Are you graduating soon, and looking for a place to kick-start your architectural career? Or are you trying to shift jobs? Or are you finding Architecture Jobs in India? You’re in the right place!

10 steps you should follow to get Architecture Jobs in India - sheet 1
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Job hunting always seems like a long and stressful process, especially if you’ve been aiming for that dream company. Fret not! This article is to help job seekers increase their chances of being recruited into the right company.

Here are 10 tips you should follow to get Architecture Jobs in India:

1. Learn how to Learn | Architecture Jobs in India

Yes, you read that right. One has to know ‘how-to’ learn something efficiently. Depending on your style, you would be comfortable learning a new concept, idea, etc. by looking at it or doing it.

10 steps you should follow to get Architecture Jobs in India - sheet 2
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While you’re at it, let me ask you a question. Do you think Architecture has been the same across the centuries? No! Architecture is highly dependent on the technological growth of the region. With the Industrial Revolution, new materials such as Concrete, Steel, Glass, etc. came into play. These completely changed the style of Architecture.

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As an architect, learning is one of the primary tasks to stay in the market. You need to become the go-to-person for the latest news, ideas, and market information.

2. Make a Brag-folio

Imagine you have to brag about all your skills and achievement to someone. What would go into that list? How long would that list be? A Brag-folio is essentially an exhaustive list of all your achievements, interests, hobbies, projects, and ideas.

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Making a Brag-folio will not only help introspect but also will serve as the master collection of all your works from which you can filter and select projects to include in the portfolio.

3. Make a digital portfolio | Architecture Jobs in India

It doesn’t have to be an amazing website with flashy JavaScript animations. A subtle one listing all your projects and presentations would do. As a matter of fact, companies prefer online portfolios that can be viewed anytime, from any place, on their mobile devices.

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Resources: Wix, WordPress, WebFlow, Portfolio, etc. are few free website builders.

A digital portfolio not only shows that you are technologically updated but also makes your work sharable online, increasing your visibility along with credibility.

4. Do your Homework

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Many of us forget to research the company’s working culture and its employees. Social media is a great equalizer. Connect with them, engage, ask questions, and get to know more. The more groundwork that gets done upfront, the more it helps in deciding about the type of firms you’d prefer working with.

5. Don’t Tell, Show! | Architecture Jobs in India

10 steps you should follow to get Architecture Jobs in India - sheet 6
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One of the sure-fire questions you get asked in an interview is about your past. As much as we don’t like it, the works you’ve previously completed, and the company you’ve worked at play a major role in defining your chances. And this isn’t evil. Ponder this: the interviewer gets the same time to get to know you and think about how you might fit in, in that company.

6. Bring something to the table.

Before you think about your potential salary figure, think about what you can bring to the table. How can you add value to the company you’re applying to. If you can do only what a draughtsman or Visualizer can do, it will financially help the company to hire them for a lesser rate for the same job role.

Bring something to the Table.
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Your research about the company needs to identify the company’s fallbacks, and how you can help solve their weakness. No company requires a high-paid CAD Monkey. Firms hire, to get people to fill the gaps. If  you’re the right candidate, you will get the right benefits and compensation.

7. Recommendations are powerful

Recommendations are powerful

Any recommendation in written form is an instant booster. A recommendation letter not only shows that you are capable, and have done a great job but also holds the fact that someone other than yourself can vouch for you. Always remember to ask for recommendations from your colleagues, past employers, professors, etc.

8. Hyper-customise! | Architecture Jobs in India

Imagine getting a random mail that starts with, “Dear Applicant” would you open it? Imagine getting a mail with your name, the company mentioned. “Dear <INSERT NAME>”. Wouldn’t that grab your attention? Always hyper-customize your email subject and body.

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While the introduction can be a template, it gives a positive appeal if you can include the customized message, or a suggestion/comment about one of their recent projects – hinting that you’ve done your research.

9. Apply only when there is an opening

Apply only when there is an opening
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There are numerous job portals, Instagram pages that publish this information. Sending unsolicited emails not only shows you don’t care about the company’s requirements but also portrays you as unethical. Instead, call and enquire about a possible job opening for your ideal position before you send them a mail.

10. Be Patient, but not Desperate | Architecture Jobs in India

Be Patient, but not Desperate

Just because you think you are the perfect fit for a company doesn’t mean they need to reply to your email right away. People usually get back to you in a week. You can give them a gentle reminder after the 10th day. If you do not get a reply, let go. You probably don’t want to work for a company that either doesn’t respond or doesn’t respect. Focus on the more promising firms.

These were the 10 steps you should follow to get Architecture Jobs in India.


Kaushik LS is an Architect, (WIP)Computational Designer and Visual FX Artist, who strives to amalgamate the physical and digital worlds via Interactive Architecture. He currently focusses on aiding people with the fabrication + deployment of computer-generated designs.