All creative fields, like the film industry, literature, etc. Any form of art doesn’t have cessation. Art evolves and transforms according to every period. Architecture is not exceptional. It nurtures itself in the demands of advanced technological inventions and enhanced lifestyles of users. MAD architects, an international firm to practice international architecture, was founded by Ma Yansong in 2004 and is currently led by Ma Yansong. Dang Qun, and Yosuke Hayano. Their team is ardent about creating contemporary buildings with futuristic advanced designs that also embody nature in a high proportion.

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet1
Ma Yansong _©MAD architects

Philosophy and mission of the firm 

MAD architects, being commenced in a country with strong culture and tradition. Ma Yansong’s primary objective is to incorporate nature in every space he designs which are distinguished character of Chinese architecture. Lately, architecture has been reformed to create buildings more like an object that establish functionality than a space where users can connect to them emotionally. MAD architects firm’s preliminary philosophy is to herd inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture of consolidating nature and building on an urban scale.

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet2
Huangshan mountain village _ ©Laurian Ghinitoiu

“I work with emotion and with context. When I design a building, I close my eyes and feel as if I saw a virtual world that lies halfway between the city, the land, and nature. It goes from large scale to small scale. Many things travel in front of my eyes; I feel them and try to find a way to express my feelings. The language I use is the least important of it all. It does not matter whether they are straight lines or curves. I only intend for people to feel the same or to find something unexpected.” Says Ma Yansong 

The primary responsibility they feel is to adapt landscape architecture into the building to intertwin user function with the natural environment. Though it is artificial nature and man-made, they wanted to make their user emotionally connect with buildings using nature as a medium.

“MAD is an attitude, a posture towards architecture, towards society. Through our work we want people to be inspired by a place through local nature, time, and space.” States Ma Yansong. 


It has founded in 2004 in Beijing. The firm has extended its roots to Los Angeles and New York also. In addition to Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, and Yosuke Hayano also headed the other two branches. MAD architects is a home for numerous awards which includes the 2006 Architectural League of New York’s Young architect’s forum award. Their work has been published in many magazines worldwide and in exhibitions notably ‘MAD in China’ in Vince, MAD under construction in Tokyo, and MAD. Exe’ in Denmark, etc. 

Top 3 works of MAD architects 

Though the firm has done many projects across the countries and has more undergoing projects. Let’s take a look at the top 3 projects by them below.

Absolute towers 

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet4
Absolute Towers _ ©Iwan Baan

The two towers of height 170m and 150m with 56 and 50 stories standing rigid draw the attention of passers. These residential towers are located in the expanding city of Mississauga, Canada, and were built between 2006 -2011. The goal is to provide a 360-degree view from every residence. To achieve this the designers used a continuous balcony that surrounds the whole building. This helps to break the typical formula of high-rise architecture. 

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet5
Absolute Towers _ ©Iwan Baan

Harbin Opera house 

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet6
Top view of Harbin Opera house _ ©Kris Provoost

This timeless architectural piece is built in the city of Ordos, China. The flowing design of this museum looks like the building had just bloomed from the natural environment around it out of nowhere. That meets the concept of forging users to feel connected to nature by interviewing nature and human development.  Buckminster Fuller‘s geodesic domes are the preeminent influence for this great outcome. The Museum’s interiors are bathed in daylight to provide a natural work environment. 

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet
Interior of Harbin Opera house _ ©Kris Provoost
An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet8
Interior of Harbin Opera house _ ©Kris Provoost

Clover House 

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet9
clover house _ ©Koji Fuji
An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet10
Interior of clover house _ ©Koji Fuji

MAD architects are not only famous for urban-scale projects, their warm and comfortable small institution for kids portrays their passion for architecture phenomenally. Clover house got renovated into an institution building in the year 2015. To reduce the construction cost, the team recycled and reused the existing wood in their new design. The skin with organic form covers the wooden skeleton of the structure like a quilt. 

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet11
model of clover house _ ©Koji Fuji
An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet12
Interior of clover house _ ©Koji Fuji

“We wanted to create a playful piece of architecture that would stay in the memory of kids when they have grown up. It is important to create a kindergarten that feels like a home and gives the kids the best possible house to grow up in, one that promotes their learning and creativity.” States Ma Yansong. 

Latest projects of MAD architects

MAD architects, is having myriad projects around the world. They are in rivalry to create their impression in every country. Let us see their few latest projects below.

Roca Beijing Gallery, China

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet13
Roca Beijing Gallery _ ©MAD architects

Roca Beijing gallery was completed in the year 2017. The goal is to achieve a barrier-free interior on both floors. The interior walls and floors are finished with LED screens which had become a new idea for the façade.

UNIC newly developing neighborhood, Paris

An Inside look at the Studios of MAD Architects - Sheet14
UNIC _ ©Jared Chulski

The UNIC in Paris is still under construction. MAD architects is the first architectural firm from China to design a significant building in the whole of Europe. This mixed-use apartment not only satisfies the needs of its occupant but also the terms of eco-district Clichy – Batignolles by using sustainable materials. Each residential unit opens to a terrace which helps the residents to connect with nature and vibrant street

Yabuli Entrepreneurs congress centre, China

Yabuli Entrepreneurs Congress Center _ ©CreatAR images

This giant white shell-like structure was completed in 2020 in Yabuli city. It is inspired by the snow top mountains. The contours of the roof are achieved by white aluminium panels. Along with conference halls, it also consists of library space, and multi-functional rooms.  





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