Healthcare Architecture is one of the most important, complex, and demanding fields as it requires precision, needs, and respect for privacy. As architects, we design these structures so that the public is able to walk through the health care system in a proper way. There are many students who work with the topic during their thesis project as it is not only challenging but also opens new doors into tackling pandemics such as Covid-19.

Here are 20 thesis topics related to healthcare architecture:

20 Thesis topics related to Healthcare in Architecture
  1. Children friendly healthcare design:

Children’s hospitals have been one of the most challenging designs. As the hospital is the last place a child might want to go. So making hospitals less scary and motivating the children to accept the care is one of the biggest psychological challenges that the designer has to encounter. But when dealing with children it can help unleash the child inside the designer. So if you can design for those little ones; this one’s for you.

  1. Multispecialty hospital design:

A hospital design that deals with different types of multispeciality facilities available under one single roof. This design is in high demand in the urban context and is one of the biggest rising designs. As they’re able to adhere and cater to a large number of people with different ailments.

  1. Drug rehabilitation center:

Addiction has been and is going to be one of the biggest ailments that our generations have encountered. As there is a subsequent increase in the death rates that have been caused by an overdose of drugs. And somewhere there is a share of rehabilitation spaces too. As they need to feel less of a prison and more of a recovery center which can guarantee the addicted people that this is the road to recovery. Hence the role of architecture is highly important in this context. So if you would like to bring a change to this biggest problem of generation this one’s for you.

  1. Redesigning intensive care units:

One of the most unique and detailed topics of healthcare architecture which peek into the technicalities of the medical world. With a dominating services part. As including the technical part, there is a lot to design on this topic as it is one of the key elements of the hospitals.

  1. Mental health hospital design :

Still today mental health problems are always seen with a judgemental eye. And mental hospitals are still aren’t reached by the suffering people just out of the pressure and disgrace created around mental problems. This is why there is an immense need to break the imageability of the mental hospitals and redefine them in a new thought. A new image that can make it a lot less scary and way more approachable. So if you want to risk and break the mold; this is the best one.

  1. Autistic healthcare redesign:

Autistic care is one of the most creative and challenging ones. As they need for us to dwell into the life of autistic children and understand how their world works. And how can we make it better? Even though the percentage of their population might be small their needs are often ignored as most of the time they’re pushed into our normal worlds that don’t cater to their needs or care at all. So if you would like to step into their shoes and empathize. This one is a good option for you to choose from.

  1. Advanced trauma recovery and care center:

Trauma is a lot of complex phenomena that don’t just affect momentarily but can change a person’s life forever. Which makes these trauma recovery centers all the more important. They’re supposed to provide the care and refuge for them that can make them feel better and start their journey to recovery. It is a challenging phenomenon to give a solution to through architecture. But the built environment can do wonders that are beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

  1. Cancer hospital and research center:

Cancer hospitals are one of the most important elements of society and are always needed. With a large amount of infrastructure, technology, and care involved in making them. It undoubtedly makes it one of the most promising thesis topics.

  1. Counseling Clinic: Rethinking mental healthcare:

Counseling clinics are on a subsequent rise as they are easily approached and overall more preferred by the people who feel they need help. So this design doesn’t just need to step out from the big scary hospital vibe to a friendly place where one might feel like going to have some help. This thesis explores a lot of urban human psychology and the needs of today’s generations of healthcare. Indeed a topic for the promising future.

  1. Juvenile trauma recovery center

With the considerable increase in juvenile crimes. Juvenile health and development have been the top priority of many countries worldwide. So out of the many efforts being done for their betterment, this one is one of the most crucial ones. This design needs to cater to the raging young minds while healing them of their trauma and help them walk the road of recovery without falling into the traps of crime. Children’s psychology will play a very important role in their recovery. Thus this project in a real sense is going to shape the future of tomorrow.

  1. Pediatric hospital and care center:

This one demands a good understanding of infant to toddler development and physiology. Their reactions in certain environments and how to make a peaceful place that can cater to these tender beings with care. It is a very creative and positive topic that prolifically deals with the news.

  1. Lodging and care center for cancer patients :

Peeking deeper into the journey of a cancer warrior. It gives us the chance to create a better environment for them when they’re battling and are feeling at their lowest. This calls for healing that is done through spaces that make them feel less pained and can provide hope. Something design is very much capable of.

  1. Prison recovery and rehabilitation center:

The time post-prison is as important as the time inside is. As the prisoners are often left in open with a shock of a new reality right ahead of them. Which at times is a lot to handle, especially in a positive mindset. Thus this rehab center won’t just make them prepared, but also will help them step into this new world as a better human.

  1. Adaptive reuse of hospital buildings:

The reuse of hospital spaces is challenging. But provides ample opportunities on the way depending on the context and background the design is going to set up in.

  1. Cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survival unit:

Covering the whole process of development and recovery this center is supposed to be the most important center in the life of the patients who are to be motivated and kept hopeful throughout. Which requires a conscious approach as a designer to make a space that can help them feel better and give them a will to survive.

  1. Eldercare: Redefining healthcare for the elderly:

Care for the elderly can be one of the needed topics in today’s world. As the care they need is much beyond a hospital. As they need a hospital that feels like hope. A place where they will be willing to stay rather than run away from. And the design can be the one that can create such an effect successfully.

  1. Rural hospice center redesign

Hospice centers in rural areas serve as many other things rather than just healthcare architecture. They act as a refuge space for the general public and even an educational area. Considering its multidimensional use it can be used for many things. Thus providing it as an opportunity to work on a singular space that can serve as a multipurpose space.

  1. Dementia: Care center redesign:

The dementia care center is a healthcare architecture design that deals with the lives of dementia suffering patients. Which requires them to step into the shoes of the patients. As it can help us create a good environment for them.

  1. Behavioral Healthcare facility:

The behavioral health facility is the new healthcare facility that has been created. Which has been created to tackle the behavioral and other problems that are dealt with every day in the urban and rural contexts? Thus making it more approachable for the people suffering it. And thus it can become one of the futuristic architecture designs

  1. Post-trauma recovery center:

From the admission phase to the complete recovery. Different phases are involved and are needed to be catered carefully. Thus it makes the healthcare architecture of the space equally important in the healing of the trauma and the road towards recovery.



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