Celebrities are frequently associated with opulent lifestyles. While some live shockingly ordinary lives. Many celebs opt to live in the spotlight of Hollywood because they love the city and want to relocate there for better opportunities. While some celebs retain roots and prefer to remain in their homeland regardless of their reputation. One such celebrity is Matthew David McConaughey. 

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Matthew McConaughey is an award-winning actor, author, voice cast, producer, and executive producer. Matt’s most well-known roles have been in romances, comedies, and thrillers. His hunky good features and Southern charm established him as a romantic leading man, a position belied by an equal ability to play broken, unpleasant characters. He is a very adaptable individual who can readily integrate into a variety of social and industrial settings. When it comes to living arrangements, Matthew never settles for the ordinary. Let’s have a peek at the places Matt calls home!

Airstream Trailer 

Matt says, “Who needs a home when you can live in a trailer?” People tell me it’s not a very Hollywood way to live, but it’s my choice. I’ve lived in large houses where having so much room afforded me many alternatives. I had this great chair that I adored, but I’d go months without sitting in it. I had some excellent paintings on the walls, but I barely ever looked at them. I realized I didn’t need those items. As a result, I went minimalist. My Airstream trailer measures 28 feet by 7 feet and has everything I needed. That allows me to live stress-free because my options are restricted. That allows me to focus on the essentials of life. It has a wonderful window right over your pillow, so when you wake up in the morning, you’re looking directly over the ocean or whatever your backyard is on that particular day”. Matt’s trailer is his most precious possession.

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Matt purchased a GMC van in 1996 and named it Cosmo, gutted it, and installed a bed, a refrigerator, and a VCR in the rear so he could watch dailies. To make his life easier, he converted the GMC van into a temporary residence. Cosmo (the van-turned-home) was becoming a little snug, so he decided to upgrade to an aluminum trailer. In 2004, he fell head over heels for an Airstream. So he began exploring Airstreams. The circular body of the Airstream is a wonderful work of art and aerodynamically quite functional. In 2004, he purchased an Airstream International CCD and lived in it for four years. The trailer is 8 feet long and features a living area, a banquette table and workstation set, a compact kitchen, a shower area, a toilet, and a tiny bedroom that he named Honeycomb because of the curve of the ceiling and the color of the space. In his RV, he traveled throughout America. He’s been to 49 states in this trailer, using it as a home, a workplace, and a vacation spot. Though the trailer has only 28 square feet of living space, Matt seemed to be at home.

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McConaughey cherished his Airstream and thought of having a bunch of them.He expects that one day he’ll have an Airstream hotel or Airstream compound. I’m not sure where it will be, but the thing about Airstreams is that if you leave them parked for too long, people feel bad for them. Their axles should spin because they’re built for the road. He no longer lives in an Airstream, but he still owns his first trailer and also three more Airstreams, which are now parked at a Malibu recreational vehicle park. He now lives in a home that is more appropriate for a family man, with his wife and children. He occasionally takes it on cross-country road trips.

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Malibu Estate in California

Matt bought the landlocked Point Dume mansion for almost $10 million in 2007 and later remodeled it extensively. While most of the details are unknown, tax documents show that the 1.05-acre property has a house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms in 3,800 square feet, but it’s unclear if those numbers are still correct. According to aerial photos, the deep and densely forested land is guarded by tall walls and gates and has a very long driveway that meanders to the residence, which is set back from the public road in front. The property also had one of Malibu’s most desired extra features, a beach key with access to guarded Little Dume Beach, the all-but-private celebrity hideaway beneath the nearly vertical cliffs of the Point Dume neighborhood.

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McConaughey’s family has been quarantined in Austin since the Coronavirus outbreak. They don’t seem to be seeking a new place to live any time soon. So Matt has decided to sell their long-term Malibu home. The transaction was for about $14.8 million and was completed in mid-July 2020. The buyer was Oscar-winning film director Phil Lord. Matt does not appear to be abandoning Malibu altogether; he still has a fleet of Airstream trailers that he uses for everything from his dwelling to his offices.

