Traveling is undoubtedly the best way to learn and grow. The exposure one gets about the culture, people, food, or architecture of different places helps in gaining fresh ideas, new perspectives, and adds to one’s knowledge. Architecture and Travelling almost go hand in hand. 

Are you an architect bitten by a travel bug? Do you wish you could travel more? If traveling is your dream/passion and you are wondering if you could fulfill it without giving up your job or seek one that allows you to travel or altogether having a job that is all about traveling, the opportunities you seek are numerous! 

There are lots of career opportunities that let you travel as much and here is a list of career opportunities that would allow you to travel the world as much as possible:

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet1

1. Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent requires extensive experience in traveling the world and managing trips. It requires one to create a network of people in different places. As a generic travel agent, one would need to plan trips for clients, work with them about their schedules, manage travel and stay bookings, and know about all kinds of things about the place.

However, being an architect, one can open up the avenue of guided architectural tours. A niche in the business would be designing an exclusive architectural itinerary for students, universities, and architects of course!

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet2

2. International Aid Worker

Working as an aid-worker would mean traveling for a social cause. These positions require one to help people and places that are in dire need of assistance. It could be with an organization in the aftermath of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, or situations like wars, famines, pandemic, etc. As an architect, it would mean to help these places in restoring their homes and livelihoods and building back those communities. However, it would not be a luxurious living and, would be living in remote places with basic amenities, but the work and services done by one in that situation would make a huge difference in the lives of locals and oneself.

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet3

3. Consultant

Consultants are people offering key insights and valuable bits of advice on how to fix certain problems and move ahead with the project. Companies hire various kinds of consultants throughout their project tenure who have specialized knowledge in the particular field that they need help with. The key to becoming a consultant who gets to travel is having knowledge and expertise in the subject so exclusive that one could have clients across the globe. So, one would have to figure out their niche and build expertise in it that would pay and help them travel. 

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet4

4. Event Coordinator

If you have been that college enthusiast who has managed all the college fests throughout, a job as an event coordinator would just fit in right. However, as a career it would mean taking the skills of managing college fests to another level by orchestrating large scale events, festivals, conferences, shows all around the world. The trend for architectural events and conferences has never been in trend ever before and this would be your golden opportunity to grab it and start planning.

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet5

5. Architecture Professor

Architecture colleges require their students to travel to gain exposure, learn about new cultures, architectural styles, and sometimes include measure drawing places that have never been documented before. Becoming an architecture professor would mean traveling with students and enhancing their learnings. Not just that being a faculty at a university would also mean participating in various conferences, giving lectures, etc. nationally and internationally.

6. Photographer

If architecture has taught you to be good with cameras and capturing those beautiful buildings, creative spaces and a unique angle of capturing people who inhabit such spaces, becoming a photographer would just be the job for you. Travel photography is a real career where different publications require photographers to capture how people live across the globe or firms that require people to capture their projects.

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet6

7. Tour-Guide

Sharing the love of traveling with people who appreciate it as well is never a bad idea, to begin with. If you are someone who has enjoyed architectural history and great with communicating and managing large groups of people, this just might be the career for you. Having complete knowledge about the place is essential. Many large companies hire tour guides to run their travel programs apart from just a local job.

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet7

8. Writer

One of the most popular job choices for traveling across the world is penning down your experiences and coming up with a great story to share with the world. Becoming a popular writer would require unique stories shared on blog-posts, Instagram, journals, or publications.

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet8

9. Construction Manager

Construction managers travel a lot often to different locations over several months to oversee a project. Working as a project manager is a profitable job and would require a lot of relocating to new places throughout your career as one.

 Career Options for architects who love traveling! - Sheet9

10. Film Travel

If in your architectural journey, you have developed an interest in shooting and filming, a job in this field could be waiting for you. Shooting films requires extensive traveling. Apart from that, the Bollywood industry also offers job opportunities like set designing that would also require traveling, and who knows it might end up with superstars!

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Aayushi Sanghvi, a young architect who extensively believes in the potential of research to make informed design decisions. She considers intellectual design dialogues as the stepping stones towards cognisant architecture. She is flexible, quick learner and an avid traveller; learning about new culture, people, spaces and expanding her horizon every-day.

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