IIT Roorkee is one of the largest engineering institutions in the world, with the most significant academic unit. It is based in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. The main campus at Roorkee is 365 acres in size.

The Department of Architecture and Planning offers Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.), Master of Architecture (M. Arch.), Master of Urban and Rural Planning (MURP), and PhD programs in the professional subjects of Architecture and Planning. The B. Arch. program began in 1956. The department holds the distinction of being the first in India to establish a Master’s degree program. 

The department features a Climatology Lab, a Computer Lab, Computerized Design Studios, and an Art Lab and a Workshopall of which are equipped with cutting-edge technology and software.

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The Institute selects candidates for admission to various academic programs with great care, intending to deliver technical education to only the best.

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Courses Offered | IIT Roorkee

B.Arch: The five-year B. Arch. curriculum at IIT Roorkee is structured into five sections: Institute Core, Program Core, Program Elective Courses, Open Elective Courses, and co-curricular/extracurricular activities. In addition, students can take courses from other departments in different semesters and years to satisfy the 20 credits required for minor specialization certification in other subjects. B.Arch. aspirants are also eligible for IIT Scholarships if they stand out in the qualifying entrance exam.

Eligibility: Students must have received a minimum of 75% in their Class XII (or equivalent) Board exam. (65 percent for candidates from the SC, ST, and PwD groups) Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are all required subjects for the Board test. Students must score in the top 20% of their class in their respective Class XII (or equivalent) board exam, with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as required subjects.

B.Arch. students must take the AAT, part of the JEE Advanced exam, or the NATA.

The Council of Architecture’s constituent courses for the bachelor’s degree are centred around “Architectural Design,” which is found in all semesters except 1.1, 4.2, and 5.2. In the fifth year, students work on their thesis, which is a synthesis of all abilities learned over the previous four years and in which they design a building from beginning to end, much like they would for an actual project. Other courses teach the skills and knowledge required to design and construct a structure.

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In the late 1960s, a Master’s program in architecture was established, followed by a master’s degree in urban and rural planning. Integrating practical experience in building construction with the core curriculum is now a top priority. A focus on research is also being placed, with roughly a dozen students pursuing PhD degrees.

The department also provides consulting services to various government and non-government organizations; in 2004-05, eight consultation projects were active. In addition, the department has been chosen as one of seven National Resource Institutes under the NPCBAERM to teach architects in earthquake-resistant design and construction, with a budget of Rs. 30.96 lacs set aside for this purpose.

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The department organizes numerous informative seminars presented by industry experts and professors from other elite institutions in the country. Guest lectures and workshops are also arranged in different cities within India, covering urban issues, Smart Cities, Environmental Design, etc. 

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NASA Participation | IIT Roorkee

The Architecture Department participates in NASA’s (National Association of Students of Architecture) annual convention. As a result, NASA has one of Asia’s most significant architecture student communities. This organization has more than 120 architecture colleges as members. In addition, NASA holds conventions at both the national and zonal levels to create an engaging forum for students throughout the country.

NASA’s primary goal as a student group is to enhance cross-college connections. Workshops and seminars for all universities help to foster a sense of community among all architects. In 2018, the team was shortlisted for the Le Corbusier Trophy (Top 10) for overall performance across all NASA India trophies. This is IIT Roorkee’s most exemplary performance in the Annual NASA Convention to date.

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IITR unquestionably boasts one of the best sports facilities among all IITs. However, you may not know that it also has a highly effective administration that ensures that these amenities are used to their full potential. Because the latter is dubious, this is the case.

Work Scenario 

The Placement system for Architecture graduates exists at IITR, but the number of firms and companies that hire architects is not too many. However, in other sectors, such as Product design, Industrial design, etc., the playing field is level, and architecture graduates can earn non-core positions if they are qualified.

Student Environment | IIT Roorkee 

IITR will bestow upon you a comprehensive collection of friends and acquaintances over five years due to its vast range of departments, resulting in engaging, intelligent talks. People working in artificial intelligence to music, research, finance, and consulting can be met and interacted with. As a result, there is an opportunity to work on multidisciplinary projects with any of the above individuals.



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