Who is not excited to design a great project such as Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore or Quzhou Luming Park in China? Where do I start my education? 

10 Masters options for architects interested in Landscape Architecture - Sheet1
Quzhou Luming Park in Quzhou, China ©Landarch.

If the art of designing and building natural environments is your passion, pursuing a master’s in landscape architecture is the perfect fit for you. The practice of Landscape Architect started back in 1863 with the construction of Central Park, New York. In the last few years, the practice has expanded, and more universities have created programs in Landscape Architecture. More than ever, students have shown interest in the sustainable solutions of urban and suburban spaces, and now, there are infinite options for students with specific preferences. Besides, to select the post-graduate program might take some time because the education plays an essential role in the student’s future; consequently, students need to find the postgraduate that pleases the research of their interest and type of curriculum they would like to learn about. Knowing this and to save you some time, we have selected graduate programs around the globe for students pursuing a career in Landscape Architecture. The time has come, we are about to start exploring the institution’s master’s programs and their career opportunities.

10 Masters options for architects interested in Landscape Architecture - Sheet2
Changi Airport, Singapore; ©National Geographic


1. Master’s in Landscape Architecture

In the United States, the first higher education institution to create a program in landscape architecture was Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the present, the Graduate School of Design offers two kinds of programs. The first is a graduate program for candidates with no previous education in the field. The second, an advanced accredited professional degree for candidates with bachelor’s degrees in design. Also, the IV League post-secondary institution has been leading the list of best design schools in the United States. For more information about the graduate program visit 


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Project from Harvard University Student. Department of Landscape Architecture; ©Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

2. Master of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Manchester Metropolitan University offers a one- or two-years duration post-graduate program in Manchester, United Kingdom. The program is on campus and it focuses on the professional experience, as well as, in different research programs. Manchester Metropolitan University studies contemporary cultural aspects of landscapes and its influences on cities, as we know today. Some of the recognized alumni who have studied in the Manchester Metropolitan University are Jason Prior, who designed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s master plan; and James Corner, who designed the High Line in New York. For more information about the program please visit: https://www.mmu.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/course/mla-master-of-landscape-architecture/ 

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Manchester Metropolitan University Campus; ©Gillespies.

3. Master of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning 

The University of Pennsylvania offers a three-year-long program with curses from both areas, landscape architecture and regional planning. The program of Master Landscape architecture is accredited by LAAB in the United States and for the other areas of studies, the student receives a certificate. The Department of Landscape Architecture’s admission is similar to the system of two graduate programs from Harvard University. Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a field other than landscape architecture and architecture should apply to the three-years-long program; otherwise, students with previous architecture and landscape architecture backgrounds are eligible for a two-years-long program. Finally, the University of Pennsylvania is in the top ten universities recognized for excellence in design. If you are interested in this program, you should find more information on their website: https://www.design.upenn.edu/landscape-architecture/curriculum-0

LA+ ICONOCLAST. Journal from the University of Pennsylvania; ©Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania Website.

4. Master in Garden and Landscape History 

The Institute of Historical Research in London, United Kingdom offers a program focused on research and documentation of landscapes around the world. The investigation about garden and landscape history also evaluates the different periods and evolution of the designs throughout centuries. Moreover, the duration of the master’s program is from one year to two years long and the institution presents two formats of enrolling in their education, such as part-time student and full-time student. For more information about the program and infinite that The Institute of Historical Research in London offers, please visit: https://www.sas.ac.uk/graduate-study/our-courses/masters-degrees/ma-garden-and-landscape-history

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Preservation of Historic Gardens and Studies about the Palace of Versailles; ©Britannica.

5. Master of Landscape Architecture 

If you prefer a warm climate the University of Florida is your best option for you. This institution has been historically considered as one of the first post-secondary institutions to create a program in Landscape Architecture in Florida, United States. The College of Design, Construction, and Planning program consists of a deep study on Florida’s landscapes, other landscapes around the United States, and design. During the two to three years of study, the University has included the program site visits to New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, and other destinations. The First Professional Master’s Program is also offered for students which undergraduate majors are different from architecture and landscape architecture. For more information about the Master of Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida, please visit the university’s website: https://dcp.ufl.edu/landscape/academics/overview-of-master-of-landscape-architecture-programs/ 

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Florida Landscapes and On-Campus Facilities ©Cannon Design.


6. Master of Historic Preservation and Master of Landscape Preservation

The University of Maryland has worked on the importance of students being involved in different areas of landscapes. For that reason, this program is a dual enrollment post-graduate program that merges two studies areas. The first one studies landscapes, and the second one is the conservation of cultural landscapes. Additionally, the program not only meets in the classrooms, part of it includes required hours in the field, but it also refers to participating in internships.  https://arch.umd.edu/programs/interdisciplinary-dual-degrees/master-historic-preservation-master-landscape-architecture-hpla 

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University of Maryland’s Student Work; ©School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.

7. Master of Landscape Architecture

The Queensland University of Technology has been highlighted for its outstanding academic performance throughout the years, and it offers education in landscape architecture bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees (one year long). The landscape architecture program not only covers studies in ecology and the profession; but also, this program is designed for students that have an interest in research on science. Students are required to complete professional practice and research hours before graduation. If you are interested in science, this could be a good opportunity to learn about the Queensland University of Technology’s Master’s program. https://www.rmit.edu.au/study-with-us/architecture/landscape-architecture 

10 Masters options for architects interested in Landscape Architecture - Sheet9
Student’s Projects in Queensland University of Technology; ©RMIT University

8. Master of Science in Landscape Ecology 

Stockholm University is considered one of the top five universities with the best ranking worldwide in Environmental Science and Engineering. The two-year program is also on campus in Östermalm, Sweden. In addition to this, Stockholm University’s program admits students with a broad multidisciplinary education. This specific post-graduate program focuses on research in ecology and the management of natural services in seascapes and landscapes. For more information about the political and economical master program, please visit: https://www.su.se/english/search-courses-and-programmes/nleko-1.413300

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University Landscapes; ©Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sustainability Science for Biosphere Stewardship.

9. Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture 

The post-graduate program in Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture is offered by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Along with the two years of duration, the curriculum is based on research in contemporary landscapes and urban planning. In the first academic year, students are required to complete the curriculum’s coursework and electives classes. In the second year of the graduate program, students are required to present a thesis on the research topic of preference and complete the curriculum’s classes from the University of British Columbia. If you feel passionate about researching contemporary concepts, please visit https://www.grad.ubc.ca

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Student’s Proposal and Ecological Response; ©SALA

10. Master of Science in Fiction and Entertainment

SCI-Arch (South California Institute of Architecture) is an institution in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The program they offer is a yearlong Master of Science in Synthetic Landscapes, in which post-graduate students understand and design creative landscapes. The graduate program proposes an innovative resolution to social engagement and perception about natural systems and human interaction. Not only SCI-Arch is recognized for one of the best design labs in the United States but also is known for the institution’s outstanding design programs. For more information about Master of Science in Fiction and Entertainment, please follow this link: https://www.sciarc.edu

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Landscape Studies and Student’s Proposal; ©Archdaily

If “everything exists within the landscape”, then landscape architects must learn to design everything.

– Stoyan Nachev


Andreina Sojo comes from Caracas, Venezuela. Seeking for higher education, Andreina studied in Broward College, Florida, and Seville, Spain as a recipient of the William E. Green Scholarship. Andreina graduated with honors, and she transferred to the University of Florida to complete her Bachelor's in Architecture and Minor in Landscape Architecture.