Instagram art pages constitute an important part of my everyday therapy session. They are just so soothing and intriguing to one’s eye. The colors and textures that fill up my phone screen while scrolling through dull break-up quotes do the job of a therapy animal to me. You might already have a pet waiting at home to pounce on you, but I, with lots of midnight scrolling under my sheet have put together 8 underrated Instagram art pages for you!

Pascalcampionart | Art pages

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet1

The one page that I swear by when we look at the artsy pages of Instagram is Pascal Campion Art. His comics are probably the only ones with a certain meaning to me. To my thoughts. To my solitude. His comics always carry a tale. The way he deciphers complex and tangled thoughts within a brief dialogue between a “manly man” and a black “kitty cat” is astounding.

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet2

Check out more of the artists’ work at pascalcampionart


Your therapy art pages! - Sheet9

Jean Yves Gauthe, the admin of artjean13 showcases his love for pop culture through their art pieces. Their work is filled with embossing pop art which gives a certain depth to their art. The artist has worked for multiple social causes. The post below showcases a frame that was created for breast cancer survivors. It has multiple layers to it, with the bottommost layer consisting of a written message while the upper layers are mostly pictorial.

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet10

Check out more of the artists’ work at artjean13 

Richard.k.blades_art | Art pages

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet11
Art pages-richardkblades_©Richard.k.blades_art

Known for his sea view artworks, he mostly paints sunsets and skylines. His paintings are mostly oil on canvas and gouache on canvas. The artist says “My paintings are based on both memory and experience. The sublime elements of nature are very important to me. I rarely work directly from life but spend a lot of time walking in the landscape, absorbing the atmosphere, and then I go back to the studio, full of ideas. For me, the landscape is something that can speak to us, on a universal level. No matter where we are in the world, we can all relate to those feelings and emotions. I class myself as a romantic landscape painter, in the British tradition. Early influences were Turner and Constable. Even though I base my work on recurring subject matters, I use it as a framework within which I experiment with color, light, and atmosphere” when asked about his inspiration.

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet12
Art pages-richardkblades_©Richard.k.blades_art

Check out more of the artists’ work at Richard


Your therapy art pages! - Sheet13
Art pages-matttieu_©Matt_tieu

I found this page very interesting when it comes to the subject of his pieces. It’s the fastest-running bird. A bird that is too fat to fly. Get it? It’s an Ostrich! The ostrich graffitis are awe-worthy. His graffitis are chalk on wall textures.

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet14

Check out more of the artists’ work at matt_tieu

Lindenhausart | Art pages

Art pages-lindenhausart_©Lindenhausart

Alexandra Linden, both the admin and artist of this page, is obsessed with ocean life. She works on ceramic platters creating beautiful underwater creatures on them. Her functional art pieces are mostly commissioned by private users or restaurants. She is both the ceramicist and the artist for these kitchenware items.

There are a couple of steps that she follows to get these beautiful plates for her clients:

Step one – make the platter
step two – etch and stipple the design
step three – oxide wash
step four – firing
step five – glazing 


Check out more of the artists’ work at lindenhausar


Your therapy art pages! - Sheet3

John Murray, the artist behind these adorable and funny street artworks, calls himself a muralist. He mostly works on walls. The subjects of his paintings are always animals. Animals playing, animals smoking, animals just existing. He has his characters named and he always has a story behind each of his murals. While one says “Ernie got busted by the cops smoking dope in the laneway. Now he’s got a record (criminal record)” depicting an upset ostrich smoking, another says “Do you like my new Budgie Smugglers fellas?” which features two feathered and one naked bird sitting on a branch.


Check out more of the artists’ work at mortmurray


Your therapy art pages! - Sheet
Art pages-ador_©Ador_2049

The artist has a unique way of connecting all of their artworks. The subjects vary from penguins to bald mummies. But the element that connects all these subjects and super long noses (or call them Pinocchio noses?)!

The artist mostly works with acrylic paint on canvases. With the artists’ funny and adorable characters acting up on their easels, this page is undoubtedly one of my dearest ones.

Art pages-ador_©Ador_2049

Check out more of the artists’ work at ador_2049

Mifamosa | Art pages

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet7
Art pages-mifamosa_©Mifamosa

The artist works with mosaic art on walls. With mosaic works of a variety of characters ranging from Michael Jackson and Shaun the Sheep, their art pieces are guaranteed to hit a nostalgic nerve in you. All their works are mosaic pieces put together creating minimal pixel art.

Your therapy art pages! - Sheet8
Art pages-mifamosa_©Mifamosa

Check out more of the artists’ work at mifamosa

These are not in a definite order. They all are equally precious to me and hope they become to you as well. Check them out while travelling or waiting in long queues. These pages will make your day better by a least 832%. I can bet my animals on it!


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