As a result of the collaboration with Marco Piva, Luce is not only the new kitchen of ARAN Cucine but a transformative journey that starts from the architecture and goes right down to the design detail. Domestic spaces become real life stories, blending the essence of Italian tailoring tradition with the most modern design trends.

Project Name: ARAN CUCINE – LUCE
Studio Name: Studio Marco Piva

ARAN CUCINE - LUCE by Studio Marco Piva-Sheet1
©Studio Marco Piva

The majestic boiserie creates a sense of cohesion and visual harmony since it is an element that not only adds a touch of refinement to the environment, but also serves as an artistic background. The recessed perimeter lights further enhance the decorative and functional elements of the kitchen with their soft and scenic lighting, making the atmosphere cozy and sophisticated.

ARAN CUCINE - LUCE by Studio Marco Piva-Sheet2
©Studio Marco Piva

The most important element at the heart of Studio Marco Piva’s projects is the light.

In the new proposal of ARAN Cucine, stands out a particular attention to detail given by the research of materials and the refinement of handcrafted manufacturing: from the illuminated wall wine cellar, framed on the sides by open and bright containers, we move on the uniqueness of the island with a glass open unit, enriched by a grazing light that gives lightness and modernity to the whole.

ARAN CUCINE - LUCE by Studio Marco Piva-Sheet3
©Studio Marco Piva

Recessed LED lights among panels add a touch of dynamism and contemporaneity and, thanks to the remote control of their intensity, it is possible to adapt each space to any need and occasion. Luce by ARAN Cucine is the perfect match of architecture and design, comfort and functionality. As a result of “its own light”, this kitchen offers a unique culinary and convivial experience, destined to conquer those who use it as well as those who simply have the privilege of admiring it. Each element of Luce has been carefully studied and designed by ARAN Cucine together with Marco Piva to offer a perfect balance between form and function. From its architecture to the arrangement of the elements, every detail guarantees maximum efficiency and comfort to the environment.

ARAN CUCINE - LUCE by Studio Marco Piva-Sheet6
©Studio Marco Piva

But the unique illuminated atmosphere is what really makes this kitchen special. Thanks to the wise use of integrated lighting and innovative technologies, Luce by ARAN Cucine turns the space into a welcoming and peculiar environment.


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