Hyderabad is the capital city of Telangana, a state in southern India. Hyderabad city’s rich heritage of the history of its architecture certainly showcases the timeless structures that add value to the modern context of the evolving city that is growing fast with infrastructure and technological advancements. Hyderabad is not only known for its old city’s charms and new city’s tech but also stands out in various sectors of educational societies and campuses ranging from technological, medical, law, business, hospitality, fashion, architecture, etc. 

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Vaishnavi School of Architecture & Planning (VSAP), Hyderabad, is one of the top 5 Architectural schools in the state of Telangana. VSAP falls under the Vaishnavi Educational Society (VES), a premier voluntary non-profit organization that was registered as a society and a public trust. VSAP is a private institute that was established in 2010, affiliated with JNAFAU (Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University), Hyderabad, Telangana. 

Approved by COA (Council of Architecture), India VSAP stands as one of the growing architectural schools that believe architectural education is based on two principles: “Inspiration and Insistence.” 

Courses Offered 

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VSAP is a premier institution offering an undergraduate program in the field of Architecture. The institution’s main focus is to increase student’s sensitivity towards the art of architecture by teaching them the skills of design, development, and construction. VSAP not only aims towards achieving technical and practical methods of learning but also focuses on the other dimensions of architecture involving emotional, spiritual, and aesthetical approaches towards the science of designing spaces that shape an individual’s life. 

VSAP’s training program preliminarily focuses and has been focusing upon the important aspects of the future of architecture, such as Natural and sustainable built environment that stands the test of time. NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is the only entrance exam through which one can get through to get admission in VSAP. Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) is a 5-year vigorous training program that includes 4 years of Theoretical training and 1 year of Practical training, comprising an overall of 10 semesters. 

Together 10 semesters consist of various branches in architecture ranging, architectural design studio, architectural drawings and graphics, history of architecture, building construction, building materials, and many other advanced subjects that add up as the semester level-up.

Work Scenario

VSAP’s curriculum aims to strike a balance between the theory and practical side of architecture. With a 5-day on-campus schedule, student’s time on campus is divided based on studio hours and theory hours. Theory in architecture aims to focus on the knowledge input side of the field, whereas the studio time allows the students to experiment on the process and the output of the theory they learn on a regular basis. 

VSAP’s timetable encourages the students to experience architecture as a way of life by involving them in learning both ways of approaches towards architectural design.

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A typical architectural design studio comprises independent work-stations for students to work on their drawings. VSAP provides 9 hours per week architectural studio hours to focus on the active part of the design throughout the week. In addition, the studio provides an un-formal work scenario that encourages students to exchange knowledge through healthy interactions and unique perspectives. VSAP design studios encourage friendly student-faculty interactions through display or panelling of student’s work that go through constructive criticism. 

On the other hand, the theory of architecture is thought of in a formal work scenario. VSAP offers separate lecture halls where both students and faculty members get to conduct presentations and seminars. VSAP’s work scenario aims to achieve a perfect balance of both fun and serious ways of learning and understanding architecture.

Extra-Curricular Activities

VSAP strongly believes in the work-life balance of its students. VSAP recognizes extra-curricular activities as an important part of overall student’s growth in the 5-year life they spend on campus. VSAP is a part of the largest student body association in India, NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture), which encourages and notifies the importance of students of architecture across India and the globe. VSAP is proud to have hosted the 56th Annual NASA Convention welcoming students all over the world. 

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Students on a regular basis are encouraged to pursue their hobbies and interests in various activities ranging from arts to sports to performances. VSAP students have categorized their common interests by forming clubs such as singing, dancing, debate, fashion, sports of various categories, etc. Students, with the help of faculty, organize weekend workshops by interest in learning fun activities like model making, paper cut arts, etc. 

VSAP also encourages students by conducting annual fests and competitions to maintain the sportive spirit and extra talents every student exhibits. VSAP tried to achieve the overall development of its students by encouraging them towards being active and responsible citizens of the society by organizing various events like weekend tree plantation, street wall art paintings, etc. 

Student Environment

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VSAP is ragging-free and a very student-friendly campus. VSAP comprises a strong student body that is elected annually based on fair elections. The student body acts as a strong bridge between the students and the institution to ensure friendly relationships between the students, faculty, administration, etc. VSAP ensures and encourages junior-senior friendly interaction with a conscious eye to maintain the student well-being on campus.

VSAP is blessed to not only have a faculty who are highly educated, holding versatile degrees but also a faculty who are empathetic, understanding, and patient. It is also supported by a friendly non-teaching staff who work relentlessly round the clock to ensure a clean and safe physical environment. VSAP also hosts various festivals recognizing the diversity of students it holds. This encourages unity in diversity and eliminates the differences we all carry, and unites us as one big VSAP family. Student safety and security are ensured by the installation of CCTV cameras and on-point security guards.   

Though VSAP is an 11-year-old college with a small campus in the heart of the city Hyderabad, it has reached the top in no time, competing with the established architectural schools in the state. VSAP always believed architecture is the way of life. Its goal is to create young architects who not only build and design beautiful spaces but also understand their role and responsibility in making the world a better place to live. VSAP has had Alumni who got highly established and earned respect and recognition in the field of architecture and life in general.






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