We are a generation living in the time of supreme technology where artificial intelligence is growing to recede us. We are moving towards a superficial approach with an exaggerated view of everything. Social media is just a tool that aids these concepts, both positively and negatively. Our senses are enticed by hyperreal or surreal visuals. Where functionality, psychology, and technicality play a major role in designing efficient spaces, aesthetics play just an equally important role as well today.

“This is something about our society that needs to be celebrated; atomization and individualization equal greater diversity of voices and greater democracy of voices. The art and architecture critic is no longer the superior judge that could celebrate or sink years and years of hard work; it is the people who do it.” –Sergio Mannino

How to create a trend-setting design in the age of social media architecture
Image Sources: Trend setting design in the age of social media architecture ©Instagram user @teaaalexis

Our minds are tuned to be fed with maximum knowledge and information instantaneously. Every second we are consuming new ideas and concepts as we scroll down our screens. Every second information of multiple domains is logged into our minds making our attention span shorter and shorter. This makes us crave something that could catch our attention in a glimpse, something that has a wow-factor to it. Therefore, as marketing trends are reaching new heights, designs are becoming more form-oriented. Clients are becoming more aware of the design and aesthetics they want, which leads to a pre-guided design and sometimes to the cloning of ideas.

The social media, now booming with ideas, concepts, and presentations, suggest a design that would create a spark at first sight – and that would be its passport to advance to the level of intellectual judgment. But the question is how to get the passport?

Firstly, we need to determine the eligibility criteria for that, i.e.

  • Skills – nothing can be achieved if it is all in your head. Learn new software that suits your style best and keep experimenting;
  • Confidence – be confident about your work but make sure to bring out quality over quantity;
  • Interactivity – interact with your audience and be active on the platform. Try to build the interest and give them the best of what they like;
  • Acceptance – no matter what, there will always be some amount of criticism. Always be ready to embrace it and create better and bigger.

Secondly, you need to understand the trend and psychology of the general audience. Here are a few competent tips that will help you design for clients who have sufficient information and awareness regarding your field; and for setting a new eye-catching trend while maintaining the intellectual integrity of the design.

1. Research – Catching up with the local or international trend requires a lot of research. Along with research, you need to stay active to see or foresee what is coming up next. To meet the trend or to set a new trend, one must refer to other artists in the field, understand the demand of time and public, and have the insight to think out of the box.

2. Experiment – Try out new materials, software, platforms, and methods to execute your idea. Advancement is made when one breaks the norms and look out for an alternate possibility. This is the step where you start deciding whether you are better at meeting the trend or setting a new one.

3. Explore – to explore, one shall gain some exposure. Once you step out of your comfort zone and adapt to the transforming environment around you, you will start to look at things differently. This will alter your approach towards design bringing in more flavor and versatility to your work. As our time is progressing, people, climate, and technology, demand improvements, and change.

4. Marketing & promotion – Once you have started developing and nourishing your style, it is time to work on some marketing skills. Marketing trends and techniques differ in different social media apps. Look at social media as your digital portfolio. If you are working on Free Instagram followers, then make sure to use the popular hashtags, tag relative accounts, reply to your viewers actively, and engage the audience. You can always create a poll to check the majority’s mindset, engage the audience by asking questions that refer to a current situation or that might help you get their opinion for your next work. Treat the audience as your critics and friends. Share your progress, routine, achievements, and set days to meet a deadline. Meanwhile, do not forget to have fun with it. Think of it as your passion instead of assuming it to be a restless task that you are bound to fulfill.

How to create a trend-setting design in the age of social media architecture
Image Sources: Trend setting design in the age of social media architecture ©Instagram user @giulianaflavia_cangelosi

Meet your digital colleagues – Keep yourself updated with your fellow users to observe, learn, and get inspired. Build new connections, expand your circle, have healthy conversations, and engage yourself in the market as an influencer. The more you know the people, the more you learn about the trend.

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