Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, West Bengal is a technical and research institute that offers a variety of courses in engineering, architecture, humanities, management, and law. The college was set up in 1951 and has grown to become one of the most important institutes in the country, the first IIT to gain national importance. The college provides all the necessary facilities to guide students and provide for their complete comfort and enjoyment throughout their educational endeavors at the campus

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Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal_© Biswarup Ganguly

Academics | Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

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Department of Architecture and Planning, IIT Kharagpur_© Biswarup Ganguly

The architecture department of the campus offers both undergraduate and post-graduate courses as well as a variety of doctorate degrees that specialize in architecture and regional planning. It provides the necessary facilities and means to allow students to pursue architecture as a perfect blend of modern science and technology and the cultural dimensions of the Indian Vision. 

Understanding the journey of students into the professional field, the Indian Institute of Technology sets up a number of research projects and consultancies through professional involvement and sponsored research. It helps in the transition between academic student life and the professional one by holding international conferences, collaborative research programs, esteemed fellowships, and internship opportunities on a global scale.

IIT Kharagpur offers subjects that include research into the many aspects of research including design aspects, structural aspects, cultural and historical aspects, technical aspects, and regional and urban planning, focusing on a blend between modern principles through traditional Indian values. Students can immerse themselves in these subjects with the help of the exceptional research laboratories and workspaces provided. 

Campus Life

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Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur was set up as an initiative by the alumni association of the college_©

The campus itself offers a large number of architectural highlights. Designed by Swiss architect Werner Max Moser, the Indian Institute of Technology campus holds buildings that are excellent examples of the modernist movement with a layout and style designed on a more human and intimate scale. It offers a wide range of facilities and amenities for the comfort of the students, including restaurants, banks, stadiums, and a gymkhana. These facilities are spread over the hectares of campus, mostly covered with greenery to support relaxation and concentration, while the layout of the various buildings creates a dynamic connection between educational, recreational, and residential spaces. 

There are several places to visit within the campus boundary itself like the Nehru Museum, Hijli Shahid Bhavan, Old Prison Cells, Martyrs Memorial, further supporting the holistic student living environment.

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Nehru Museum, IIT Kharagpur_©

The campus offers everything for a comfortable and completely immersive college experience by the provision of a state-of-the-art level of infrastructure for the students. This includes an intensive library selection, equipped with thousands of books, e-books, research papers, journals, and other documents to guide the students through the various curriculum and sports facilities including stadiums, courts, and equipment to allow for complete physical rejuvenation and fitness. 

It also provides residential hostels for students, a vast computer network with internet facilities, and advanced research facilities for the betterment of the students.

Cultural Scene

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Illumination Cultural Fest, an eco friendly and noiseless celebration of Diwali in IIT, Kharagpur_©

College life is incomplete without social events, and IIT Kharagpur provides just that. It holds a large number of cultural fests and is aimed at allowing students to break away from the monotony of academics and showcase their talents and skills in innovative ways while having loads of fun. Besides the number of events and competitions held by individual departments and societies to bring out friendly competition and creativity amongst students, the college holds a lot of national and international level fests too.

The Spring Fest, held under a different social theme every year, is aimed to bring out different talents and skills of students, from a cultural, creative, and diverse standpoint. The Kshitji festival is a pioneering science, technology, and management fest held in the campus every year to bring out innovative ideas and technical talents amongst the students. With an international participant base, the fest has gained patronage from renowned committees like UNESCO, ASME, ACM, etc. The Illumination fest is held annually for the festival of Diwali as a celebration of light, mindfulness, and amusement through a mix of music, art, and dance.

Work Scenario | Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Vikramshila academic building in IIT, Kharagpur_© Ambuj Saxena

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, focuses on the continuous journey of students in a professional capacity. This includes the use of a flexible curriculum to allow them to diversify into any final profession, like Core Engineering, IT, Finance, Analytics, Consulting, etc., and Universal Compatibility so that they can easily adapt through changing levels and places of education, both ensuring corporate preparedness. All-around Career Development Programs are organized in order to allow them to bud through a guided journey of learning with the help of workshops, career counseling, leadership talks, and lectures. 

The college has seen a successful number and type of placements for students in all departments, due to the constant guiding process and has attracted numerous national and international recruiters, like Google, CISCO, Deloitte, Accenture, Oracle, Amazon, KPMG, Bosch, J.P Morgan, Facebook, Microsoft, Larsen & Toubro, Deutsche Bank, Samsung, Hindustan Unilever Limited, IBM and many more. These companies have been attracted to the college because of the final entrepreneurship skills and innovative ideas of its students.

Since the start of the college, it has only grown in prestige and ranking not only in India but in the world. The architectural department itself has passed a series of milestones in terms of ranking, prizes and certifications on a global scale, including a Rank 1 architectural college by the National Institutional Ranking Framework in 2018-19. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is the perfect center for the holistic development of students, providing a complete college experience, one with academics, recreation, and socialization, for a better tomorrow.


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