Working from home sounds good when it is practised not frequently and it’s been a privilege in many architecture firms in the industry. But in this time of the pandemic, many businesses are done through remote practices and working from home methods. Though it has advantages like staying at our home, but there are psychological aspects to be considered also. Let’s discuss these impacts and solutions to overcome them.

Have a positive mindset:

Being positive in these hard times is very important. Share positive, hopeful thoughts with everyone you meet either through social media or through a person. Having a good conversation with your loved, special people brings immense social pleasure and balancing mental health. Humanity has been in worse situations than this and having a positive mindset is more important in this situation.

Psychological impact of WFH in architecture - Sheet1

Diet on news:

It’s good to be updated in news regarding Covid-19, but it’s also important to limit these, as it has adverse effects on your workflow which leads to unwanted anxiety.

Mental issues due to isolation:

From our college days throughout practising architecture, there is a greater chance of meeting a lot of people, being around people and working with them. This isolation causes a lot of loneliness, frustration, depression, and anxiety. Try to bring our normal environment in a virtual way possible. Like making a conference call with friends, online video calls, which are too popular these days. These online meeting people methods keep people reducing loneliness and other factors related to it.

Work and home: Same place!

As office space is designed to be work and professional while home relates to relaxing and personal, binding it to the same place may cause stress and pressure. Try splitting workspace and living space, so that you can mentally differentiate and associate two different spaces. This routine of working and staying at the same place, switching these routines wears people off. Make space for work and don’t allow yourself to get there, after your work.

Upgrade workspace:

Since this pandemic, the hours working at home tend to take a greater portion of work being at home, try upgrading your workspace. Setting up with greater desk space, upgrading your computer, buying new tools to increase your productivity to finish the work in a better way possible. This smoothens your workflow and creates a new splash of mind.


Productivity charts:

It’s said that you tend to work efficiently when the place connects emotionally. Working from home has proved to work efficiently while avoiding distraction and other disturbances. Though some aspects of the work process gain through this process, while some portion demanding social culture is lacking its productivity. Many architecture firms now run through working from home culture and this becomes a test run to further take part in case of extending this practice.

Make use of technology:

There are many apps and platforms that help in working online and in remote environments. Working in a shared network with BIM interface workflow binds good improvement in terms of efficiency and productivity. Getting to site visits becomes a high privilege this time. Try asking for photos and videos for your site inspection and makeup video calls to advise workers at the site. It’s good to implement some introverted characters in the routine to balance the workflow.

Extend your expertise:

Many people, firms conduct online workshops, tutorials based on hot topics and updates in the architecture industry. These help to upgrade yourself since you have ample time to kill. Upgrading yourself is the best thing to do in this lockdown.

Create new hobbies to distract:

New hobbies can kill your boredom while distracting you from long over-thinking chances and it’s ok not to be ok. Remember this is a pandemic situation and it’s no harm staying indoors. Prepare a healthy routine with analogue breaks that make you happy for a few minutes a day.

It’s good to say no:

You can have deadlines, due dates, but without a good schedule, everything falls. In our field, working long hours is a common one, and we need to crack solutions for it. Prepare limits, boundaries on your workload and don’t extend beyond them. Be assertive and courteous and people still respect you.

Always remember, it’s the time for survival; so don’t feel bad if you lose a project or a promotion. Stay healthy both mentally and physically. Soon this pandemic is going to end and everything will get back to normal again. Be proud of creating this world a better place to live. Don’t forget the things this pandemic has taught you.


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