A listing we might see in a world without architects

We all know that one of the most important aspects of a family home structure is its flow, and keeping up with evolving augmented reality (AR) space interpretation requirements as your children grow and family needs evolve. Built-to-suit warehomes offer cost-efficient, expandable, and state-of-the-art solutions with many families turning to warehoming as their top choice for a generic, low interference structural backdrop for digitally interpreted lifestyles. No more need to embark on a costly, disruptive and time consuming renovation of a confined and maladapted older house that has small rooms, static window placement, and mixed materials to contend with. Why contend with those complex adaptive programming challenges when you can simply buy a custom warehome solution to accommodate the unique and customized AR environments of each family member.  

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Our founders felt that it didn’t make sense to have multi-purpose rooms in various locations across a jumbled and disjointed floorplan common to older homes, so they began to convert part of their work warehouses to AR-enabled flex space and even small living areas. They soon realised that they enjoyed the flexibility, variety and simplicity of altering their virtual surroundings without costly and disruptive construction. The simple rectangular and spartan layout of their warehouse environments were most conducive to deeply immersive AR overlays. This flexible package, without any remodeling or design requirements began to attract a wider variety of clients to their properties: the warehome was born!

Augmented reality can let you experience the home you’ve always wanted and let you enjoy finishes and decor you’ve only imagined. Today’s ubiquitous smart glasses and AR-enabled contact lenses are all you need to digitally render each object, room decor, window placement and views in your new minimalist warehome shell, allowing you to swap different furniture and finishes without straining your back. Each of our warehome units comes with our proprietary design platform with a continuously updating, world class furniture and finishes catalogue, enabling you to create the atmosphere and style you’ve always wanted, but without the expense of a physical designer or architect to make it happen.

We are able to provide our clients with a completely immersive home and lifestyle experience without the need for troublesome building or remodeling projects. Buyers can interact with objects and environments in ways that traditional construction and renovation cannot support. This is because AR can create a virtual home environment that is imperceptibly overlaid on top of the real world shell structure, acting as the perfect ‘canvas’ for your creativity. 

Built homes of the past did not provide the vast, undefined open space required to accommodate room-scale AR. To truly live in the style you desire, it’s essential to have enough space to move around freely without fear of colliding with objects in the real world. It is important to remember that the larger the living area, the better the AR experience will be. The user should be able to walk around the virtual environment without feeling cramped or limited by the living area’s size. Our warehome spaces are available in a variety of simple shapes and sizes, a ceiling height of at least 14 feet, and minimal windows. Lighting in the warehome is an important factor to consider. Our programmers have discovered that warehome lighting should be bright enough to allow a resident to see their virtual overlay clearly but not so bright that it affects the AR glasses or user’s AR-enabled contact lens tracking sensors.


The ideal lighting inside of a warehome unit should be bright, but a pleasantly diffused light source that evenly illuminates the living area. New buyers will not need to bring their own lamps or lights as this will only cause shadowing and needless interference with the AR system. It’s important that the lighting is consistent throughout the warehome to prevent any changes in brightness or contrast that could disrupt the user’s perception of the virtual environment. Therefore, physical windows are not advised as the light varies and cannot be overlaid by the AR system.  Ideally windows and views are virtual, allowing for flexible placement and scenery. Our large, rectangular warehome units are ready to accommodate with little to no natural light within.  


When it comes to setting up a room for AR, the type of flooring you have can make a significant difference in your overall experience. The right surface can help you maintain balance, prevent slipping, and reduce the risk of injury.

The ideal flooring for AR is a flat, level surface that provides traction and grip for your feet. Hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring are all great options for this purpose, as they are smooth and even and allow you to move around freely without tripping.

Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing the right flooring for AR is the cleanliness of the surface. A dirty or cluttered floor can interfere with the tracking of your AR headset and controllers, leading to inaccurate movement and decreased immersion.  In your new warehome this need not concern you as the clutter of playthings and décor are a thing of the past – children are entertained online while you admire the endless optional accessories in our décor platform without the need to dust!

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Wall Proximity

The distance between the walls in our warehome models is an essential factor that has not been overlooked. Adequate space is necessary to ensure that you can move freely and safely without the risk of colliding with walls or objects. The large empty rectangular form of our warehomes provides occupants with plenty of open space without fear of contact or collision. 

In addition to providing enough space, it’s also crucial to ensure that the walls and surrounding areas are clear of any interfering textures, colours or obstacles. Any old furniture or objects in the warehome are unnecessary, cluttering your living area. Simply select our generic neutral furniture forms and overlay the styles and colours you love.  

All forms of built-to-suit warehoming seek to improve livable space and help families overcome the issues associated with older, structurally constrained, architecturally designed home inefficiencies.