Future and technology always go hand in hand and give ever shining results. With the upcoming trends in technology and the urge to get the best services and techno-equipped surroundings, architecture is following similar trends. There are many new applications and architecture technologies making the jobs of architects easier at the same time more challenging. There is a need to adapt and get adhered to the upcoming technologies in the best way to thrive in a challenging future.

Recent Technological advancements in architecture that architects must know -1
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There are various divisions in the types of work that are performed or catered by these technologies. From site study to final virtual experience beforehand, everything is now possible with technology. And also new innovations in these technologies are coming simultaneously.

Sam100 and Hydrian X are mechanical brick-laying robots and can be programmed to change various brick-laying patterns and layouts. They work with greater efficiency than manual labour. Finch 3D is software, yet to be launched.it will be launched as a plug-in to Rhino or Grasshopper. It will help in leveraging designs in the starting phases of construction.


Recent Technological advancements in architecture that architects must know -2
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Similar products and software’s like Archicad, Revit, Fuzor, Jaunt Vr, and much more are the types of technologies that are gearing up in the current scenario, having a wide variety.

Some of the technologies that are creating a buzz in the architectural world are listed below. Some of them have been invented for quite a time but are sure to gain popularity in the coming time.

1. BIM | Architecture Technologies

The popularity of BIM (Building Information Modelling) is on new heights with all these trends allowing the perfect distribution of work in all stages of the construction process and hence enabling proper execution with lesser inaccuracies. It thus allows the work of several roles like engineers, architects, estimators, clients, and many others in a single shared process. Revit, ArchiCad, and Allpaln are some of the most renowned BIM-compatible software’s.

Recent Technological advancements in architecture that architects must know -3
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2. Artificial intelligence | Architecture in Technology

AI has started replacing much of the manual work and increasing optimisation by efficiently considering all respects from weather and site conditions to experiencing virtual walkways. Robots, automation, and the internet of things have fairly started helping in creating and designing buildings with increased efficiency and can work wonders in the future.

3. Big Data

Big data is definitely the big thing. It has created waves in architecture in various ways. Architects are designing buildings that store big data servers and warehouses and not humans with users demanding smarter buildings and data performances. With the greater availability of data and the Internet of things, architects are able to access more data that helps them in designing unique and more efficient buildings. Zaha Hadid Architects have revolutionized office design using big data.

4. Generative Design | Architecture Technologies

It uses artificial intelligence to generate design options using a set of algorithms. It gives multiple design options according to specific design requirements like materials, budget, and building techniques. This can give a thorough start to a certain concept with greater possibilities.

5. Additive Design in the form of 3D and 4D printing

Additive design involves both human and artificial intelligence in the building and designing process. It is no sooner that more robots and humans will work together to build a project with greater efficiency.

3D printing has not only enabled the building of prototype models of actual structures, but now this technology can build whole of a structure by itself.

There have been trials of houses being built by this technology by a few countries by now and this can really spark a new trend in architecture in the coming years.

6. Architectural Apps | Architecture in Technology

Architectural apps like Revit, Grasshopper, and Rhino are being adapted by various firms worldwide and there is no stopping in more advanced versions of the existing ones or the launching of newer ones with services that are tremendously needed and are time-saving and organized.

7. Virtual Reality

VR allows architects to better explain their ideas and concepts to their clients in a real-life-like experience. VRs are the majorly hitting trend among the clients and designer groups and can help create more efficient and user-specific designs because of the experiences it offers.

Recent Technological advancements in architecture that architects must know -4
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8. Augmented reality

AR adds to the real-life experience by overlaying 2D over 3D. It works like giving 3D effects of sound and touch to a 2D plan so that the user or the designer can even feel the materials being put into the design.

9. Mixed reality | Architecture Technologies

Mixed Reality on the other hand allows the interaction between physical spaces and virtual spaces giving rise to concepts like vertical cities due to rapid urbanization and lack of spaces.

However, many of these technologies are further in stages of exploration and experimentation and may need time to be used as widespread architectural tools. But undoubtedly, they are the future of architecture and there is much more to it as we study more and more about them.

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Sakshi Agrawal, a thorough enthusiast and an architecture student, she has a fascination for exploring the diverse Indian art, culture, food, people and places and their relationship with the architecture of a space. She is happy go lucky, fond of reading, sketching and a lot of coffee.

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