While most see buildings as just concrete and steel, architects perceive them as narratives woven from light, space, and human connection. Beyond mere shelter, they shape our well-being, forge communities, and whisper stories of cultures past. Let’s journey through these architectural voices, from intimate homes to soaring skyscrapers.

Homes: Private Sanctuaries and Social Hubs

For architects, a home is more than walls and windows. It’s a symphony of natural light, family dynamics, and privacy. We understand how the placement of a balcony fosters community or how a hidden courtyard offers serene refuge. Planning begins with understanding the family’s needs, weaving together their cultural desires, financial realities, and the whispers of the land.

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House with a garden_©Nikhanj, P. (2022)
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House with a garden_©Nikhanj, P. (2022)

Plans for additional vertical expansion should also be taken into account in the design, along with architectural factors like lighting, ventilation, security, privacy, and access.

Zoning for Harmony: Public areas like the living room welcome guests, while private havens like bedrooms offer sanctuary. Semi-private spaces like the kitchen become bridges, fostering connection over shared meals. We consider post-pandemic realities, carving out quiet corners for work-from-home needs. Light, ventilation, and future flexibility are woven into the very fabric of the design.

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House with a garden _©Nikhanj, P. (2022)
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House with a garden- Technical Photographs_©Nikhanj, P. (2022)

Bedrooms: Dreams and Dwelling

The number of bedrooms dances to the family’s rhythm; age, profession, and dreams all play a part. Bay windows become portals to nature, offering solace and respite. Vastu Shastra, an old Indian architectural guidebook, whispers about the cardinal directions and natural light. It tells us to arrange bedrooms in the southwest corner so that mild breezes might caress them. (Shukla, 1958)

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House with a garden Technical Drawings_©Nikhanj, P. (2022)

Apartment Complexes: Vertical Villages

From bustling metropolises to serene suburbs, apartment complexes cater to diverse needs: work location, financial capacity, family size, approach, location, amenities needed, etc. Architects orchestrate a symphony of living spaces, from cosy studios to sprawling penthouses. The complex size ranges from a few units to over 1,000 units in different combinations. Beyond square footage, we envision communal courtyards where children play and neighbours gather. Amenities like gyms, swimming pools, community halls, recreational areas, sports arenas, jogging and walking tracks, grocery stores, medical facilities, landscaping, children’s play areas, and more become threads weaving residents together.

Architecture A Story Told in Spaces-Sheet6
Apartments and Facades: Community Gathering_©Mindspace (2018)
Architecture A Story Told in Spaces-Sheet7
Apartments and Facades_©Mindspace (2018)

Balconies: Bridges between Walls

More than extensions of living rooms, balconies are bridges fostering community. They are designed for connection, allowing residents to watch children play or exchange greetings under the setting sun. Senior citizens find solace in sun-drenched spaces, basking in the warmth of both sunshine and community.

Architecture A Story Told in Spaces-Sheet8
Apartments and Facades_©Mindspace (2018)

Skyscrapers: Cities in the Sky

Where land shrinks, architecture reaches for the heavens. Skyscrapers, marvels of engineering, are also intricate ecosystems. We meticulously plan for diverse needs, ensuring not only floor space and amenities but also wind resistance and sustainability. The Burj Khalifa’s tapering form, for instance, dances with the wind, a testament to this delicate balance.(Lubeck, Mengers, et al., 2016)

Architecture A Story Told in Spaces-Sheet9
Burj Khalifa: Main Complex_©SOM (2014)

Religious edifices: Whispers of the Divine

Temples, mosques, and churches transcend functionality, becoming vessels for the spirit. The towering gopuram of a Hindu temple, adorned with welcoming dwarapalas, speaks of hospitality and humility. The Mahamandapam, bathed in natural light, becomes a stage for stories whispered in sculptures and chants echoing in the air. (Shukla, 1958)  The structure would be built with sculptures on the roof and pillars telling stories about the deity, Vasudaiva Kutumbakam, and teaching us about life and Hinduism. The deity, bathed in the east’s golden light, symbolises the source of our energy and reminds us of our interconnectedness.

Architecture A Story Told in Spaces-Sheet10
Brihadheeshwara Temple Tanjore: Gopuram_©Thomson, H. (2010)
Architecture A Story Told in Spaces-Sheet11
Lingaraj Temple _©The Times of India {iStock} (2018)
Architecture A Story Told in Spaces-Sheet12
Lingaraj Temple, Bhuvaneshwar Plan_©Bandyopadhyay, A. (2012), Parashar, R. (2012),

Architecture is a language—a symphony of space, light, and meaning. By understanding its nuances, we gain a deeper appreciation for the stories woven into the very buildings we inhabit. They are not just bricks and mortar, but testaments to our values, communities, and the boundless human spirit reaching for the sky.


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