Geographically, Kerteminde is situated on the northeastern peninsula of Funen. Its centrally located position in Denmark makes it easily accessible from all sides of the city. Kerteminde is a prototype of what a Danish town would be. With breathtaking natural surroundings, colourful buildings, and culinary delights. 

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Kerteminde _©Expedia

Settlements have been noted in the area since the Viking era, but the town was first mentioned in writing in 1350. It is the only town in Denmark that has a Viking ship burial. The burial is called the Ladby Ship and is located just outside Kerteminde. 

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The Port of Kerteminde in 1915_©ottoolssonslaegt

Ladby ship was discovered around 1935 by the pharmacist and archaeologist Poul H. Mikkelsen. During the excavations, plenty of Grave goods were found containing objects and animals dating back to the 10th century. The site was extensively damaged when excavated. An interpretation specifies that the grave was damaged because of the struggle for dominance between king Haraldr Blatonn and his heir Svein Tjuguskegg. It symbolizes Power, honouring the minor king buried with it, and is visible to tourists and residents alike.  

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Ladby Ship _©Malene Thyssen

The history of Kerteminde dates back to the early 13th century when the town was defined by its water. Surrounded by water, the city harbour has been the focal point for many centuries. And it has been the primary source of income for its residents. In 1413, the town was granted the right to be a market town. That resulted in a large number of merchants being attracted to the harbour and thus starting the trade of goods through the sea.  

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Kerteminde Harbour _©ottoolssonslaegt

During the 1900s, railways were introduced to the town, and a railway bridge was constructed across the harbor. This resulted in bigger ships not being able to pass through the harbour. It hampered the original trade system, and as a result, it had to be redirected. 

Architecturally the town showcases an array of prominent structures like older buildings, warehouses, and farms, from the renaissance and onwards. These structures are still standing tall and proud and one can witness the wonders while in town. One such prominent structure is the Torneos Hotel. It used to be a merchant from Odense but currently serves as a hotel and restaurant on the harbor.  

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Tornoes Hotel _©Tripadvisor

The locals have cared for their history for centuries and it is evident. They have made sure they preserve the old buildings and the ones that were endangered have been restored as modern structures and reused today. 

Another important landmark in Kerteminde would be the Johannes Larsen Museum. It offers a great art experience for visitors. Apart from the artistic experience, the museum also offers a historical journey to visitors. The museum is dedicated to the artist Johannes Larsen who was the most prominent member of the Fyn School of painters. The museum was originally the house the artist stayed in, which was later converted into the current museum housing all his art. The villa was built by the artist along with his spouse in the early 20th century and can be attributed as a painting itself for its breathtaking views and surroundings. 

Johannes Larsen Museum _©Discover Denmark
Johannes Larsen Museum _©Discover Denmark

Fyns Hoved (meaning Funen’s Head) is located on the outskirts of the peninsula and is yet another beautiful location around Kerteminde. It is a perfect place for bird and nature lovers as it contains an unusually rich bird life. It also showcases several rare plants.  

Fyns Hoved is surrounded by water on both sides and swimming is encouraged here. Which is another reason why it’s one of the most fantastic tourist attractions. It is also best for hiking and is often visited by tourists for the same. At Baeshanke, one can experience a magnificent view of the sea and wildlife from the viewpoint.  

Fyns Hoved _©Visit Kerteminde
Fyns Hoved _©Visit Kerteminde

Fyns Hoved carries history from the Vikings to WWII making the place rich in culture and history. Remains of early mankind settlements like Oyster shells, Flint spots, stone axes, and arrowheads have been found here. 

As a small town with just 6000 residents, Kerteminde has followed and maintained its history and culture through its natural and architectural beauties. And one can experience the richness of the heritage while visiting the town.


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