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Old Oak Mansion in Texas

Matt, who was born and raised in Texas, bought this 10,000-square-foot mansion south of Austin, Texas, in 2012. This expansive “Old Oak” estate costs roughly $6 million and has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, 2 island kitchens, 1 elevator, a long, oak tree-shaded gated drive with two circular motor courts, a water fountain, an imposing courtyard with several terraces, a guest house, and 4 car garages. They also have 7 boat slips on lake Austin, which are only a short distance from the property and provide magnificent views of the lake. The mansion is surrounded by natural scenery and provides a park-like atmosphere. They have spots to go swimming, boating, and water skiing, as well as enjoy the nearby woodlands.

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In 1997, Architect Addison Mizner built this nine-acre mansion in the Spanish Mediterranean style. The spaces are all created with elegance. The interior design is sophisticated but subtle. There isn’t a hint of Hollywood anywhere, inside or out. The grounds are designed to resemble a tropical paradise. You can take the boy out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the boy, as the saying goes. These words have never been more true than in the case of Texas-born Matthew McConaughey. He adores his home-state so much that he and his family relocated there. The interiors of the mansion are influenced by Texas, with an emphasis on practical living space, the outdoors, and water-based activities. For many years, it functioned as a second home. However, his family now calls it a “home sweet home.”

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Kaupulehu Residence in Hawaii 

Matt decided to buy a $7.85 million single-level vacation property on Hawaii’s Kohala coast in December 2020. The sprawling estate is located in Kauai Kona’s Beach and Golf Club neighborhood, which radiates “barefoot elegance.” Paul Bleck, a Kona architect, created the Kaupulehu Residence. It was completed in 2020 and encompasses a vast 7,000 square foot estate with a residential space of 5,328 square feet with six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. The lavish estate has two master bedrooms, two pools, two outdoor fire pits, indoor and outdoor kitchens, and two outdoor shower areas. On the single side of the residence, there is a wine cellar, a media room, a bocce court, and an office. The residence also has an office room, a 2-car garage, and 2 golf cart garages, along with palm trees and tropical landscaping, making it the ideal Hawaiian retreat. They offer picture-perfect vistas and a Zen-like environment. With such a diverse range of luxurious amenities, they will never be bored.

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This lovely property is in a fantastic location, near the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai and the Rosewood Kona Village Resort. One of the most eye-catching features is the 66-foot infinity pool with stunning beach views. The property’s main entrance has 24-hour staffed security. Bedroom suites with private “lanais”, a Hawaiian tradition, are among them. Lanais are open-sided roofed patios or porches. Kona-built teak cabinets, custom-made big cedar sliding doors, lanai cedar ceilings, European rift-cut oak floors, and a glass wine cellar are among the many woodwork features. Matt now enjoys a great escape from the rest of the city’s problems.

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“Just keep living”, Matt’s motto is what keeps him going. He possesses sound common sense, which aids him in identifying the potential and possibilities of a notion, as well as the practical approaches for perfecting it. He also has a keen sense of what concepts will and will not work. He believes that travel gave him the finest education he has ever had, citing factors such as the ability to spend time alone with himself. Moreover, it’s the best way to get a feel for the country. Many people believe that celebs reside on palatial properties, while Matt prefers to live on the open road. And if his home can follow him on his adventure, that’s even better. 

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McConaughey’s are satisfied with their settings, which include their Airstream trailer collection, the Old Oak mansion, and the Kaupulehu Residence. Matthew is a Texan at heart who has remained faithful to his roots. Matt has always made it a point to remind us that he is still that modest, fun-loving guy from Texas who prefers sitting back with a cool beer over a posh, Hollywood bash any day. And to prove that point, above are details of Matthew McConaughey’s houses.

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