One can get inspired or can need to review or edit drawings anywhere which is why it’s great to have tools located on your smartphone. So here are 10 best-recommended architectural tools for your smartphone which can actually help you work anytime from anywhere:

1. MagicPlan

Available on: iOS/Android

Magicplan is one of the most practical room- scanning app that uses input from either your smartphone or tablet to devise complete floor plans. The app is a savior when you forget measuring tape to site as it allows measuring rooms, creating floor plans, and suggesting work estimates. You can, later on, easily export then file and make edits.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Magicplan
Image Sources: ©Magicplan

2. Construction Master Pro

Available on: iOS /Android/ Windows

This app assists you in any calculations like areas, volumes and solves those tough calculations and decrease errors on-site or in the office. It also offers many possibilities from laying out stairs to figuring out how much drywall to use.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Construction Master Pro
Image Sources: ©Construction Master Pro

3. SunSeeker

Available on: iOS/Android

The application assists you to decide the right orientation for your buildings by providing data like the solar path, its hour intervals, the winter and summer solstice paths, and sunrise and sunset times, by using augmented reality camera with a flat view compass, it allows instant knowledge of the amount of sunlight building will receive.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Sunseeker
Image Sources: ©Sunseeker

4. AutoCAD 360

Available on: iOS/Android

This application allows you to access and edit AutoCAD and Revit files on the smartphone which you can later on easily update once you are back at the desk.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Autodesk360
Image Sources: ©Autocad 360

5. Morpholio Trace

Available on: iOS

Morpholio is dream software for architects and designers. The app offers the development of ideas by sketching and drawing which allows its user to work fluidly through all the design process. Its unique tool which lets you add layer over layer just like one place butter sheets helps to refine the design.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Morpholio Trace
Image Sources: ©Morpholio Trace

6. BIMx

Available on: iOS/Android

The award-winning BIMx possesses a unique technology which integrates 2D and 3D building project. It helps users to bridge the gap between the work at design studio and on the construction site. It offers a virtual walkthrough and adjustments of measurements directly in the 3D model without the need for installing CAD software beforehand.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-BIMx
Image Sources: ©BIMx

7. Paper

Available on: iOS

Having won Apple’s App of the Year and been given the 2012 Apple Design Award, the Paper app by Fifty-three, Inc. is built specifically for iPad’s and iPhone’s display. It offers sketching, note-taking, and photo-editing with each tool tailored for maximum convenience.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Paper
Image Sources: ©Paper

8. Sketchbook

Available on:  iOS/Android

Since inspiration can be found anywhere, a sketchbook by Autodesk lets you create quick drawings on your smartphones which you can save and later refine on your desktop. The app offers a time-lapse recording tool, which allows you to capture in-app video of your sketching process and provide guidelines for those who find it difficult to draw perspective views.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Sketchbook
Image Sources: ©Sketchbook

9. Homestyler Interior Design

Available on: Android

This app by Autodesk helps to select furniture and interior styles by using high-quality 3D models that can be placed within rooms. The app uses a camera that enables us to take photographs of any space within the building, and one can then select different light fixtures, sofas, chairs, tables, bookshelves, rugs and carpets from the large database for their space.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-Homestyler Interior Design
Image Sources: ©Homestyler Interior Design

10. RoomScan Pro

Available on: iOS/Android

RoomScan Pro is an app by Locometric that allows you to use a smartphone to generate an existing floor plan by tapping the phone to each adjacent wall; the app automatically generates a floor plan once you’ve made your way around the room. App also allows you to measure, scan and draw stairs, building exteriors as well as yards and gardens.

Design your home with these 10 Architecture Apps-RoomScan Pro
Image Sources: ©RoomScan Pro

Aditi Garg is pursuing final year of B.arch and believes in sustainable architectural practices. She came to RTF while discovering architectural journalism and is passionate about documenting ideas and architecture.