Canada is a place housing more than 2300 museums. The very first museums came up around the 1830s. The Museum movement of the 19th century had boosted the growth of museums here. Many remarkable museums in Canada stand for art. Here are some of the must-visits art galleries in Canada that should be on your bucket-list.

1. Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario | Art galleries in Canada

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Art Gallery of Ontario_©

The Art Gallery of Ontario is situated along Dundas Street in Toronto. This is one of the largest art galleries in Canada with more than 95,000 works. 

2. Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver

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Vancouver Art Gallery_©

Along Hornby street in Vancouver stands this art gallery. They engage in many public programs, advancing scholarship and contemporary and historical art. The program also is into the study of impact or images in many fields. The public spaces around this gallery are also used by the community to arrange different activities. 

3. Art Gallery of Alberta, Alberta | Art galleries in Canada

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Art Gallery of Alberta_©

This gallery is located at the Sir Winston Churchill square. The interesting design of the building in a free-flowing language itself forms an engaging piece of art.

4. Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario

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Royal Ontario Museum_©

This museum is a 21st-century work designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. The architectural language of the building in itself is a work of art. This museum displays around 1 million pieces of art from pre-historic civilization to the works to date.

5. Audain Art Gallery, British Columbia | Art galleries in Canada

Audian Art Gallery_©

This gallery was established in 2016, designed by Patkau Architects. It reflects upon a timeline and the diversity of culture in Canada. It has permanent and temporary exhibition spaces amidst thick vegetation. Its forms and materials itself speak of a piece of art.

6. The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

National gallery of Canada_©
National gallery of Canada_©

This art gallery down the St. Patrick Street and Sussex drive is a large building in glass and steel. The two octagonal towers stand out with the form. The values of this museum are to foster belonging, learn and evolve together, embrace change, and lead boldly. The art gallery has many spaces to exhibit like colonnades, halls, courtyards, garden courts while it also has a cafeteria, chapel, auditorium, etc.

7. The Rooms, Newfoundland and Labrador 

The Rooms_©
The Rooms_©

This is a café-cum-cultural center that exhibits the fine pieces of art and culture from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The building of this art gallery is a blend of the new and old styles. The material pallet is a mix of local materials with a mirror glass making it distinctive. It stands on a historically important site.

8. Glenbow, Calgary 


This is a community space where people interact and share their interests in the contextualized pieces of art collected through travel exhibitions from all over the world. They create an impact on people who visit Glenbow.

9. Art Gallery at Burlington, Ontario

Art gallery at Burlington_©Art gallery at Burlington
Art gallery at Burlington_©Art gallery at Burlington

This art gallery along the shore is a public gallery and a community center. It has been collecting contemporary Canadian ceramics. This art gallery also is inclined to sculptural works showcasing craftsmanship.

10. Gallery Arcturus, Ontario | Art galleries in Canada

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Gallery of Arcturus_©

This gallery is a non-profit exhibit center located in downtown Toronto. The works exhibited here are original works produced by residential artists and artist Deborah Harris. This museum consists of many gallery spaces, a library, and a studio.



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