With the rise of industries and mass production after the industrial revolution, Industrial architecture rose to prominence. Industrial architecture is highly complex as it involves a thorough understanding of the technicalities of industrial processes by the industrial architects in order to design effectively. Sustainable design practices also need to be considered and integrated into the overall design of the building.

Below are 15 Industrial Architecture Firms that every architect must know.

1. AECOM | Industrial Architecture

Globally, AECOM is a leader in industrial and infrastructure projects in both the private and public sectors. Their work includes renowned projects such as industrial facilities for GE and Rolls Royce, Huawei Nanjing Research & Development Center, Envision Energy Headquarters, etc. With a vision to ‘make the world a better place’, the architecture and design department of this multi-disciplinary firm believes in the integration of sustainable design practices with strong design strategies.

Industrial Architecture - AECOM - Sheet2
Envision Energy Headquarters, Jiangyin, China, is a project designed by AECOM for a wind turbine manufacturer. The spatial design concepts were based on movement and wind energy. ©AECOM

2. HOK

Consisting of a global network of designers, the firm ‘uses design to make a difference’. They believe that architecture and culture are strongly related and their work shapes cultures of the client and the community.

Industrial Architecture - HOK- Sheet3
LG Science Park is a 26 building campus located in Seoul. © HOK
HOK- Sheet2
The Francis Crick Institute, located in the United Kingdom is built on the concept of discovery without borders. This open plan research center creates a collaborative environment for innovation. © HOK
Industrial Architecture - HOK- Sheet1
The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Headquarters is a 75 story tower that is a new landmark in the skyline of the city. © HOK

3. Kirksey Architecture | Industrial Architecture

Based in Houston and Austin, this firm strongly believes in the responsible design of  high performing and healthy buildings. Using a combination of innovation and sustainability in every design process has helped the firm emerge as a leader in the field.

Industrial Architecture - Kirksey Architecture - Sheet2
Brazosport College, Byron and Sandra Sadler Health & Science Technology Complex. ©www.kirksey.com
Kirksey Architecture - Sheet1
Energy Centre Three, Four and Five. ©www.kirksey.com

4. Gresham, Smith, and Partners | Industrial Architects

With an emphasis on a collaborative process of design, Gresham, Smith, and Partners specializes in creating spaces that are both creative and functional. Their work ranges across multiple scales, from Civil and Public Services to Residential. Having executed various projects in the industrial architecture category, they stand to be one of the most recognized firms in this field.

Industrial Architecture - Gresham, Smith and Partners- Sheet3
Continental Morganton Plant Expansion is an expansion project undertaken to provide 83,000-square-foot expansion to the existing facility © GS&P
Gresham, Smith and Partners- Sheet2
LG Home Appliance Manufacturing Centre, located in Clarksville, features automated processes for assembly. Special consideration was given to landscaping and daylighting in this project in order to create an employee-friendly facility. © GS&P
Industrial Architecture - Gresham, Smith and Partners- Sheet1
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Training Centre is a steel-framed structure that houses administrative offices, classrooms, and manufacturing simulations. © GS&P

5. Ewing Cole | Industrial Architecture

The firm has a vision to ‘Design spaces that elevate human experience’ while designing that provide meaningful experiences. Using a combination of research, creativity spaces, and technology, they create spaces that positively impact the user experience.

Ewing Cole - Sheet3
Manufacturing and Office Facility for Kite Pharma. Image Credit: EwingCole, ©www.ewingcole.com
Ewing Cole - Sheet2
Research Incubation Facility for Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC is located in San Francisco ©www.ewingcole.com
Industrial Architecture - Ewing Cole - Sheet1
Discovery and Innovation building is a lung evaluation facility combined with a life sciences incubator for biotech entrepreneurs, and an automated stem cell manufacturing site ©www.ewingcole.com

6. Clark Nexsen

Clark Nexsen- Sheet3
Solvent Coating Plant. ©www.clarknexsen.com
Industrial Architecture - Clark Nexsen- Sheet2
US Ceramics Proppant Plant, Wrens, GA. ©www.clarknexsen.com
Clark Nexsen- Sheet1
Logistec Wood Pellet Storage Facility, Brunswick, GA. ©www.clarknexsen.com

The firm consists of a transdisciplinary team of planners, architects, engineers, and interior designers partners who work together to create innovative solutions. They believe that ideas have the power to transform the world and their focus lies on sustainable design that is also innovative.

7. RSP

With projects and offices located all over the world, RSP is a leader in the field of architecture and design. In every project, they strive to achieve results that are concurrent with the client’s objectives and goals.

Industrial Architecture - RSP- Sheet3
Whole Foods Distribution Centre. ©www.rsparch.com
RSP- Sheet2
Entrust Datacard. ©www.rsparch.com
Industrial Architecture - RSP- Sheet1
Supima Headquarters. ©www.rsparch.com

8. Moody Nolan | Industrial Architects

The firm defines themselves as ‘entrepreneurs, not just architects.’ Their ability to adapt talents to different circumstances helps provide a holistic performative space to a client. Having a multidisciplinary team allows the firm to effortlessly execute projects spanning a variety of domains.

Moody Nolan- Sheet3
Corporate Headquarters for the Catholic Foundation. ©www.moodynolan.com
Industrial Architecture - Moody Nolan- Sheet2
Rainbow Center for Women and Children. ©www.moodynolan.com
Moody Nolan- Sheet1
The Terminal Garage and Administration Building is the parking garage and administrative office at the Nashville International Airport. ©www.moodynolan.com

9. Stantec 

With communities are at the forefront of all design considerations at Stantec, their work spans across a variety of domains of design and architectural engineering. Through an intimate connection with communities and clients, they strive to create better lifestyles for individuals and institutions. In the industrial sector, the firm is actively involved in spatial design as well as suggesting process improvements. These methodologies are reflected in all their projects, a few of which are pictured below.

Industrial Architecture - Stantec - Sheet1
DjavadMowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, located in Vancouver, is a translational research facility. ©Stantec
Stantec - Sheet2
Biologics Research Building is a facility designed for a biopharmaceutical company as an extension to their existing facility. ©Stantec
Stantec - Sheet1
Mafraq Dialysis Centre, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. ©Stantec

10. OZ Architecture | Industrial Architecture

A practice that is more than half a century old, OZ architecture has an impressive portfolio of projects in both the private and public sectors. They believe in having a pioneering spirit along with an attitude of openness and collaboration.

OZ Architecture- Sheet3
The Loading Dock. ©www.ozarch.com
Industrial Architecture - OZ Architecture- Sheet2
Silverthorne Performing Arts Center © www.ozarch.com
OZ Architecture- Sheet1
Arrow Electronics ©www.ozarch.com
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Anashwara Mandalay is an Architect, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Interior Design. She believes that the true success of design lies in creative solutions to everyday problems, which drives her interest in minimalism and sustainable design practices. While her work encompasses graphics, product, interior, and architectural design, she is drawn to academia and journalism. She finds inspiration in the most unexpected places - her inclination towards travel, film, visual art and photography play a leading role in her work as a multi-faceted designer.