Humans started their journey in Prehistoric times; they struggled to survive and what mostly protected them is the invention of fire and shelter. From then with time they started living, safety, and survival chances became greater and greater. So, how do we build a shelter is a question that is answered in Architecture Schools. Architecture is the study of buildings, from designing to handover the building to the client is what it includes.
Here are a few things which make Building Construction an important part of Architecture School:

1. How to build a building?

A building is not just about planning and designing spaces. It does have physical parts with which we can play while designing and make the building an appropriate shelter for the client to use it. So, to know how to build a building, one must know about the types of walls, foundations, masonry, etc. This set of knowledge gives one the confidence to understand the feasibility of the building design the student wants to make.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet1
Major components of a building ©

2. Understand the alternate options

While designing a building, the architect must know the types of windows, doors, etc so that they could be applied in a building design appropriately. The client sometimes wonders for alternate options for the aesthetics and economic purpose that is when the knowledge of construction comes into play.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet2
Types of windows ©

3. Ability to design effective details 

A design made by the architect may require a different set of construction or custom doors, windows, etc to make his design work. So, the architect must know what details are included in a typical building, with that knowledge the custom design of details must be prepared by the architect. It helps the architect to understand workability and also the client to have trust in the architect.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet3
Detail drawing of a façade of Tobin Performing Arts Center ©

4. Ability to make the building a safer place to live in

There are major issues that happen in building due to poor construction, that are damping, termite attack, fungal attack, the efflorescence of concrete, etc. So, the construction study also includes the methods for good practices involved in the construction and designing of buildings. Some of them like the use of boric acid in bamboo for bamboo construction and making it insect-free, the use of DPC layer in the building to damp proof, etc.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet4
Damping of wall ©

5. Ability to work onsite

When an architect wants to build a building, then the architect must know about the workings onsite. Else the architect could not figure out the things whether the building is constructed the right way or the wrong way. The architect must be aware of the construction process so that to lead the laborers in the right direction.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet5
Construction onsite work ©

6. Ability to estimate values for a project

Before the construction begins the client and the architect involved must know the estimated value the client wants to spend on the project. So, the architect should be able to find out construction costs and also de-estimation for the project himself with standard books available for that country. There the knowledge of construction is much needed to know the volume of concrete, sand, plaster, the number of rebars required, etc.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet6
Cost estimation of 1000sq ft built-up area ©

7. Ability to make basic scheduling

Before the architect starts with construction, the project must be scheduled so that every bit of the project goes according to it and it could properly meet the deadline provided by the client. The architect must know how much time does concrete needs to settle, which is made first the foundation or the walls, etc.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet7
Sample scheduling of a building ©

8. Ability to organize laborers and machinery according to the requirement

With the scheduling of the project, the architect must be aware of the number of laborers required for the job and how to organize them properly to minimize cost and get maximum output. During construction only laborers can’t do certain jobs, so proper machines according to workload must be hired and known by the architect to get maximum output and effective workflow.

The importance of Building Construction as a subject in Architectural schools - Sheet8
Few pieces of machinery that are required in construction ©

9. Helps to prepare the BIM model

Architects play an important role to build a 3D model of the building with the other professionals; architects must have the idea of construction to build the model in detail. In every level of development done by an architect, his knowledge of construction is required. Though impossible construction or something not up to the mark may be rectified by the professional of the field in the BIM platform. 

Design of BIM expanded algorithm ©

10. Get a clear understanding of the structures

To build a building the understanding of structure also comes from the understanding of construction. Though Building Structures as a separate branch is taught in architecture school, an understanding of constructions plays an important role. The structures like a cantilever, fame structures must be understood with the construction process to have a clear understanding.

Diagram showing the correct section of cantilever structure ©

In Architecture schools, Architectural Construction is a major subject among all, it does have a few hours of lectures and a few sheets. But understanding every bit of construction is what is required and is extremely promoted in a few universities and collaboration with the local company may also help to understand elements in detail. It’s a major guiding step, every budding or aspiring architect must understand to be a good professional.


Souktik is a creative architecture student with a passion for architectural designs. He loves to research extensively on every field and shares his thoughts through visual illustrations. He is also an honest, kind-hearted person and an all-rounder.

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