Future for Architects In The Hollywood & Bollywood Film Industry

1. Playtime by Jacques Tati (1967)

2. Fugu & Tako 2012:- Former architect Ben West made the award-winning animated short film, Fugu & Tako

“The reality, apart from a few extremely talented individuals, is that architecture has become very utilitarian in its focus,” says Mr West.

“I aspired to more creative pursuits and my talents were better suited to film making, so I have no regrets.” With Framestore he has directed effects on Beyonce videos and Super Bowl half time shows. Mastering the software was the easy part for an architect, says Mr West.

“Good architecture strives to relate to the human condition and tell a story, so, too, do good filmmakers.

3. The Square 2017

4. The Architect 2016

When a couple sets out to build their dream house, they enlist the services of a visionary modernist architect, whose soaring ideas are matched by only his ego. The woman is swept away by the uncompromising creative artist whose personality provides a stark contrast to her practical husband’s. She is so taken she hardly notices the Architect is building HIS dream house.

5. Piku Movie 2015

Piku Banerjee (Deepika Padukone) is a Bengali architect residing in Delhi

6.  My Architect 2003

Director Nathaniel Kahn barely knew his father, but many throughout the world did. He was renowned architect Louis Kahn, who designed noteworthy buildings in California, Texas and even Bangladesh. Nathaniel explores his father’s past, interviewing architects such as Frank O. Gehry, as well as members of the multiple families started by the philandering Louis. What emerges is a portrait of a brilliant but unreliable man whose creations, which are featured prominently in the film, still astound.

6. Bahubali Movie 2017

An architect explains why turning new Andhra capital into ‘Bahubali’ sets is a ridiculous idea

7. The Lake House by Alejandro Agresti (2006)

According to Russell Baker, ‘Architects are the professional, artistic, and technically skilled creators, inventors, and designers of much more than just residential housing. An architecture student must become a “jack-of-all trades.” We must apply a plethora of knowledge to employ in our thought processes in order to not only use in our design, but in our communication of our ideas to our clients.’


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