, urban designer, sustainability expert, and founder of her firm- ‘Shilpa Architects’. ‘Reciprocity in Design’ is her style of adding vernacular techniques into contemporary designs, and merging built environment to human behavior and sociology. The first Indian woman to start her own firm, she designs range from residences, intuitions, hospitality, and even mixed-used projects.

Sheila Sri Prakash - Sheet1
Sheila Sri Prakash ©Shilpa Architects
Sheila Sri Prakash - Sheet2
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple ©Shilpa Architects

3. Sangeeta Wij

Managing Director of SD Engineering Consultants, Sangeeta Wij has expertise in design and drawing for earthquake resistant structures. Her firm counts over 500 completed projects including Metros, Townships, Industrial and Hospitality, Commercial constructions, etc. The WADe Woman in Engineering awardee, she is also the President of Women in Science and Engineering (WISE India).

Sangeeta Wij - Sheet1
Sangeeta Wij ©WADe Asia
Sangeeta Wij - Sheet2
A Reputed School at New Delhi ©sdec.in

4. Krishna Kapadia

The design team, headed by Krishna Kapadia of Studio Lagom was awarded ‘WADE-The Best use of Color’. Whilst creating spaces for lifestyles, the team blends spaces with nature and incorporates eco-friendly materials in their works. Think of it- The Garden Restaurant in Surat is an example of a studio’s approach to mix colors in the design.

Krishna Kapadia - Sheet1
Krishna Kapadia ©WADe Asia
Krishna Kapadia - Sheet2
Think of it- Garden Restaurant by Krishna Kapadia and team ©thearchitectsdiary.com

5. Keta Shah

The WADe Award for Best use of color in Interior Design was bestowed to Keta Shah’s Workshop Inc., Ahmadabad. Their vision of geometry and pattern, along with vibrant colors to enhance the space is reflected in their architecture and interior design and exhibition works.

Keta Shah - Sheet1
Keta Shah ©WADe Asia
Keta Shah - Sheet2
Unlocked Cafe & Escapes room, WorkshopInc’s style ©workshopinc.in

6. Nimisha Hakkim

With a knack of finding sustainable solutions to architectural problems, the Director of DAC Global, Calicut has expertise in urban and building regeneration. Nimisha Hakkim has worked on various residential and commercial projects such as – Cuppa Café, Deemah Residence, and Hidden House Residence. She is the Young WADe Emerging Architect in 2019.

Nimisha Hakkim - Sheet1
Nimisha Hakkim ©WADe Asia
Nimisha Hakkim - Sheet2
Hidden House Residence, by DAC ©thearchitectsdiary.com

7. Nikita Dsilva

For her Studio STaND, Mumbai, Nikita Dsilva won the Young WADe Emerging Interior Designer of 2019. The studio’s works in Eco-home designs, restaurant and dining designs, Landscaping, customized furniture, and spaces- all showcase the use of minimalism to create pure and warm spaces.

Nikita Dsilva - Sheet1
Nikita Dsilva ©WADe Asia
Nikita Dsilva - Sheet2
Extension to Peter Eisenmen’s House 6 ©issuu.com/dsilva.nikita/docs/barch_portfolio_nd

8. Kasturi Kundu

Studio Salient in Kolkata has been extensively involved in Villa, Clubs, and Resort based projects. Anaya Kutir is one such example of their multi-disciplinary, research-based designs. Kasturi Kundu, who leads the team of designers and architects at Salient was presented with WADe Excellence- Most Sustainable Design award last year.

Kasturi Kundu - Sheet1
Kasturi Kundu ©WADe Asia
Kasturi Kundu - Sheet2
Anaya Kutir Resort & Spa, Salient Studio ©raichakonganges.com

9. Sonali Rastogi

Founder Partner of Morphogenesis, Sonali Rastogi’s design approach has always been inspired by processes of nature such as adaptability, diversity, and sustainability. Her works address the need for an evolving socio-cultural sensitivity and resource availability of the site. Her expertise in architecture and interior designs is evident in Pearl Academy of Jaipur, British Council, YWCA building in New Delhi, and a lot more, which have earned her the award for WADe Excellence in Commercial Architecture.

Sonali Rastogi - Sheet1
Sonali Rastogi ©www.housing.com
Sonali Rastogi - Sheet2
Punctured walls in British School, New Delhi by Morphogenesis ©architonic.com

10. Aparna Rao

Aparna Rao is the Co-founder of FICUS, Bangalore, and has won The WADe Excellence in Landscape Award. Her projects are spread across various bio-climatic regions, all portraying the user-oriented and sustainable landscaping innovations. Projects like- Kalabhoomi Museum, Bhubaneshwar, and British Residency at Telangana speak of her style.

Aparna Rao - Sheet1
Aparna Rao ©WADe Asia
Aparna Rao - Sheet2
Built & Unbuilt vanishing points at Kalabhoomi museum, by FICUS architects © studioficus.com

11. Anjali Mangalgiri

Anjali Mangalgiri is a LEED-US and IGBC Accredited professional and had founded her own firm Grounded, in Goa. One of her most acclaimed projects- Nivim has been recognized for its contemporary design and best of indoor-outdoor living style. The use of natural materials, maximizing daylight, and a seamless connection to nature is all the defining features of Mangalgiri’s works. For her exquisite and luxurious designs, she is a WADe Excellence in Residential (above 3000sq.ft) Architecture awardee.

Anjali Mangalgiri - Sheet1
Anjali Mangalgiri ©WADe Asia
Anjali Mangalgiri - Sheet2
Luxury-Green Rated Residence in Goa- NIVIM source- newyorkgoadiaries.com

12. Manisha Agarwal

Founded by Manisha Agarwal, MO-OF Architects in Mumbai are the architects of SPA Vijayawada, among their other housing and intuitional projects. Agarwal’s interest in architecture can be credited to the evolving cities along with the sustainable issues and the potential offered to the design to invoke solutions for the same. For her work, she has won the WADe Excellence in Education Award, 2019.

Manisha Agarwal - Sheet1
Manisha Agarwal ©WADe Asia
Manisha Agarwal - Sheet2
SSPA Vijaywada, by Mobile Offices ©architecturaldigest.in

13. Jesal Pathak

Inspired by the dynamic Urban Life, Jesal Pathak joined M9 Design Studio as it’s the creative head. Aiming to impact people’s lives thought her designed spaces, Ar. Jesal won the WADe Excellence in Public Building Award for her use of prefabricated materials and passive technologies in her designs.

Jesal Pathak - Sheet1
Jesal Pathak ©WADe Asia
Jesal Pathak - Sheet2
District Library by M9 Studios ©mnine.in

14. BhadriSutar

With her styles revolving around simplicity, clarity, and contextual designs, Ar. Bhadri Suthar has founded ‘tHEgRID Architects’ and provides design services while working with wood, stone, metal, and greenery. The Interior Designer creates timeless and grand indoor spaces that have earned her the WADe Excellence Award for Residential (above 3000sq.ft) Interior Design.

BhadriSutar - Sheet1
BhadriSutar ©WADe Asia
BhadriSutar - Sheet2
Interior of The Palm, Residence ©thegrid-arch.com

15. VanshikaBharaj

Having done Masters in Landscape Architecture from Delft University of Technology, VanshikaBharaj is the WADe Student Project Winner of 2019. Currently working with DADA Architects, she believes in maintaining coordination and communication between the students and educational planners.

VanshikaBharaj - Sheet1
VanshikaBharaj ©WADe Asia
VanshikaBharaj - Sheet2
Warehouse into a Resturant-Goyaa, Mumbai. Interiors by STAND architects ©standdesign.in

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