Not just technology, but today’s design and trends are changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Designers in different industries are contributing to an evolved future that solves huge issues worldwide through designs. The most renowned design trendsustainabilityhas taken a turn to be a norm, and as tomorrow comes nearer, even technology and virtual reality would be a necessity.  Spreading awareness and developing interactive communication through design, the trends are emerging positively all around. 

Following are five design industries and their future design trends based on the current needs:

Future design trends in other industries - Sheet1
Future of Design,

1. Urban Design

The engaging connection between people and their movement weaving a built fabric is urban designing. The talk of emerging smart cities and the futuristic approach towards building the future for people is about Urban Design. It shapes towns and municipalities while blending architecture, landscape design, and city planning to make them more functional and inviting. 

Following are some welcoming design trends for Urban Design:

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Urban Design,

1.1 Eco Districts and Net Zero Standards

The design of cities inclusive of living buildings having net-zero waste, energy, and water consumption is an intelligent design trend and future requirement. This motive of designing focuses on generating power on its own through the renewable resources available on-site. The places that fulfill the net-zero standards are known as EcoDistricts. The design fuses sustainable development principles with urban planning to reduce the ecological footprint of development.

The trend is followed predominantly in Europe, Japan, and China, based on multi-modality, water conservation, alternative energy, daylight equity, and aesthetics.

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Kilsay Black, Millvale Ecodistrict, (2020),

1.2 Re-inventing Innovation Zones

Innovation Zones play a crucial role in making a city more interactive while encouraging a diverse population mix with walkable mixed-use employment and retail areas. One of the notable trends at present is retail reinvention. Here the revenue generation and interaction with people are not just through outlets or shops but by including recreation too.

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Benny Chan Fotoworks, Rise in Innovation Zones, [photograph],
1.3 Progressing towards Health – Blue Zones

Considering the present and predicting the future, health and wellness zones would be the most influential priority while designing for the people. The design of blue zones focuses on many factors, including walkable environments, places used as personal sanctuaries, community gardens, and local gathering places. The availability of Blue Zones represents good urban design and is easy to implement, especially in new projects.

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Blue Zones for Health and Wellness,

2. Landscape Design

Soon landscape design will play the most crucial role in our surroundings. The designers will have to create strategies to reduce climate change impacts and focus on developing healthy living through their solutions. Bringing forward new design trends and creative perspectives, landscape designers would mainly focus on sustainability and seek help from advanced technology. 

Here are a few design trends that might bloom in the industry in the future, apart from the necessities!

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Landscape Design,

2.1 Transportation and Connectivity

The sense of complete streets with active tree lining and engaging purposes for the people that can accommodate various modes of transportation, increasing the connectivity in no time is the main focus of this design trend.  

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Complete Streets,

2.2 Sub-Urban Shift 

With climate change as the catalyst for improved living and quality designs, the chances favor the population shift to the sub-urban regions. Re-thinking of towns that would allow easy access to the city cores within walking distance and providing active and passive spaces is the main focus of the trend. 

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Sub-Urban Areas,

3. Interior Design

Sustainability and technology are the obvious norms that would follow in the future for interior design. Considering the practice of virtual reality has begun in many areas, its strong favor builds an impact for the future. Along with it, the norms of developing net-zero standards and sustainable options are almost everywhere. Though, there are other design trends in this industry that might bloom in the future as well.

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Interior Design,

3.1 Tiny Dwellings

Environmental awareness among the people and the willingness to shift their dwellings to a more peaceful environment in lesser space have brought up this trend. It is the most exciting and remarkable occurrence regarding interior design. It would turn the tables around for luxury. The preference for tiny homes is a futuristic trend and shows strong favor of sustainable options with less construction waste. 

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Tiny House,

These dwellings encourage the reduction of carbon footprint, as well as the need for well-planned spaces. The most prominent outcome of this trend is people’s happiness with a simplified and efficient living. In the future, with this trend, interior designers will have a chance to display their expert perspectives on the many uses of an element at home!

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Tiny Homes,

3.2 Smart Homes

At present, every other day new smart gadgets develop to make houses more functional and connected. It acts on the mere household work and commands like a genie with more than three wishes! According to experts, the future might not be dependent on these single devices. Although today, there are a few devices, tomorrow, the whole setup of tech homes would evolve with smart-technology interiors. 

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Smart Home Future,

4. Fashion Design

The fashion industry has been reflecting the growth of society for a long time. The clothing has evolved and will further develop as a response to society’s situations. Moving forward in the fashion industry, sustainable clothes and good-quality products are a crucial need, not a choice. As time passes by, technology would advance, and fashion designers would collaborate more with the technoids. No wonder, if our clothes can change colors in future! 

Following are the future design trend assumptions in the fashion industry.

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Fashion Design,

4.1 Decrease in Fast-Fashion

With the commencement of 2020, the people shifted to basic needs over materialistic luxury, even in fashion. The fast-fashion behavior is downgrading day by day consumers are moving for sustainable options for their clothing. The rich quality material that signifies luxury and is durable is what people need these days, as they do not want to go out of style. 

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Decrease in Fast Fashion,

4.2 Futuristic Clothes

The fashion industry is heading towards future looks. Inspired by smartphones and their sleek appearance along with other tech devices, designers are developing similar looks in their fashion, which might bloom in the future. The design elements of streamlined shapes and the metallic color schemes are the focus of this trend.

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Futuristic Clothes,

5. Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the art of creating visually appealing content to spread a message. It focuses majorly on solving the problem of awareness and communication that words might not express. The projection of ideas happens through different methods, including typography, illustrations, photographs, etc. 

Following are some trends that might come forward in the future.

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Graphic Design,

5.1 Imperfection is Perfection

The rebel against so-called perfection is everywhere these days. This shift from completeness will play a vital role in graphic design. With the commencement of 2020, the world believes in authenticity and honesty that comes from the rawness. With this Graphic design trend, more realistic work is visible.

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Imperfection in Graphics,

5.2 Community Comes Together

The social value behind this design trend is the fuel of its growth. The community value signifies the design elements and this trend. The connection of history, arts, and design show the upbringing of the community. This trend focuses on joining communities and concentrating on the worldwide situations in unity while representing them through inspirational designs.

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Community Comes Together,

We have witnessed so much change in the past years and many transitions in the pattern of our thoughts. The future is a continuation of our proceedings and achievements. The trends now might become laws in the future, with some neglected as ‘impractical’, as there is no definite pattern to tomorrow. 

The design industry is the most intuitive and creative field where the mind plays a crucial role. Creativity and curiosity weave design thinking and cannot be said in concrete for the future, but only predicted.


Shevi Saxena is an ambitious architecture student with a keen eye to learn more every day. She can ponder and research over the smallest occurrence related to architecture any day and write about it. With an eager interest to learn about the history and its implementation today, she believes that architecture should give the comfort back to the users and nature.

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